Odd Muse’s 2024 Capsule Collection – Launching Today At 9 AM. Don’t Miss Out!

Odd Muse Summer 2024 Capsule Launch

Aimee Smale, the founder of “Odd Muse” shared in an Evoke interview that she believes the future of fashion is all about taking it slow. She started her brand to introduce slow fashion to the younger women’s market, filling a gap she noticed then.

At 26, Aimee built her label from scratch and saw the pandemic as a golden opportunity to dive into social media marketing. Her strategy has paid off, with Odd Muse becoming a social media sensation. The brand emphasizes sustainable fashion, encouraging customers to invest in pieces designed to be passed down through generations.

While fast fashion is everywhere, Odd Muse has become one of those viral brands for its elegant pearl-lined dresses. Although they don’t exactly match price tags like those of Shein, they are made sustainably from high-quality materials. This means you can build a timeless wardrobe without breaking the bank and spend far less than most big luxury brands.

Now that you’re all caught up, we have some exciting news to kick off the week!

Hi Folks,

Odd Muse is back with its 2024 capsule collection, so join the waitlist to be the first to experience it. They held their first-ever runway show at London Fashion Week in 2023 which became a huge success. The event featured timeless pieces, including the Core Collection, as well as snippets of the pre-fall collection and runway exclusives. The highlight was unveiling the Exclusive Muse No.1 dress which wowed the audience. The team is also hard at work on their upcoming partywear collection for the 2024 festive season and is moving towards bridal designs, including wedding dresses and bridesmaid gowns.

Odd Muse stands out in a crowded market thanks to Aimee’s passion for community work and her focus on her audience. Her favourite piece is the cap-sleeve dress, and she hinted that the brand has a lot more in store.

Their 2024 capsule collection “Notes From Nice”, launching on June 26, 2024, is inspired by the chic ambiance of Nice. It promises the most elegant summer shades and impeccably structured sleeveless styles for the Summer 2024 season. This collection captures the essence of summer sophistication, inspired by the beautiful French Riviera.

Aimee advises newcomers to the industry to start by sketching and thinking about their place in the market. The more time they spend perfecting their ideas, the better they will be when they finally launch.

With Odd Muse’s rapid growth, who knows what’s next? We can’t wait to see the surprises in the new capsule collection launch, but we know already they’ll be unexpected!

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