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Professional Skin retouching services for eCommerce and studio model images.

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skin retouching service

Why Use Skin Retouching Services?

PixelPhant Skin retouching service

Skin retouching is a professional photo editing service used by eCommerce and photography studios to improve presentation and remove unwanted bits of the skin.

PixelPhant retouchers ensure that the skin retains its natural texture while removing only the specific facets that are requested to be removed. Generally, skin retouching services include:

  • Acne and Blemish Removal
  • Skin De-wrinkling
  • Teeth Whitening
  • Removing Redness
  • Scars Retouching

The goal of professional skin retouching is to ensure model images retain the natural features and texture while retouching the bits that can distract the viewer.

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Professional Beauty & Skin Retouching Services

PixelPhant Skin Retouching delivers a wide range of services depending on custom requirements and preferences. To make it quick and easy, the service is divided into Basic Skin retouching and high-end Skin Retouching. You can easily select the best fit and add customer notes for retouchers to follow while editing your model images.

Acne & Blemish Removal

High End Skin Retouching - beforeHigh End Skin Retouching - after

Facets like acne, acne marks, blemishes, spots, etc, on the skin are often removed to present a natural look of the model.

While doing so, it is essential that the texture, tone, and lighting are consistent. PixelPhant retouchers ensure the same and aim to deliver natural skin retouching services.

Wrinkle Lightening & Removal

Portrait Retouching - beforePortrait Retouching - after

Based on the preferences, wrinkles are removed from the model images. Most commonly around the eyes and lips. The intensity of removing wrinkles and smoothing the skin is subjective.

PixelPhant ensures to deliver on your preferences and requirements. Our team of retouchers work with a wide range of eCommerce & photography brands, to fulfill their skin retouching requirements.

Skin Smoothing

High End Face Retouching - beforeHigh End Face Retouching - after

Skin smoothing in photo editing refers to eliminating large skin pores, removing acne, adjusting shadow and more to improve the overall presentation.

With Skin smoothing and beauty retouching services, the goal is always to remove unwanted elements and present a fresh, natural-looking skin texture.

Teeth Whitening

It is essential for some beauty and fashion brands to present the models with white and aligned teeth. PixelPhant skin retouching service also ensures to fulfill to following requirements.

Our retouchers ensure to maintain consistency across images and enhance the overall model and presentation.

Skin Tone Retouching

Glamour Retouching - beforeGlamour Retouching - after

Skin tone retouching is the process of altering the skin of models in images to improve their appearance.

This includes high-end retouching services such as fixing baggy eyes, fixing shadows, correcting nose and jawline, and more.

The service aims to deliver flawless perfection for models who are the image’s main subject.

Stray Hair Removal

Hair Retouching - beforeHair retouching - after

Stray hair removal is getting rid of unwanted hairs that are out of their place. This could be on the face, forehead, in the air, or even on the other way compared to where all the other hairs are falling.

Removing these stray hairs helps reduce distractions and create professionally presented model images.

PixelPhant Skin Retouching Service

It is essential to ensure that model images are retouched professionally. This is to make sure that the natural skin texture is not lost, while unwanted bits are removed. PixelPhant is a leading beauty and skin retouching service offering professional services to eCommerce and photography studios.

Enhances Presentation

model photo editing

Skin retouching removes any distractions and ensures the focus remains on the creativity of the photographer, model, and team.

Quality Retouching

skin retouching-remove blemishes

For Skin retouching services, it is important not to lose the natural texture but to eliminate facets that can distract.

Fastest Turnaround

high end skin retouching

PixelPhant offers the fastest turnaround time for eCommerce and photographers. Take a free trial to use our services.

Getting Started With Skin Retouching Service

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With over 15 years of experience in eCommerce and skin retouching services, PixelPhant is the leading model fashion photo editing service company.

Quick onboarding, robust workflow, a team of highly skilled retouchers, and support available around the clock.

Get started with the best skin retouching retouching service today with PixelPhant.

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Professional Skin Retouching Services with PixelPhant

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