5 Best Baby Product Photography Tips That No One Will Tell You

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5 Best Baby Product Photography Tips That No One Will Tell You

Baby product photography is similar to every product photography. You must already be taking care of the basic things like keeping your products clean, using a consistent background, and capturing shots from multiple angles.

But, there is more to baby photography. There are a few tips that can only be used for baby product photography that no one is talking about. So, let’s hear it from me.

5 Best Baby Product Photography Tips

1. Add emotional touches

Baby Product Photography

If you don’t know how to give emotional touches, just watch some Johnson’s baby ads and you’ll “feel” it. Once you’re through with the basic touches, you should focus on whether or not your baby product photography has the emotions to hook the buyers.

When it comes to babies, everything becomes pretty sensitive. Thus, emotions play a huge role in engaging the shoppers. Here, your target audience could be parents and grandparents.

You can display emotions by

  • Keeping the baby in adorable poses with your product
  • Using siblings or parents in the image
  • Using the props like cute toys or other secondary baby products

These elements trigger the imaginations and memories of the buyers and attract them to the image.

2. Display what’s good for baby

Baby Product Photography

For this baby product photography, we’re talking about the props that reflect “goodness for the baby”. It could be the nourishing ingredients used in the baby products, the soft material in the apparel, and the comfort and benefits of the baby product.

Being a photographer, you must have the skill to tell the story through your images, and the use of props allows you to just be better at it.

For example, if the baby moisturizers have aloe gel, use the aloe leaves and gel next to the product. Similarly, to show off the comfort and softness of a baby’s cotton apparel, use the cotton balls or cotton flowers in the image too.

Displaying the things that are good for babies builds assurance and confidence in the eyes of the customers and highly influences their buying decisions.

3. Arrange the baby apparel in wearable sequence

Baby Product Photography

Such baby product photography tips let you capture the most adorable images. This is the kind of photography that most professional photographers use to build the aesthetics and I know that you are not going to read about it anywhere else.

If you’re shooting baby apparel, then this is one of the best baby product photography tips. It’s simple but gives you excellent results. Simply arrange the clothes in the sequence in which the clothes are worn.

Place the cap at the top, then comes the t-shirt and the pants. Place the socks and the shoes below where the ankles of the pants are ending. You can also place a top next to one hand and other baby products like the milk bottle next to the other hand.

This makes up for an eye-catching image that instantly engages the viewers and makes them click on it.

4. Use sweet and pleasing colors

Baby Product Photography

One of the most important baby product photography tips that should be taken care of is the use of colors. Different products have different uses and give out different energies.

For baby product photography, I’d highly suggest you use pastels, nude, and cute soft colors. Such colors match the energies and give your image an aesthetic appeal.

It is because the whole energy around a baby feels positive, adorable, sweet, and calm. And, the parents want to feel just that in an image relevant to babies too.

So, make sure that the colors you are using aren’t too loud, bold, or gloomy and trigger more positive emotions.

5. Use post-production techniques

Baby Product Photography

The last most important baby product photography tip is to edit your product photos.

If you do not complete the basics like taking care of the background, cleaning the product from dust and scratches, removing wrinkles from apparel, or the use of proper lighting, all of it can be taken care of during post-production.

Despite the good handling, it becomes impossible to control the imperfections. You can use product photo editing techniques to retouch products, remove or replace the background, correct colors, and much more.

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