7 Reasons Why Ecommerce Needs Professional Product Photography Studio

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7 Reasons Why Ecommerce Needs Professional Product Photography Studio

Outsourcing product photography for eCommerce has recently seen a rise within the industry. Rather than working on and with just one team—your in-house team—this revolution is making the lives of managers and founders much easier.

How? That’s what we are sharing in this article. We are putting forward 7 Reasons why eCommerce uses product photography studios.

And let’s be clear. Outsourcing photography services are used by both early eCommerce and enterprises for all their benefits.

Let’s get started right away.

7 Reasons Ecommerce Needs Product Photography Studio

Understanding customer expectation

Reason eCommerce needs product photography studio - Understanding customer expectation

Be it the background’s texture and the product’s sharpness, creating contrast between both or using light and shadows.

Today, an online customer is bound towards the best shopping experience that your product images can provide.

One of the many reasons to work with an eCommerce product photography studio is their understanding of the industry.

They are actively working towards specializing in it; they know the trends and understand what customers want.

93% of customers believe they make buying decisions based on product presentation.

With years of experience and consistent work within the industry, photography studio teams become experts in meeting expectations and optimizing the shoot for the best customer experience.

Branding expertise

Reason eCommerce needs product photography studio - Branding expertise

Among many, consistency is a potent part of an eCommerce branding strategy

The goal is to ensure that your product images stand out from competitors and follow consistent brand guidelines for your eCommerce.

We aim for experts who understand branding elements to the core and are highly skilled to match the requirements consistently.

What are branding elements in product photography? They are –

  • Source of light and white balance
  • Camera angles and variations of shots
  • Visible details of the product
  • Formation of natural shadows
  • Product and props placement

And much more if you are working with on-model product images.

Professional product photography service is recommended to ensure that you can showcase your products consistently that reflect your brand.

They would be able to follow your guidelines to the dot, and at the same time, if you are starting, they will even help you create a photography guideline that works for you best.

Consistent quality upgrade

Reason eCommerce needs product photography studio - Consistent quality upgrade

Like in every field of work, there has been a constant growth in product photography.

Earlier, when it was just about capturing your product’s images and publishing them, no one would have thought about 360-degree photography.

But the upgrade has happened even beyond the technical department.

The white background was eCommerce’s most popular photography three years ago. It has been taken over by shades of Grey, off-white, and even brand-specific colors.

Props were just used as a creative choice; today, they are used creatively for branding and sharing information about the actual size of the product.

We have yet to talk about the photography equipment.

The best part about working with eCommerce product photography services is that they must stay updated to deliver what new eCommerce is looking for.

This consistent quality upgrade can take a back seat when relying on just one in-house team.

Since they are working on just one project, their exposure might lack whereas working as an independent agency pushes them to be the best service provider for you.

Fewer resource management

Reason eCommerce needs product photography studio - Fewer resource management

Creating an in-house team means you will have a couple of photographers, assistants, a studio manager, and stylists.

Now comes the equipment part. You’ll need a studio space, background, continuous lights, strobe light, diffusers, camera, lenses, cords, flash, tripods, and other miscellaneous.

All these products and human resources are your lookouts when they are working for you. Don’t you already feel stressed out?

Let’s look at what you have to manage when you hire a product photography service for your eCommerce.

First, you hire them and send them products for photography. Second, you receive your images and products back within a few days. Done!

It’s the studio’s responsibility to ensure your products are safe, they have resources for the shoot, and you receive a hassle-free service.

All this is helpful when you are at a growth stage and are already juggling between managing multiple parts of your business.


Reason eCommerce needs product photography studio - Affordability

Be it the initial or the recurring cost. Outsourcing has been a wise financial decision of eCommerce of all sizes and niches. It reduces the overall operational cost and allows you to manage funds more quickly.

In addition to low pricing per image, you shall also include the luxury of stopping your subscription and using the service only when needed.

That means you can hire an eCommerce photography studio, use their services, pay according to work, and that’s a wrap. You only pay for the output you receive and the time you use the service.

So, if you are not using the service—you are not wasting your resources as you would in the case of operating an in-house team.

Out of all the other reasons to use professional product photography services, the factor—affordability—is one of the most important.

Ease of scalability

Reason eCommerce needs product photography studio - Ease of scalability

When the number of SKUs increases on your eCommerce, the resources you need also grow.

For your photography team, you might need to hire new people, train them, get new equipment, and more. Even if you are ready to fast-track, your team might need to be equipped for the rate of growth.

On the other hand, when you use a professional product photography service, nothing changes on your behalf. You still will be sending your products and receiving the images as you would do as always.

Just the quantity will increase.

It’s the studio’s responsibility to ensure that you get your images within the set turnaround time, and you must be assured that they will.

This independent team allows you to focus on what’s essential for your eCommerce and leave other photography challenges to them.

Now, even if you decide to increase the number of SKUs on your site, you will be sure that processing images won’t be a huddle in your way.

End-to-end solution

Reason eCommerce needs product photography studio - End-to-end solution

PixelPhant is a leading eCommerce product photo editing service happy to have some of the best photography studios on board with us as our clients.

They capture products, and we edit those images to deliver consistent and professional results to eCommerce.

From an eCommerce point of view, they receive ready-to-publish product images.

They can handle receiving images, reviewing them, managing, and sending them for post-production to repeat the reviewing process.

Leading professional product photography services aim to provide end-to-end solutions to eCommerce by working with 

Wrapping Up

Getting started with a professional product photography service is a step one must take at the initial growth stage.

It ensures that branding stays consistent, your resources are well-managed, and you have experts working for you. This freedom allows you to focus on running your eCommerce while and at the time affordable compared to building your team.

All you need to do now is to find the best product photography studio for your eCommerce and share your requirements to get started.

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