Woocommerce Product Image Guide – Size, Aspect Ratio & More

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Woocommerce Product Image Guide – Size, Aspect Ratio & More

Why this Woocommerce product image guide is important for you?

Product images are important for are an essential part of any eCommerce. But they can be confusing too. Especially when you are using an eCommerce platform like Woocommerce where you get multiple options to just get started.

Questions like:

All these are very important questions that should be addressed. So I decided to share PixelPhant’s views on them.

We are already working with some of the fastest-growing eCommerce, and this guide is something we recommend to every Woocommerce user who is looking to enhance their product photos.

So without any more delay, let’s start this Woocommerce product image guide with the most popular question

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What is the best Woocommerce product image size?

What is the best Woocommerce product image size (1)

The best Woocommerce product image size is 1500 to 1500px. It gives you the perfect balance of file size of the image and the quality of the image. Woocommerce requires a minimum image size to be 800 to 1000px. But since it is small in size, the details of the product will not be visible.

If you choose to go around or above 2000px, the file size will increase and it’ll take more time to load an image when a customer lands on your product page.

Being the balance, 1500 to 1500 pixels is the best Woocommerce product image size that you can use for your eCommerce. You can even use magnifier property for your customers will be able to zoom in and see your product details.

What is the best Woocommerce product image aspect ratio?

What is the best Woocommerce product image aspect ratio?

The best Woocommerce product image aspect ratio is 1:1. It is a default setting that you can change in WordPress, but this aspect ratio is something that works for almost all WordPress & Woocommerce themes.

1:1 aspect ratio also allows you to keep all your product images consistent even if you are selling different categories of products on your eCommerce.

In case, you’d like to customize your Woocommerce product image aspect ratio – Go to Customization>Woocommerce>Product Image>Custom, and then change the ratio to your desired choice. The most common product image aspect ratio are 4:3, 3:2, and 2:3.

You can even set the settings to Uncropped to make sure the image stays in the ratio that it was uploaded in.

How to add a Woocommerce thumbnail image?

This one is quick. To add your product image as a thumbnail in Woocommerce, open your product page (WordPress dashboard> Products tab> All Products> Specific Product) and scroll down to find the feature image section on the right side of the screen.

Woocommerce sets your feature image as your thumbnail image for your product. Click on the “Upload Feature Image” and now upload the image through media or a simple drag and drop.

When the upload completes, ensure that it is selected, and click on done.

Save publish/update to save your changes.

You’ll also find the Gallary option right below the feature image section. Here, you can upload other images of your product and arrange them to show different sides of the product.

How to optimize your Woocommerce product image?

Woocommerce product image optimization consists of various steps that you must carry out for all your product images for optimum customer experience.

  • Ensure that all your products are captured in good lighting condition.
  • Your products should be visible and no corner should be cropped when showing the whole product
  • Make sure your eCommerce follows a consistent and clean background for your product images
  • Ensure that all product images have the same size and aspect ratio.
  • For eCommerce product images, use web-optimized JPG file format for quick loading and high-quality image.
  • Use target keywords when adding alt-tags and descriptions of your image.

Bonus read

Even if it is your first eCommerce, Woocommerce is a platform that will you complete flexibility, and at the same time ensure that your store is optimized. All you need to do is make sure your content is good and your Woocommerce product images follow the guide.

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