How to create product images that drive traffic and sales?

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How to create product images that drive traffic and sales?

Why do you think it’s so essential to create product images that look clean, consistent, and professional?

Well, there is good news for you. All the time and resources you invest in product photography and photo editing have more than one job.

Your product images can help your eCommerce drive traffic and convert shoppers into customers.

You’ll learn 7 ways to use and optimize your product images that drive traffic and sales.

But if you are starting an eCommerce, let’s consider why your product images are essential.

Why does your eCommerce need good-quality product images?

Ecommerce for a customer is a digital platform through which they can buy products anywhere in the world.

But with that comes the challenge of being unable to engage with the product, understand it and be unsure of the buying decision.

To reduce this fear among customers, creating product images that drive traffic and sales is essential.

These images help a customer look at the product more efficiently, engage with it, and make a much better buying decision.

There have been various studies and surveys that share the importance of product images. Some of the most notable ones are:

Based on the following—as well as many more similar studies—we can surely agree that your product images play a huge role.

From telling how the product looks to whether it will be helpful for them, product images are efficient ways for a customer to learn about the product.

But how can eCommerce ensure this customer experience?

How to create product images that drive traffic and sales for your eCommerce store? Let’s look into it right away.

How to create product images that drive traffic and sales?

Focus on product perception

Focus on product perception

Product perceptions are one of the most important factors in creating product images that drive traffic and sales.

Just like you would want to try a dress before buying it in a store, your customers want to see the product the way they would generally do.

That is why, if you notice, eCommerce that sells activewear showcases models wearing the product and doing exercises. On the other hand, luxury brands prefer models standing still.

Similarly, you’ll find the model doing varied poses for streetwear, whereas, for maternity clothing, models usually stand in upright positions.

To create product images that drive traffic and sales, you first need to understand people’s perceptions.

The best way to get a good idea about it is by doing in-depth customer research. Everything will be much easier to define, from the background of your images to the poses of your model, when you know what aligns with your audience.

Remove unwanted distraction

Remove unwanted distraction

A distraction can be a busy background, improper lighting, a spot on the product, or dust in the background. Any unwanted element that affects user engagement is a distraction and influences the customer experience.

For eCommerce product photography, the product must be clean, proper lighting setup is used, dust and spots are avoided, and the product is shot correctly.

Next comes the role of your photo editing service. They will ensure that all the distractions we talked about are removed.

Additionally, expert retouchers would ensure that all the colors are well presented, your products look more attractive, and your customers have a good experience in your store.

Give space for engagement.

Give space for engagement

This means that instead of filling the whole frame with the product, leave notable negative space around the product.

For a customer, it is essential to look at the whole product at once, and when a product fills the entire frame, it’s hard to understand if any part is cropped.

Additionally, ensure that when you create product images, they follow specific cropping and margins.

When a customer is comparing two products, having the exact cropping and margin ratios makes it easy to look at the product and compare them with each other.

They can understand the product’s dimensions better, the way they look better, and ultimately make better buying decisions.

Use multiple product images.

Use multiple product images
source- Forever 21

For most products, you must use multiple product images—showing different sides and angles of your product.

Using multiple product images increases customer engagement and lets them make an informed decision.

Moreover, seeing a product from different angles also helps in understanding the scale and size of the product. Hence customers can be assured that they are making the correct decision.

Using multiple product images also helps in building trust among customers.

Since you are investing time and resources to create product images in the best possible ways—they are assured that you are a genuine seller and not another online fraud trying to make quick cash out of them.

Showcase different use case

Showcase different use case

How are you planning to tell your customers how the product can be used? Especially if you are selling DIY products with multiple use cases.

The answer is showcasing the product with different use cases.

Selling a jacket that can be worn in different styles? Show it. A basket that can be used for multiple purposes—show it.

Once your solid/plain background images are ready, you can take a step ahead and showcase various products in different settings and use cases.

This will make your product much more engaging and informational for the shoppers on your site.

Stay consistent with the presentation.

Stay consistent with the presentation

Consistency is one of the most important parts when you create a product image with professional editing and photography. 

Not only does it create a visually appealing product catalog, but it enhances the overall customer experience as well.

When a customer lands on your eCommerce, they want to be sure that the product they are buying, compare other options, and make a buying decision they know about.

Suppose your eCommerce showcases a product with a varied background, a product placed at different margins, and a varying image size. In that case, it will take customers to find the right product.

Staying consistent is essential to avoid these additional efforts from customers, as that helps create product images that drive traffic and sales.

Try new methods of product engagement.

Methods of product engagement include ways through which shoppers interact with the images.

One of the most common product image engagement methods is adding zoom ability to the images. Just adding zoom functionality adds a 30% increase in conversion rate.

Similarly, there are various other ways to make your product images stand out. This can be through the use of 360-degree photos and, if we follow the trend—even using AR.

The goal is to increase customer engagement and let shoppers see the product as they wish.

Bonus read

For eCommerce, it is essential to create product images that catch attention, engage them and share every visual information about the product.

Not only does it help shoppers make better buying decisions, but it also assures them that they are trusting a reliable seller.

Creating product images that reflect professionalism is undoubtedly the right call. And in this journey, PixelPhant would be a great assist to you.

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