News Flash: Designer Collab Of The Year Drops July 4th! Mark Your Calendars

Dior x Stone Island Collaboration

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Today, we’re talking about the next big capsule collection in luxury fashion that has pulled off the smartest, most innovative collaborative move is Dior x Stone Island.  

It makes sense because, for years, Stone Island has had the prestige of a global brand with a dedicated following, and now, this collaboration is set to make waves in the fashion world. Dior and Stone Island, two iconic fashion houses with unique histories have teamed up to create a limited edition wardrobe for this summer. 

Dior Homme creative director Kim Jones describes the collaboration as “the coming together of contrasting traditions; there’s a new kind of clothing alchemy.” Dior calls it the “alchemy of color,” and we can call it “wearable art.”

The ‘alchemy of color’ is a central theme in their collection. The outcome of the garment dyeing process is transformed by using exclusively high-quality materials. Signature colors from the Stone Island archive are utilized with richer intensity. For example, an archive Stone Island field jacket from the A/W 1988-1989 collection initially made in cotton and rubber, has now been recreated with cotton silk and embossed leather.

The collection comes out with black leather jackets, bright yellow raincoats, mauve cardigans, minty green gilets, and various accessories such as sunglasses, gloves, and trunkbags of all shapes and sizes for shoulder ones, your weekend ones and almost every occasion. 

Dior x Stone Island New Capsule Collection Collaboration
Source: Dior

But the highlight of the collection is *drumrolls*…..

The partnership has gone out in the sneaker department, with several new designs slated to be dropped as part of the collection. This includes cotton-sateen sneakers featuring #DiorOblique stitching and circular bags adorned with the iconic compass rose motif. 

While critics often question functionality and luxury, this collection has answered why they can and should coexist. It mixes a haute couture vision with military functionality, which has never been thought of in fashion history. 

Taking the best of each other’s signature aesthetics, this collaboration will be available in Dior boutiques on June 14 in Milan, June 18 in London, and June 27 in the US, followed by a global release on July 4

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