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About PixelPhant Skin Retouching Services

PixelPhant is a professional photo editing service that helps eCommerce, photographers, and studios enhance their model images with cleaning, smoothing, and skin retouching services.

For this service, a retoucher requires a good understanding of lights, shadows, textures, colors, and detailed attention toward spots and marks on the skin. On-model luxury products, editorial, and professional portrait photo editing of models often use the service.

As per the specifications and custom notes, PixelPhant ‘s professional retouching team enhances model images by face cleaning, skin smoothing, spot removal, liquifying facial features, and other high-end photo editing services.

Importance of Face & Skin Retouching for Model Studios & Ecommerce

Professional Face and Skin Retouching Services are used by studios and eCommerces for commercial and advertising purposes of the products. PixelPhant delivers the best photo editing that aligns with creative visions and specifications.

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Looks Professional

High-quality images with clean and non-destructive elements are perceived as much more professional. Helping present models in a more professional manner without removing the natural texture and the applied makeup.

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Enhances Presentation

Clean and smooth skin enhances the presentation of the model and the products in the image. Using professional retouching services improves the customer experience and builds a visual brand value of the product.

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Removes Distractions

Removing distractions results in better engagement. Spots, marks, stray hairs, wrinkles, etc., can often influence buying decisions. A neat and flawless image, on the other hand, promotes engagement.

Understanding Skin Retouching Services for Professional Images

Professional and High-end skin retouching services improve the presentation and eliminate visible flaws. PixelPhant photo editing retouchers have been trained to deliver consistency of quality and the best retouching services for model and product images.

Basic Skin Retouching Services

Basic skin and face retouching service includes product photo editing and on-model images. E-commerce uses it to ensure the best product and image presentation. This includes removing pimples, spots, blemishes, large skin pores, and stray hairs on the face. This service aims to remove distracting elements from the image while keeping the texture of the skin and face natural.

Basic skin retouching

High-end Skin Retouching Services

High-end Skin Retouching Services is used for skin and face retouching of models for editorials, lookbooks, and magazines where perfection is desired. PixelPhant retouching experts work on every minor detail, such as baggy eyes, fixing shadows, nose and jawline correction, and more. The service aims to deliver flawless perfection for models who are the image's main subject. This includes everything in basic retouching, along with the perfect flow in the facial structure and correcting makeup.

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Skin Retouching FAQs

Got a question? We've got answers. If you have some other questions, see our support center.

Skin retouching services are about professionally removing unwanted skin imperfections like wrinkles, dry patches, eye bags, dark circles, scars, spots, or skin texture. The experts flawlessly correct imperfections so that the changes made remain undetectable and seamless.

A skin retouching service aims to ensure that the model's skin looks perfect without any distractions. Some of the most common requirements are skin smoothing effects, adjusting lighting and skin tones, removing blemishes, color correction, shadow modification, and more.

Working with experts seamlessly merges high-end retouching with the skin texture to ensure that the picture maintains its original look while eliminating unwanted skin imperfections.

A professional skin retouching service can help eliminate unwanted skin imperfections like wrinkles, spots, scars, dry patches, and more and make your model look more professional, presentable, and put together. These high-quality images can be used for editorials, magazines, social media, and fashion catalogs to attract more audiences.

Professionals and businesses like eCommerce, editorials, photographers and beautiful models are the most frequent clients for the following service.
They are looking for a team of experts that understand their specific requirements and deliver consistent quality work. And that's the reason they choose with PixelPhant every time.

High-end photo retouching is a professional photo editing practice used for detail contouring, enhancing complex image composition, erasing defects, smoothing texture (while maintaining it), and other techniques to make the image stand out.
With any photo editing and retouching service, the goal is to ensure that the image looks eye-catching and that there are no traces of post-production work.

The average hourly rate for hiring a retoucher is $80-$120. Building a mid-size in-house team can cost around $122,000. Whereas with PixelPhant photo retouching service, it costs just $1.80 per image—and you pay just for images you get edited.

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