10 Best Product Photography Tips to Grow Your Career in 2023

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10 Best Product Photography Tips to Grow Your Career in 2023

Images are powerful! Therefore, creating a strong visual impact on the customer has become a necessity in the eCommerce industry. In order to stand out as the best and grow your photography career in 2023, you need to follow these 10 Best Product Photography tips.

There is no doubt in the fact that images are the only source through which the customer decides the buy a product. Hence, it makes product photography more important.

But in saying so, it is also important to know that, Product Photography is no rocket science. In this article, we are going to learn about how you can master product photography with the 10 best and simple tips.

Best Product Photography Tips:

1. Background

Product Photography Best Background Practices

In the case of product photography, the product must be the center of attraction and not the background. To get a suitable product image, it is advisable to choose a white background.

Background with any other color or detailing may overpower the product and steal the attention of the subject. Also, many e-commerce sites do not accept products with a colorful background. Go for a white background and let your product steal the show.

2. Product Placement

Product Placement for Photography

Placing the product at the correct angle and a correct place is necessary to get a perfect click. The product needs to place by the frame and light source. This would not only help you get a clear image but also help you present the product in a better way.

Follow margins, leave some negative space around the product and ensure you place the products in the same place consistently, if not asked otherwise.

3. Lighting

Product Photography Lighting

Product photography lighting plays the most important and crucial role in product photography. A good image always has good lighting and nothing can give better results than images clicked in the natural light.

Natural light is a key element that creates sharp and clean images. So, it is always suggested to get the product images clicked in natural light.

The best time is early afternoon. One needs good lighting to make the product look more presentable and eye-catching. Good lighting makes your half work done.

4. Light Distribution

Product Photography Light Distribution

Not only lighting but the uniformity of light distribution is also necessary for a good product image. Uneven light distribution can totally ruin the image, creating a very unpleasing look for the product.

Light sources must be taken into consideration. If the source is smaller than the size of the product, it will create a hard light which is not good for product images. Sources that are wider than the product creates soft light, which helps in enhancing the overall look of the product

5. Camera Angle

Product Photography Camera Angle

Considering the angles is also one factor that is ignored by a lot of people but it can be a game-changer, especially, when it comes to product photography.

Think out of the box and go for strange angles while clicking the images. Go for angles that reflect the accurate size, shape, and quality of the product.

Try clicking images from various angles and then choose the best ones. You can further make any changes, if required, with the help of the product photo retouching service.

6. Avoid Using Filters

Product Photography Avoid using Filters

The use of filters in photography has been in trend these days. But in the case of product photography, one must avoid using filters. Filters do not show the real image of the product and therefore, create trust issues amongst the potential buyers.

Anything which is not accepted by potential customers must be avoided. Instead, take a clear and well-lit image of the product.

7. Click

Product Photography Click Timing

Slow and steady always wins the race. The same is the case with photography. Go slowly and steadily. Impatience will take you nowhere.

Keeping the camera still and steady is advisable as even the slightest of movement can ruin the product by yielding a blurred image which is not acceptable at all in e-commerce.

A steady camera will help you in clicking a crisp and clear image which adds to the beauty of the product.

Justin T Shockley Photography would help you with this. It has shot everything from products, fashion, events, celebrities, lookbooks to magazines.

8. Scaling

Product Photography Scaling

Scaling in product photography refers to providing a scale to the product. This creates a realistic image of the product in the minds of customers.

Customers can have an idea about the dimension of the product with the help of that scale. Scaling is not necessary but will be a plus point if added.

9. Product Uses

Product Uses Photography

While doing product photography, it is important to show the use of the product. Showcasing product uses not only adds value to the image but also helps in gaining customers’ attention.

Conventional uses of the product along with some creative ones demonstrate the utility of the product which helps the customer’s in many different ways.

The product uses convinces the customers in a reasonably good manner to buy the product. Also, the customer would be able to relate to the product by having a look at the uses.

10. Image Editing and Retouching

Product Photography Editing & Retouching

Editing is a must. No matter what kind of product you have and how good you get it clicked, you cannot skip the editing part. Editing enhances the product image, making it appear of superior quality.

You can make your images look more appealing by image retouching. To match the level of the existing product images in the market, photo retouching works wonders.

Image retouching not only beautifies the product but also makes it look more fascinating. Flaunt the best features of your product and hide the unwanted flaws with the help of image editing and retouching. You can avail of professional image editing services from a wide range of service providers available. 

Following the above-mentioned tips and tricks, you can get the best possible outcome. These 10 product photography pro tips will surely help your product to earn some extra brownie points in the competitive market.

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