How To Get Photography Clients For Your Business in 2024?

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How To Get Photography Clients For Your Business in 2024?

When you are running a photography business, finding photography clients is a recurring challenge.

With this guide, we are breaking down how you can utilize the resources you already have and grow your photography business in 2024.

That means, no hafty photography marketing budget, but utilizing free and low-cost platforms to get more clients for photography.

The demands for professional and niche expert photographers have increased over the years.

We have already shared a detailed guide on how to price your photography services, so let’s get started with finding your high-paying photography clients right away.

How To Get Photography Clients For Your Business in 2024?

Here’s a quick overview to get more photography Clients in 2024:

  1. Identify target audience
  2. Build a portfolio
  3. Utilize social media
  4. Create a website
  5. Build on SEO
  6. Create photography packages
  7. Share client testimonials
  8. Collaborate with other photographers

Identify target audience

Identify target audience

You need to stand out as an expert. Photography is a wide spectrum with various niches and styles of photography. To stand out, you need to show specialties and then target a specific group of audience interested in your services.

Some of the most profitable photography niches that beginners can explore are Weddings, Portraits, Fashion, Landscape & Travel.

It is important to note here that other niches too pay well. Depending on the quality of output you are producing, your photography clients would be happy to hire you.

But whatever you choose, it is important to identify your target audience and niche.

For the most part, it will help you curate a marketing plan to attract that specific audience.

When finding new photography clients, having an understanding of the target group will help you connect with the audience faster and create a better customer experience. 

Additionally, it is much easier to build a brand within a specific niche. This enhances the customer experience, hence making it easy to find more clients for photography.

Build a portfolio

Build a portfolio

Before someone becomes your client, they need to see your work. The next step that you must follow through is creating a photography portfolio of your service. This is your proof of work that showcases credibility to your audience.

Here, the portfolio must include the work that specifically targets your niche. 

That is, if you want to work with eCommerce brands, make sure your portfolio includes images of product photography, as well as, the clients that you have worked with.

To build a photography portfolio, you can use your best work with the client’s permission. Or do shoot specifically to build your portfolio.

This can also be done by offering your services for free, in return using the work in your portfolio. Just make sure your photographs are well-edited.

Again, if you are targeting eCommerce, you can showcase collaboration with product photo editing services like PixelPhant.

Utilize social media

Utilize social media

The world today is visually driven, and it is due to the rise of social media. For photographers, it is a golden era to curate a social presence and reach potential audiences.

As a photographer, you must utilize social media platforms to their fullest. This includes sharing the results, as well as, behind the scenes and achievements.

Social media allows your business to present itself as a brand. It also allows you to share your own story. Something that people would like to be associated with and hire.

You can utilize social media to attract clients for photography by sharing the behind-the-scenes, final results, and achievements with your audience.

Create a website

Create a website

While social media allows you to reach your audience, having a website allows customers to find you online.

Creating a website for finding new photography clients can be fruitful as it helps you appear in Google searches exactly when customers are looking for your services.

Today, one can easily create portfolio and photography service websites using tools like Squarespace and Pixpa.

These are drag-and-drop website builders that specifically target photographers. It’s easy to sign up, create a website, feature your work, and get inquiries regarding your services.

Build on SEO

Build on SEO

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. It is a collection of guidelines on how one should optimize their website, to increase their ranking in search results of Google and other search engines.

One can easily find basic videos to get started, and can even hire SEO freelancers or agencies to optimize their website.

To find photography clients via a website, more and more people interested in your services must visit your site.

Having an optimized website is the first step towards it. Other parts include publishing blogs and generating traffic through social media.

Create photography packages

Create photography packages

Photography is a service-based business. The requirements differ, based on which the pricing also changes.

However, it is important to note that most customers like to have estimated pricing and learn about the deliverables when they are starting.

For example, if you simply share that you charge $500, compared to the $400 that your competitors are charging—your client might go with the competitor.

On the other hand, if you have multiple packages that include several images, videos, reels, albums, etc—you’ll be able to showcase the value you bring to your customer.

Additionally, having photography pricing packages also allows you to set a minimum charge. It sets the right expectations and tells customers what exactly they are buying.

The package can be customized based on different requirements, but it will give you a starting point to negotiate what the customer wants and what you can deliver in their budget.

Share client testimonials

Share client testimonials

When you are working with clients, always collect their feedback and testimonials. This helps your future clients look at your client’s portfolio and learn about their experience with you.

For websites, you can also motivate customers to share their reviews on Google My Business. This would help you get a higher ranking in the local area and will help more photography clients find you.

For your social media, you can also collect video testimonials. This would enhance the credibility and make it more engaging for your audience to hear the experience of your photography clients.

Collaborate with other photographers

Collaborate with other photographers

To connect with clients, it is important to build a network in the photography industry as well.

Working, and collaborating with other photographers allows you to get started and widen your funnel to find new clients for photography.

And even when you have an established photography business, collaborating helps in building long-term business connections and opens up referral opportunities as well.

Always be open to collaborating with other photographers and delivering the best service to their clients as well.


Photography business is all about showcasing your results and reaching your target audience. Above, we have shared 8 tips on how to get photography clients using various methods.

But the bottom line is, being out there. The more content you share on social media–the more audience it will reach. Again, there are nuances in how you market yourself—but the best way is to share your story.

Your future clients would love to hear about your expertise, look at the behind-the-scenes, and hear what your other photography clients have to say about you.

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