How To Run Social Media Giveaways For Your Ecommerce?

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How To Run Social Media Giveaways For Your Ecommerce?

Who doesn’t like to win? Tell me this, if you had an opportunity to win a product or an offer with no initial investment, would you take it?

Social media giveaways for eCommerce present the following opportunity in one of the most effective ways. Brands gain 17,500 new fans on average through the contest, plus they are highly conversion driven.

Social media engagement is one of the prime social currencies today. And social media giveaways and contests help eCommerce brands gain it efficiently.

Making your audience take action, even if it is just a double-tap, requires a deep understanding of what your audience wants and how to present your idea.

In this article, you’ll be learning about just that.

How To Run Social Media Giveaways For Your Ecommerce?

Set Goals

Set Goals - Social Media Giveaways For Ecommerce

Every marketing campaign starts with an aim. And when it comes to starting social media giveaways for eCommerce, goals will help you create a roadmap for yourself.

  • What you are looking for?
  • What are your goals?
  • What are the KPIs that will help you track your goals?

These are some questions that you must start with before getting involved in process of content creation.

The more precise your goals are, the better it is for you to learn about the resources that it will need. It includes influencer marketing to grow your reach, running ads or cross-promoting on other social handles.

Analyze Your Industry

Analyze Your Industry - Social Media Giveaways For Ecommerce

Social media giveaways and contests for eCommerce are highly effective. But it will be wise to have a look at other players and learn from their mistakes.

This analysis doesn’t directly target your competitors, but also other accounts that your customers are interested in.

For example, if you are a handbag eCommerce, you can look at the brand account of accessories, or even fashion brands in style and vibe.

Here’s everything that you should be looking for:

  • Have they ever run a contest before?
  • How much promotion does the giveaway require?
  • What kind of contest has seen the most engagement?
  • What is the time when the contest is being run?

Learning about all this will help in understanding what industry is moving towards, and help you save the time of doing the initial research and testing your customers is usually interested in.

Choose Your Platform

Choose Your Platform - Social Media Giveaways For Ecommerce

The platform you choose will make a lot of difference in what results are generated and what content you need to create. The two most popular platforms for running an eCommerce are Facebook and Instagram.

These are the platforms where you will find the most active users, that too from various groups of audiences.

Because these platforms are not saturated with one kind of audience, it allows to you reach even new groups of audience very easily, hence helping you achieve your desired goals much more effectively.

Still, if you find other platforms have given you better ROI, or if you find reaching your target group is easier on other platforms you shall go for it. The goal here is to achieve our set goals, that’s it.

Choose Your Content-Type

Choose Your Content Type - Social Media Giveaways For Ecommerce

Once you have picked your platform, the next stage is to choose the content type that you are looking for.

Here, the answer shall be simpler. Utilize every form of content. Today, platforms like Instagram and Facebook are making it easier for short videos to reach a wider audience through reels.

But it is important to note that there are still other forms of content that a brand must utilize. Images, videos, stories, and carousels all are great ways to reach your audience and engage them.

All you have to decide is what mediums you should focus on the most and the ways through which customers can participate in your social media giveaways.

Create A Mass Offer

Create A Mass Offer - Social Media Giveaways For Ecommerce

It’s all about the buzz. Social media giveaways for eCommerce are ways through which you can engage a wast group of audiences and make them take an action.

But in order to do so, your offer must be for the masses than just for a small group of people (unless that is something particular you are looking for).

Now, what is a mass offer? A mass offer here would be something that a wide group of your audience would be interested in.

For example, if you are watching eCommerce and looking to grow your sales, the contest must be for people across genders. If you make it too specific, as women watch, you might lose a lot of man customers.

Again, the example is just a reflection of a hypothetical situation. It is for you to understand that your offer should not eliminate a group of your audience.

Set Up Rules

Set Up Rules - Social Media Giveaways For Ecommerce

This is an important part. The rules of your social media giveaways will play a very critical role in determining the winner, as well as making sure you don’t leave a loophole to be exploited.

The best way to ensure this is by making sure you have clear instructions on what steps your audience must follow to participate and what will determine who won.

Again, it is recommended that you keep the decision of the winner in your hands. Most brands just ask the customers to take a simple action, and then choose the winner randomly.

Make sure you state the rules and the step very clearly to let the audience know what is needed to be done. Also, as said, make sure participating is easier.

Promote Your Contest

Promote Your Contest - Social Media Giveaways For Ecommerce

Just starting a social media giveaway might not be enough. We have to attract more and more contestants to engage and make the social media giveaway successful.

To do so, make sure you are promoting your contest through various channels. This could be through social media ads, stories, brand collaboration, influencer marketing, and more.

Just like every successful launch, you must also start by creating a buzz. At least a week prior, start sharing news or hinting towards the contest and ask them to follow you.

Engage Your Customers

Engage Your Customers - Social Media Giveaways For Ecommerce

While crafting your contest, make sure there is an element of engagement, an action that contestants have to take in order to participate.

More than that, you should make sure that the action that they take, helps in achieving your eCommerce goals as well.

For example, if your goal is to reach a wide group of new customers, you can ask your contestants to tag their friends in the comments. If the goal is to increase sales, you can collect emails for future marketing purposes.

You can also ask contestants to share a story/post with a particular hashtag and mention you to reach an even wider pool of audience they have.

Again, everything will depend on the first step of running the social media giveaways, i.e. Setting goals.

Announce Your Winners

Announce Your Winners - Social Media Giveaways For Ecommerce

This is where most eCommerces walk away. They choose a winner, inform them and send them the prize and do.

But this is an opportunity for your brand to shine. Even after the contest is over, you have a lot of new customers to engage. New people who found you through this campaign are still interested in you.

That is why make sure you celebrate the winners as well. This includes sharing names, sharing behind the scene of choosing a winner and sending them their prize, and getting their reaction and reviews.

Also, once all this is done, you can thank all your followers for their participation with a special discount for them that they can use. This would be something like a participation trophy, but at last, everyone wins.

Track Your Results

Track Your Results - Social Media Giveaways For Ecommerce

The final step of social media giveaways for eCommerce would be to track the success of the campaign.

Have you achieved the goal? What other benchmark have you achieved? Total revenue and more such trackable metrics are really important to track and analyze.

This will help you in planning for future campaigns and knowing what to expect next time and how the metrics can be improved.

Bonus Read

Social media giveaways for eCommerce brands are surely one of the best ways to grab the attention of your customers. All you have to do is follow the steps and add the flavors of your brand.

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