Is Alessandro Michele’s VALENTINO Debut Collection a Reverberation of His GUCCI Influence?

Alessandro Michele Debut Design Look-Book For Valentino

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Alessandro Michele, who took over from Pierpaolo Piccioli as the creative director of Valentino after leaving Gucci in 2022, has given us an early look at his first designs. Famous for his bold and eccentric style, he showcased his non-minimalist flair in his debut Valentino collection.

Although his complete debut collection is set for Spring 2025, Michele decided to surprise us by releasing his initial designs ahead of schedule.

This marks Michele’s first foray into couture, and it’s a thrilling prospect for fashion enthusiasts. Known for his transformative work at Gucci, where he introduced a fantastical and poetic vision, Michele’s new Valentino collection is a massive showcase with over 170 looks. We’re still catching our breath from this first glimpse of his new direction.

Michele, who brought us the glitzy “grandpa-core” trend and memorable runway shows, is now poised to inject much-needed excitement into Valentino. However, consumers are beginning to tire of quiet luxury, so the time may be right for him to create something new. Plus, his connections with stars like Harry Styles, Jared Leto, Lana Del Rey can also boost Valentino’s visibility.

Valentino is an iconic name with its roots in haute couture. In recent years, it has moved from classic to cutting-edge, with hit pieces such as its studded shoes, V-logoed bags, and vertiginous platform heels. So, it’s easy to see Michele’s style being transferred to the house.

In small bits, some concern is also arising with his drop in the new collection dividing fashion world. While some praised him for bringing his fresh touch to Valentino, others said that Valentino’s grace, and sophistication were missing, resembling Gucci too closely under Michele’s influence. While many have grown weary of his opulent style, especially in markets like China, others are eager to see how he will bring his distinctive touch to the iconic Valentino brand.

Michele’s ability to create an entirely new fashion lexicon is proven, but can lightning strike twice? Can he bring a new, Valentino-centric magic to Rome?

We have a deep appreciation for the classic Valentino, yet we are also excited about the fresh direction of the brand under him. Share your thoughts on Alessandro Michele’s first collection and the new design look-book!

Alessandro Michele: Creative Director of Valentino
Source: WWD

Coming up next? His first official runway show for Valentino at Paris Fashion Week this autumn. We can hardly wait!

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