5 Best Plus Size Model Photography Tips For Amazing Photos

plus size model photography

Plus size model photographers are stealing the light with beautiful and exceptional plus size model fashion photography shots.

Plus size model photography is a bit different, and photographers must know a few plus-size model photography tips to stand out and flaunt their models in the best way possible.

If you want to shoot stunning plus size model photos too, then these 5 best plus size model photography tips are meant for you. 

5 Best Plus Size Model Photography Tips

1. Shoot from an above or straight front

Plus Size Model Photography Tips

One of the simplest plus size model photography tips is to shoot from above eye level. This makes sure that you are not unflattering the double chin.

In plus size photography, shooting from a low level can be a huge mistake since it can directly emphasize more on the double chin and less on the beautiful facial features.

2. Keep enough white space in the frame

Plus Size Model Photography Tips

Whether you’re capturing a portrait or a full-size image, you’ll want to make sure that there is some white space in your frame. We are trying to balance the ratio here.

With enough white space in the frame for your plus size model photography, it looks more pleasing to the eyes. The extra space gives a better outline to the model and makes the whole image look more linear and presentable.

Along with maintaining the ratio, leaving more negative space also allows you to easily crop and resize the images to use on different platforms with different margin needs.

Avoid taking zoomed-in shots as they can fail to give that outline and ruin the whole image.

3. Flaunt their curves

Plus Size Model Photography Tips

This is among the most important plus size model photography tips. Plus size models are known for their curves and brands and photographers are dying for them to be in their images.

So, make sure that you are highlighting their beautiful curves as much as possible. Here are a few poses that you can use to emphasize your model’s curves:

  • Ask her to cross her legs to create that beautiful hour-glass figure
  • Take a side shot with their upper body leaning a little forward and the back pushed a little more backward creating an opposite “S”.
  • Take a few “self-hugging” shots
  • Use a chair or sofa to flaunt the curves while sitting or lying on the sofa
  • Shoot their back with arms in the air

Again, it’s completely up to you what poses you come up with and how creatively and beautifully you highlight your model’s curves apart from using these poses.

4. Use the poses with hands around their face

Plus Size Model Photography Tips

Hands around your model’s face in plus size model photography are the most amazing shots. For the pose to look cuter, keep the hairs falling on their sides by the shoulder and keep them dry and fluffy.

For the pose to look more sensual and intense, keep the hair slicked back and wet. The hands on the face directly bring all the focus to that particular part. So, it’s utterly important to especially work on the emotions and expressions of your model.

It’s all about telling a story through the image. I’d suggest you focus on the yes of the model to put life into your image. It is not necessary for the model to look into the camera, but your camera must follow wherever their eyes are. 

5. Ask your model to stretch

Plus Size Model Photography Tips

One of the rules in photography implies that standing up straight helps. An upright and stretched posture seamlessly lengthens the body and gives a beautiful linear effect.

Your plus size model should not look slouchy since it may even seem unflattering her curves and body type. Ask your model to straighten the body and spread the shoulders. It will help to stretch the backbone for a slimmer look.

When applying these plus size model photography tips, your model looks more confident, attractive, and enviable.

Bonus Read

I hope these best plus size model photography tips will help you master the plus size photography and click amazing photos with each shot.

However, it’s important to use your skills and creativity and communicate with your model to bring the best out of the whole process.

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