High-End Skin Retouching Services

Professional model skin retouching service for eCommerce, photographers, and editorial.

PixelPhant has a team of professional retouchers who are experienced in delivering quality standard fashion photos that stand out.

We help brands create flawless model images by clearing spots, blemishes, and marks you wish to eliminate. All this without losing the natural texture of the skin.

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Professionally skin retouching services for eCommerce model photos

Model images are meant to be engaging and informative for viewers. And with this comes the complexity of balancing image composition's beauty and natural flow.
PixelPhant offers professional skin retouching services according to your requirements. The goal is to provide an image editing style that best reflects your brand.

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Clean and natural

Cleansed, clear, and natural-looking skin is what we help you achieve with our Skin Retouching Services. Use the model images that best represent your brand and achieve your product goal.

professional photo retouching

Look professional

Remove unwanted imperfections to make your model look more professional. PixelPhant removes every imperfection seamlessly without messing with the makeup and skin texture.

high-end and advanced skin retouching services

Remove distractions

The ambiance of a model plays an essential role in influencing the buyers' decisions. Remove distractions like wrinkles or freckles with skin retouching services to bring focus to your product first.

Professional skin retouching services for your on-model images

Every on-model product image needs to be catered to carefully. After all, it’s about showing off the style and building the desire to have the same experience.
With PixelPhant retouching service, get the most out of your valuable media assets. Flawless on-model photos that engage your customers with a desire to know more about the look and engage with your brand.

Basic skin retouching services

Are you going for something natural? Something that doesn’t seem “oddly perfect”? PixelPhant basic skin retouching is the best fit for you.

Embrace the natural tone and flow of the skin. With this natural skin retouching service, we keep the birthmark or natural scar as it is—unless you specifically request to remove it.

Basic retouching service includes:
• Removing pimples, and spots from the skin
• Getting rid of blemishes and large pores on the skin
• Removing stray hairs on the face that are out of order

Basic skin retouching

High-end skin retouching services

Let’s go Vouge style with a high-end skin retouching service.

PixelPhant's High-end retouching service aims to make your model images a perfect fit for magazines and lookbooks where perfection is desirable.

Our experts work on every minor unwanted imperfection (like baggy eyes, stray hairs, and fixing shadows, nose, jawline, and more).

Looking nothing less than flawless? PixelPhant's high-end skin retouching service is your ultimate retouching partner.

High-end skin retouching service includes:
• Everything in basic retouching service
• Adjusting facial structure to get that perfect flow
• Removing tiny dust particles from and around eye-brows.
• Correcting makeup and going leftovers.

High-end skin retouching

Frequently Asked Questions

Got a question? We've got answers. If you have some other questions, see our support center.

Skin retouching services are about professionally removing unwanted skin imperfections like wrinkles, dry patches, eye bags, dark circles, scars, spots, or skin texture. The experts flawlessly correct imperfections so that the changes made remain undetectable and seamless.

A skin retouching service aims to ensure that the model's skin looks perfect without any distractions. Some of the most common requirements are skin smoothing effects, adjusting lighting and skin tones, removing blemishes, color correction, shadow modification, and more.

Working with experts seamlessly merges high-end retouching with the skin texture to ensure that the picture maintains its original look while eliminating unwanted skin imperfections.

Adobe Photoshop is the most reliable and efficient tool for professional photo retouching services. It is an industry-standard tool used for professional photo editing work.
Some features from its tools panel are a brush tool, blend mode, spot healing brush tool, layer mask, background layer, high dynamic range, and more.

A professional skin retouching service can help eliminate unwanted skin imperfections like wrinkles, spots, scars, dry patches, and more and make your model look more professional, presentable, and put together. These high-quality images can be used for editorials, magazines, social media, and fashion catalogs to attract more audiences.

Professionals and businesses like eCommerce, editorials, photographers and beautiful models are the most frequent clients for the following service.
They are looking for a team of experts that understand their specific requirements and deliver consistent quality work. And that's the reason they choose with PixelPhant every time.

For professional retouching, our team uses various Photoshop tools based on what the goal is.
Some of the most frequently used tools are the Patch tool, Healing Brush Tool, Spot Healing Brush tool, and Stamping tool.
While all the following tools we discussed can be used solely, they all have different perks and methods of use—depending on retouchers' skill and experience.

High-end photo retouching is a professional photo editing practice used for detail contouring, enhancing complex image composition, erasing defects, smoothing texture (while maintaining it), and other techniques to make the image stand out.
With any photo editing and retouching service, the goal is to ensure that the image looks eye-catching and that there are no traces of post-production work.

The average hourly rate for hiring a retoucher is $80-$120. Building a mid-size in-house team can cost around $122,000. Whereas with PixelPhant photo retouching service, it costs just $1.80 per image—and you pay just for images you get edited.

Photo editing means basic photo correction, whereas retouching essentially means manipulating images. In correction, the image's content is not changed, but in manipulation, they are depending what outcome you are looking for.

Some of the most powerful and popular tools for retouching are:
• Patch Tool
• Healing brush tool
• Spot healing brush tool
• Stamping tool
• Color replacement

Professional retouchers are trained to bring the best out of an image by enhancing attractive features while eliminating flaws and imperfections. They use high-end tools like Adobe Photoshop to ensure the images are edited perfectly without destroying quality and authenticity.

Rather than monthly subscriptions, PixelPhant offers credits you can purchase in advance to edit your images. This allows you to create an order and use your credits without being locked within a timeframe.
For enterprises, PixelPhant offers a monthly postpaid plan where clients are invoiced monthly. Head over to PixelPhant pricing plan to learn more.

PixelPhant's average turnaround time is less than 24 hours. Most of our daily clients prefer the next morning delivery plan. They place their order in the evening while leaving for work and receive the files back in the morning, around 9 am to 10 am.

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