How to create photography packages that sell themselves?

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How to create photography packages that sell themselves?

Websites, social media, and the online world. These terms have completely changed the photography industry forever. The constant urge to capture the moment “professionally” has given a spike in cash flow within the industry. 

And with so much demand, it is a full-fledged service with various photography packages to choose from.

Yes, having packages for your photography service is an important part of modern photography services. 

No matter what industry you are in, – be it wedding photography, product photography for eCommerce, or corporate photography – using packages makes it easy to sell your services.

Here is everything you need to learn about how to create photography packages that sell themselves. 

So, if you are looking to enhance your customer experience while standing out as a professional photographer, this is a guide that will help you. But before that, let us understand what photography packages are and why you need them today.

What are photography packages?

What are photography packages?

Photography Packages are descriptive sets of deliverables and pricing that make it easy for your clients to choose your service. It is a clear description of your service, where your clients can easily compare the different plans you offer, their pricing, and the outcomes that they shall be expecting.

These packages make it much easier for your clients to understand your expertise, refer you to services, and connect with you for your work.

Why do you need photography packages to grow?

Why do you need photography packages to grow?

Photography is a show-and-sell business. Especially when we are living in a world of Instagram, Facebook, & Pinterest where people are looking at high-quality, professional, and “candid” photographs all day long.

Having photography packages gives your clients a clear idea of what your services include, how they are better for them, and what they should expect at the end of the project.

Moreover, it allows photographers to earn consistent revenue rather than negotiate pricing with each client. Having these packages, allows you to switch from service-based industry to product-based industry.

All your packages are a product that your clients can go through and order for themselves.

In short, are a few benefits of photography packages that you would like to know.

  • It makes it easy for you to understand what a client wants.
  • Different packages allow you to work with different types of clients.
  • You are able to charge consistently without the need to negotiate for your service.
  • Experimentation becomes much easier when you understand client expectations.
  • It allows you to manage your calendar much more effectively.
  • It allows you to manage all your expenses and profit much more easily.

Other than this, it makes you stand out much more professionally and increases the chance of working with brands and influential people.

What do photography packages include?

What do photography packages include?

One thing that we have been discussing, again and again, is the fact that when you create photography packages, make sure that they are descriptive. But what does that mean? What should be the part of photography packages?

Well, here are a few points that you can all include in your package, but depending on your industry niche or type of clients, you can add or remove anything that you see fit.

  • Number of photographers on location
  • Inclusion of videography, 360 photography, etc
  • Type of equipment and shots (like drones or cranes)
  • The total length of the whole photography session
  • Number of photographs delivered
  • Cost per image (especially for product photography)
  • Number of RAW images and number of images edited.
  • Expected turnaround time
  • Total pricing of the package along with the taxes.

How to price photography packages?

How to price photography packages?

When you are creating photography packages, it is very important that you price them right. And here’s a simple way you can find the best pricing for your packages.

Total Cost + Desired Profit = Price of the Package

Here, your total cost will include fixed cost, cost of labor, overhead cost.

Fixed Cost

First, calculate all the fixed costs of a project. This is the cost that includes all the costs of creating an album, the cost of hosting an online album, packaging, shipping, cloud storage, etc.

Ensure that you know exactly what you are offering to your clients and add the fixed cost accordingly. Fixed costs are not something that you can control and hence they should not be coming out of your pocket.

Cost Of Labor

The cost of labor is another very important cost that you must never undercharge. This is the cost that will include your photography service, the time you’ll invest in the project, the cost of retouching, or the cost of outsourcing to a professional product photo editing service.

Keep the costing realistic and undervalue yourself. The work you do will help people have a lifetime of memories or, in the case of product photography, help them sell their products online.

Know your rates and set charges for, the work that you’ll be doing.

Overhead Cost

Getting started in the photography industry is tough due to the initial cost of equipment. In addition to that, servicing, wear and tear, and regular updates are all part of the business.

When you create photography packages, you have to keep the overhead costs in your head and add them accordingly.

If you are a freelancer who is just getting started, you can keep these charges minimum.

Final Read

When you create photography packages for your service, you are essentially making it easier and quicker for your customers to learn more about you. And in a world where people are always on their phones; scrolling and finding the best option, this little addition will give you a lot of advantage over your competitors.

Similarly, if you are a product photographer, ensuring consistency in editing and quick turnaround time will be something that you should be looking for.

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