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Skin Retouching Service

Professionally retouched on-model
product photos

PixelPhant's professional Skin Retouching Services offer levels of skin retouching to provide you with the style that reflects your brand the best

model photo editing

Clean and natural

Cleansed, clear, and natural-looking skin is what we help you achieve with our Skin Retouching Services. Use the model images that best represent your brand and achieve your product goal.

professional photo retouching

Look professional

Remove unwanted imperfections to make your model look more professional. PixelPhant ensures that every imperfection is removed seamlessly without messing with the makeup and skin texture.

high-end and advanced skin retouching services

Remove distractions

The ambiance of a model plays an important role in influencing the buyers' decisions. Remove distractions like wrinkles or freckles with Retouching Service to bring focus to your product first.

Basic to high-end skin retouching services that fit your needs

Flawless product images create the desire to buy more products and help you keep your brand look authentic and high-end

Basic skin retouching

Basic skin retouching involves the removal of visible large pores, acne, and dry patches.
Want to make model images even more natural? We won't remove any birthmarks and natural scars with our Natural Skin Retouching Service at your request.

Basic skin retouching

High-end skin retouching

Looking to use model images on social media or want them to feature in a magazine or lookbook? PixelPhant high-end skin retouching service experts are there for you. We clear every little unwanted imperfection like wrinkles, eye bags, and stray hairs, and fix face shadows, jawline, nose, and skin tone color correction to make your models look perfect - Just the way you want them to be featured.

High-end skin retouching

Benefits of using PixelPhant's professional skin retouching Services

You get the best service possible, we're committed to it.

On-time (Fast) Delivery

Meet deadlines on time and fulfill your promises with the fastest turnaround time. Get your product photos edited professionally with PixelPhant within 24 hours or even faster!

Your data is secure and NDA safe

Never worry about your data with PixelPhant. We promise security and NDA safety. Our specialists have set up the best systems and environment to keep your data safe at all costs.

Excellent communication & support

We can not let your head fill with any doubts or queries. Therefore, our dedicated support will always be available to you 24/7 to communicate and resolve issues on time.

Multi-level quality control

Every image goes through multiple quality & requirement checks before finally reaching you. Our experts ensure that your images look exactly the way you want, sometimes even better.

Order management system

Track your orders and find your files easily. We set up a professional order management system for you that you can trust to keep track of your files and orders easily.


You pay for what you order. No subscription, no hidden charges, or no update is required. Pay as you go or buy your credits and use them as you get your product images edited.

PixelPhant eCommerce Photo Editing Services

Look more professional and appealing with Pixelphant’s professional eCommerce photo editing services starting at just $0.80

Background Removal

Shadow Adding

Add shadows that look more original and help your subject stand out quickly. Bring depth to your images and grow sales. Natural, Reflective, Artificial or Drop Shadow service on-demand.

Dust & Scratches Removal

Dust & Scratches Removal

Catch the customers’ attention with clean and polished product images. Remove scratches professionally while covering every detail and corner of your products by making them flawless.

Color Correction

Color Correction

Reduce returns by making your product images look just like your original product color. Get white balance, exposure, color intensity, and more fixed by PixelPhant eCommerce Photo Editing Service.

Background Removal

Background Removal

Remove or use different backgrounds for different platforms like Amazon, Social Media, & your website. Choose the color that relates best with your brand and product themes.

Ghost Mannequin

Ghost Mannequin

Join neck, join sleeves, remove wires and supporting props, and remove any distraction to let your customers focus on the product with our professional Invisible Mannequin service.

Basic Skin Retouching

Skin Retouching

Make your models look more put-together without compromising their natural beauty. PixelPhant’s creative retouching experts know better how to make your fashion images more appealing.

De-wrinkling of Clothes

De-wrinkling of Clothes

Get rid of wrinkles and threads left unseen during the product shoot. Make your product look more attractive and crisp with the best de-wrinkling/wrinkle removal service.

Background Cleanup

Background Cleanup

Our excellent eCommerce Photo Editing Service can help you keep the background clean by removing dust & scratches. Expand the backdrop to fill up the empty space to the aspect ratio.

Clipping Path

Clipping Path/Mask

We create an advanced, point-by-point, hand-drawn clipping path for future use. Save this precise clipping path or mask for further editing like background change, manipulation, etc.

Frequently Asked Questions

Got a question? We've got answers. If you have some other questions, see our support center.

The skin retouching service is all about professionally removing unwanted skin imperfections like wrinkles, dry patches, eye bags, dark circles, scars, spots, or skin texture. The experts flawlessly correct imperfections in such a way that the changes made remain undetectable and seamless.

No, there are no monthly subscription fees with PixelPhant. You pay as you use our services through PayPal. But to make it easy, you can also buy credits at discount to use them to get your images edited frequently.

PixelPhant provides discounts based on the number of images and frequency of getting them edited. If you have 3000+ images for editing in a month, you can reach out to us at [email protected] for a personalized quote. Other than this, you can buy credits for frequent orders to get a discount on them.

Using a professional skin retouching service can help you get rid of unwanted skin imperfections like wrinkles, spots, scars, dry patches, and more and make your model look more professional, presentable, and put together. These high-quality images can be used for editorials, magazines, social media, and fashion catalogs to attract more audiences.

Image masking service is an advanced photo editing service where parts of an image are isolated and edited separately. This technique doesn't affect the original image and keeps the details safe.

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