What Is Skin Retouching Service? 5 Reasons Its Best For Fashion Businesses

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What Is Skin Retouching Service? 5 Reasons Its Best For Fashion Businesses

If you’re a model photographer, fashion eCommerce, beauty products eCommerce, or anywhere near the niche of fashion – you need Skin Retouching Services.

In the fashion industry, working with a model is obvious. They are widely hired by online fashion and beauty stores to represent clothing, footwear, makeup, and skincare in their product images.

And, to make these product images sell themselves, your product images must look flawless, engaging, and professional. If not, then hiring a model would be of no use.

What Is Skin Retouching Service?

Skin retouching services are all about perfecting the unwanted imperfections on the skin. It involves advanced skin retouching techniques like skin smoothing, contouring, removal of wrinkles, eye bags, dark spots, scars, acne, stray hairs on the face, freckles, and more.

You can opt for different skin retouching services based on your needs and budget. If you’re looking for a more bare and natural look, you can choose basic skin retouching. For a clearer and editorial look, you can go for high-end skin retouching.

What Is Basic Skin Retouching?

Skin Retouching Service

Basic retouching involves the removal of only unwanted imperfections that are obvious and clearly visible such as large pores, acne, and dry patches.

All the natural details like birthmarks and freckles are left untouched to give your model a clean yet more natural look.

What Is High-End Skin Retouching?

Skin Retouching Service

High-end skin retouching service involves more detailed and advanced techniques. In this, all the imperfections are removed from the skin to offer the image a completely flawless look.

High-end skin retouching involves skin smoothing, and the removal of wrinkles, scars, eye bags, freckles, and stray hairs. We also fix shadows, jawline, nose, skin tone color correction, and more to make your model as flawless as possible while making the whole editing look seamless and natural.

High-end retouching is often when you want to feature your model images in a lookbook, magazine, editorial, social media posts, or for eCommerce product images.

Benefits Of Skin Retouching Services

1. Clean and natural-looking photos

Skin Retouching Service

Clean, flawless, and natural-looking skin is what you get with a professional skin retouching service like PixelPhant.

We ensure that your model images are free of unwanted imperfections while the natural look and details remain intact. This allows your brand to look professional and showcase your products in the best way possible.

2. Removes unwanted imperfections

Skin Retouching Service

We believe every face is beautiful. But there’s always room for improvement, especially when it comes to model photo editing.

After a long photoshoot, your model may appear sweaty and it’s not always possible to keep all the hairs in place.

Our professional skin retouching experts will only remove unwanted and obvious imperfections like stray hairs and dark and dry patches.

Want your model to look even more natural? We won’t remove any natural scars, freckles, or birthmarks at your request. Do not want any imperfections at all? Our dedicated high-end retouching service experts are there to take care of your every need.

3. Professional and seamless results

Skin Retouching Service

Using model photo editing software like Photoshop can give you all the tools that you need but not the expertise, experience, and skills.

Skin retouching requires high-level precision for model photo editing to look seamless. A little mistake can show easily and ruin the complete image.

PixelPhant has professional and experienced experts that daily handle basic and high-end skin retouching requirements of photographers, eCommerce, and photo studios.

They know how to use the necessary tools and techniques to make your model photo editing look undetectable, seamless, and highly professional.

4. Engage more customers

Skin Retouching Service

You can not attract and engage customers will dull, imperfect, and unprofessional photos. There is high competition in the market and you need to look unique to stand out.

Collaborating with PixelPhant’s professional skin retouching services helps you engage more customers with attractive, natural, and professional images that beats the competition.

5. Revisions till you love it

Skin Retouching Service

Yes, you heard it right. PixelPhant offers unlimited revisions with no extra cost or hidden charges. Why? Because we believe in customer satisfaction.

We won’t stop until you are happy with our product photo editing services. Although, you may never have to ask for revision because we always hit the spot on our first delivery.

Where Can I Send Photos To Be Edited?

The best place to send your photos for editing is PixelPhant. PixelPhant is the best product photo editing service for photographers, eCommerce, and photo studios.

Our dedicated professionals are best at catering to all your post-production needs such as:

  • Product image editing
  • Clipping path service
  • Background removal service
  • Product image retouching
  • Skin retouching services
  • Shadow adding service
  • Invisible ghost mannequin service
  • Photo masking service
  • Color correction
  • Image renaming
  • Image uploading on your respective website, and more

Bonus Read

Skin retouching services are one of the most important services in the world of online fashion businesses. They offer professionalism, consistency, natural look, and flawlessness to your images.

Outsourcing skin retouching services with PixelPhant frees you up and allows you to focus on being more creative. We edit thousands of product images and deliver them to you within 24 hours so you never miss your deadline.

Our cost-efficient pricing plans are perfect to accommodate you whether you are a photographer, photo studio, or a small, medium, or large eCommerce enterprise.
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