Shopify Product Image Size & Optimization Guide

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Shopify Product Image Size & Optimization Guide

I can give you many reasons why you should be concerned about Shopify product image sizing and optimization. But the one that matters the most is the customer experience.

Choosing the right Shopify product image size is as important as choosing the right size for your shoes. Too small means uncomfortable and too large means distracting.

No matter how amazing the product is, if you can’t sell it through your product images, not many people will be willing to buy it from you. PixelPhant is among the leading eCommerce photo editing service working with the fastest growing Shopify brands.

And here are some tips on choosing the right Shopify product image size and tips on how to optimize Shopify product images.

Best Shopify Product Image Size 

Shopify product image sizing

Shopify being a beginner-friendly platform gives you a wide range of sizes to choose from for your product images. Shopify allows minimum image size to be 800×800 px and maximum 2040×2400 px.

It is a wide range to pick from. But after working with top brands, here’s what PixelPhant would like to share about Shopify product image size. 

If your products are the type where details do not play a huge role, you can go with 1200×1200 px. But if you are selling products where details play a huge role, and you want to add a magnifier on the image, 2000×2000 px size will be a good fit.

In both cases, products are easily visible without straining the eye. At the same time, the size of the image is balanced to load quickly when a customer lands on the page.

Regarding the Shopify product image aspect ratio, many eCommerce prefer square images, i.e. a 1:1 ratio. But if you would like to have a rectangle image, the ratio will be 2:3.

Shopify Product Image Format

Shopify Product Image Format

The next important thing in Shopify product image size and optimization will be the file format of the image. We know there are various file formats that you can use for a store but which one is the best?

If your answer is .jpg, you are half right. Yes, .jpg is great formate for your eCommerce, but there are better options as well. That is, Web-optimized JPG is the best Shopify product image format.

If you are using product images just for product page purposes, regular .jpg means putting unnecessary load on the page. Simple .jpg is best for printing purposes. But Web-optimized .jpg is specifically best for uploading online.

For example, if your image is 2MB in .jpg, the web-optimized will only be around 300kb. This puts less load on the page, and the image loads faster without compromising the quality.

Quick Shopify Product Image FAQs

Does Shopify resize images?

Yes, Shopify resizes the image if you do not meet the requirements. But the quality of the resized image will not be as good as you may think. It is better to optimize your Shopify product image and then upload it.

What size should product images be?

As per PixelPhant experts, the best Shopify product image size is 2000×2000 px. But if you are looking for a smaller size, you can also use 1200×1200 px for your product image.

How to optimize an image for Shopify?

Here are a few tips on how to optimize your images for Shopify:

  • Ensure that all the product images have the same size and ratio.
  • Use web-optimized file format for your eCommerce product images.
  • Make sure all the images have a consistent and clean background.
  • Follow a consistent margin in your product images to look professional.

Bonus Read

Shopify product image size, aspect ratio, and optimization is a huge impact on your customer experience. It is essentially the way, how your customers interact with your product before buying it online.

That is why you need a professional Shopify product image editing service that can help you with image post-production. PixelPhant is a leading eCommerce product photo editing service that can help you optimize your Shopify images. Get a free image editing trial now.

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