Nobody Told You About These Luxury Brands (But We Did)

Luxury Brands Which Are Least Talked About

We’re back with another exciting update for this week, and this time, we’re moving away from fleeting trend cycle to highlight elevated classics that are taking the internet by storm.

You’ve probably heard of ‘quiet luxury,’ ‘stealth wealth,’ and the ‘old money aesthetic.’ These terms have been buzzing for a while now, but which brands truly embody these styles?

This minimal style wardrobe has been around for ages, even if they weren’t always labeled as such. It’s no surprise that flashy logos have fallen out of favor, making way for a premium lifestyle characterized by understated elegance. Yet, some of these brands remain under the radar.

We’re here to spotlight these lesser-known yet highly desirable brands, from the sleek Polene bags and refined Agnona formals to Viola Milano men’s accessories and the award-winning Khaite womenswear. Discover a lot more that’s topping everyone’s wishlist.


Polene- High-End Luxury Brand
Source: Polene

Starting with Polène, the Parisian fashion brand synonymous with quiet luxury. With its clean-chic design, top-end leather, and commitment to timeless elegance, Polène crafts high-quality goods at a contemporary price point. Seen in the arms of celebrities like Kate Middleton and Lily Collins, this has ignited even more interest among consumers.


Marcella- High-End Luxury Brand
Source: Marcella

Next comes Marcella – a brand that blends cool with quiet luxury minimalism. Their collection features basics and statement pieces infused with subtle details that elevate minimalism to new heights in neutrals to pop shades like periwinkle. And here’s the cherry on top: it offers 25–75% lower prices than its competitors.


Senreve- High-End Luxury Brand
Source: Senreve

Need a compact bag that still fits your 10-inch tablet? Look no further than the Cadence shoulder bag. Senreve‘s Italian leather handbags are celeb favorites like Angelina Jolie, Emma Roberts, Brie Larson, and Kristen Bell. With their top-notch quality, soft leather, and practical design, these bags prioritize timeless elegance over flashy logos, making a quiet yet sophisticated statement in the luxury world.


Alaia- High-End Luxury Brand
Source: Alaia

Alaïa, an underrated quiet luxury known for its feminine and body-con silhouettes, epitomizes “quiet luxury” with its innovative use of luxurious fabrics and expert cuts. From sculpted knitted dresses to evening gowns, skater skirts to statement sunglasses, mules, and handbags, it offers a complete wardrobe for your dinner plans. Each piece is meticulously crafted, radiating refined allure at every turn.


Kiton- High-End Luxury Brand
Source: Kiton

Next is Kiton – the epitome of understated luxury but comes with a hefty price tag. This Italian fashion house is celebrated for its impeccable menswear, symbolizing a life of opulence, sophistication, and unwavering quality. With a reputation for top-tier suiting, Kiton draws in clientele from the world’s elite, with prices starting at $7,000.


Brioni- High-End Luxury Brand
Source: Brioni

On an expensive note, we have Brioni – a symbol of Italian luxury and sophistication in men’s suits. With its unparalleled storied heritage, its suits are made from the opulent Vanquish II fabric produced by UK-based Dormeuil and priced at approximately $43,000 each. Investing in Brioni formals means owning a masterpiece that represents the highest level of tailoring expertise in a gentleman’s wardrobe.


Delvaux- High-End Luxury Brand
Source: Delvaux

Older than Hermès, Delvaux is the Belgian luxury Maison that infuses each design with a unique twist, capturing the hearts of royalty and celebrities alike. From Princesses Maxima and Claire to Angelina Jolie and Rihanna, its bags have graced many elites. The iconic ‘Le Brillant’ bag, a masterpiece of sixty-four separate leather pieces since 1958 still captivates admirers.

Well, these quiet logos speak volumes about refined taste and now it’s your turn. We’d love to hear your insights in our newsletter on how you’re styling yourself and your preferences for Fall ’24.

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