How to Create a Product Buying Guide for Your Store?

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How to Create a Product Buying Guide for Your Store?

You need a product buying guide for your store for two main reasons.

  1. To help your customers make more informed decisions.
  2. To reduce the percentage of product returns.

And if one has to sum up, it’s all about delivering the best customer experience. If your customers know what they are buying, they are more likely to know what they’ll get.

A buying guide helps them make better decisions. Learn more about themselves and the product they are looking to buy. When you share that information with them, it instantly builds trust and results in higher conversion.


Present yourself as an expert on the topic — in this case, the products you sell. One who knows the product and understands what customers are looking for.

Gaining this credibility is essential. Hence, I’ll share tips to write a product buying guide to increase conversion.

Why is buying guide important for an eCommerce?

A buying guide in eCommerce aims to help customers know the best buying option for them.

This guide helps the customer be clear about their buying decision and make the right choices when scouting for the product.

For example: If a customer is looking to buy a mattress from you, he would like to learn about the size, durability, material, support on the back, how to take care of it, how it can help them sleep better, etc.

Comparing a mattress focused on improving posture vs. one concentrated on dealing with digestive issues lets the customer choose better.

And when customers see that you know about the product and how it can solve their problem, your brand gains trust.

Tips To Write Product Buying Guides to Increase Conversion

Understand your buyers

Understand your buyers

Generally, I would have asked you to understand your audience. But when it comes to creating a product guide, the goal is to help our audience with the highest buying potential, hence buyers.

These people are just one step away from making a purchase, but something is bugging them.

What can it be?

  • Are they not sure about what size will fit them?
  • Are they looking for different variations of the product?
  • How can they be sure that the product is this product is right for them?

Your goal is to ensure you understand your buyers’ general queries. And they will be different for each product category, so be very mindful of them.

If you have been running an eCommerce for a while and are looking to improve or create a product buying guide, the best way would be to scrap your customer support data.

Here, you are looking for general queries from your customers — before or after the purchase — that you believe every customer should know.

Build trust

Build Trust with product guide
Source – Casper

People interested in buying guides are not your customers. Yet. That is why building trust will also be a key ingredient, along with the intent to inform your customer.

When writing a buying guide, ensure your content is project transparency and a sense of helping your customers choose the best.

In addition to this, don’t hold back on adding different formats of content in your guide.

Some of the most shared content types are images of your products in different environments, unboxing videos, the testimony of your customers, etc.

Your product images, videos related to it, and all the content you share in building trust and engagement. Ensure that you are investing in the quality of content to stand out as a memorable brand.

Show the value

Source – Garmin

What does value means for your customers when they are buying your product?

It’s the solution to their primary problem and more. It is about ensuring that the product wills help them take one step ahead and fulfill their expectations.

You must ensure that your product buying guide clarifies the value your customer drives from the product.

For example, instead of writing – “This watch can withstand pressures equivalent to a depth of 50 meters”, you can write – “Wear this watch even when you go for your swim and track your lap time.”

Yes, both are the same. One puts the product in front, while the other solves the problem that customers want a solution for.

Be honest, and don’t be afraid to be friction.

Be honest, and don’t be afraid to be friction.
Source – Cetaphil

When we sell products online, we play long games. That means we want customers to buy the product repeatedly and refer us to their friends. And this only happens when your customers trust you.

They only trust you when you are honest with them. With ads bombarding every single minute, they have become more aware. And even if they make a purchase, they are not referring your eCommerce to their friends.

The only way for you here is to be honest here. Be clear about who the product is made for and genuinely help customers choose the best outcome.

Even if this means you’ll be letting go few of your customers. They’ll appreciate the honesty and refer to your brand whenever they or someone else need your products.

For example, if you sell a skin care product for men, state why it is best for men. If it’s not for everyone, don’t try to sell it as one.

Show the different variations of your product.

Show the different variations of your product
Source – XYXX

When creating your product buying guide, remember that your customers are still making a buying decisions. They want to choose the best option, and it’s your responsibility that they do.

So, when creating the product buying, don’t forget to add variations of your products. Here, you don’t have to tell them everything in one guide.

You share their images with their USP and redirect readers to every individual buying guide.

Direct them to sales

With the above tips, you are all set to create an ultimate product buying guide for your eCommerce. All you need to do now is break it down into sections and start filling them to create the best experience for your customers.

At the end of it, when the customer is convinced, make sure you give them to tell them what action to take. In the case of eCommerce, it is usually to buy the product.

You have successfully built trust, which is the best time to increase conversion.

In doing so, ensure you also use high-quality copywriting and product photos.

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