Studio Photo Retouching

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Fixing the imperfections of the skin is called skin retouching. The simple retouches like Skin Smoothening, Spots, Red Eye, Scar, Pimple, Acne, Wrinkles, Blemish Removal and lightening effect can make a picture lot more beautiful with minimum alterations. Fixing the minor imperfections of a picture can be done by basic retouch. Imagine clicking a picture with your digicam in the evening aside a beautiful lake with the perfect ambiance and the picture is ruined by the flash eye. No need to worry, PixelPhant is here to bring the beauty out of it as you have imagined it through the lens of your camera by basic retouching.

Our skin retouching services include
  • Reducing wrinkles: Age is one thing no one can stop. However, letting age spoil your perfect clicked picture can be stopped. With skin retouching service, we can reduce the wrinkles on your face to a significant level and make your skin look young.
  • Scar removal: Some injuries leave a mark behind which looks very dominating on your face or any other body part. PixelPhant helps in removing all the unwanted scars from the skin and make your skin look flawless.
  • Skin tone adjustment: All of us have different skin tones and there are several factors that affect the texture and tone of our skin like sunburns, dark circles or anything else. No matter how big or small these factors are, sometimes they wreck the quality of your pictures. The beauty in taking photographs is that they are capable of holding priceless memories and we won't let the skin imperfections decrease the beauty of your photo.

The skin retouching is a commonly used practice in family portraits, couple’s photos, self-portraits etc. Most of the portraits do not show the skin the way you wanted it to appear and because of these little imperfections, the whole image is ruined. With professional editing of an image from our expert team, we aim to give your picture the perfect touch. Don’t worry about the scars and pimples in your pictures anymore; we make it certain that your photographs will bring your beauty to its highest level with every unwanted detail eliminated.

With help of professional tools and intense retouch effects with great detailing in affected area by our graphic designing team, we recover your photographs from these imperfections and present the real you by bringing out your true beauty. PixelPhant uses some of the great techniques to achieve what you need. A picture perfect and glowing skin is the final result of skin retouching done by PixelPhant.