Each picture speaks a thousand words. In online market, the product image is the USP. Therefore, product image editing is one of the essentials for any e-commerce venture. No one would prefer buying an unattractive and dull looking product. To convince the customers for buying the product, it is very important to present the product in an attractive manner and reveal the unique points of the product. Product image editing is the whole and sole solution. PixelPhant will help you edit your product images and increase your value in the market.

PixePhant specializes in different types of image editing services. Our services include:

Clipping path, Background removal & Cutout image

Clipping Path background removal

We offer some of the core image editing services such as:

  • Clipping path on product image: This is the most commonly used image editing tool worldwide for editing product images in e-commerce. Clipping path is a vector path created with the help of a pen tool which is used to cutout product image from the background precisely so that focus is on the product only. Also, it is done so that the product image can be used for different purposes.
  • Product image background removal: Background with which the product image was clicked may not be appropriate to fulfill the purpose. In order to remove the undesired background, Product image background removal is used more often. To ascertain a neutral background, clicking product images again can be time-consuming and also burn a hole in your pocket. Therefore, it is advised to use product image background removal which is cost effective as well as consumes less time.
  • cutout image: A lot of people confuse image cutout with clipping path. Both of them are similar but not exactly same. cutout image in simple words can be defined as cutting of the product from the image however on the other hand, clipping path is way more precise than cutout image.

Color Correction

Product image color correction and background removal

Color correction is also amongst the top services provided by PixePhant which can be classified into several different categories named as:

  • Image color enhancement: Image color enhancement is a process which helps in making the image look more presentable. The colors in the image are enhanced and brightness is controlled. By using image color enhancement, you can control the sharpness of the image, brighten the image and highlight the key features using image color enhancement.
  • Image color matching: Image color matching is the process of matching the color of the product image with the actual color of the product. Also, image color matching includes matching the image color of same product clicked from different angles.
  • Image Recoloring: Image Recoloring is used to modify the color of the product. While clicking pictures, the light and shadow can change the actual color of the product which can be misleading for the customers who are willing to buy the product. In order to present a realistic image of the product, image recoloring is used and product images are recolored. Also, sometimes, the original product is too dull and to beautify the product image, image recoloring is used.

Mannequin Editing

3D mannequin neck joint background removal

PixelPhant also provides editing services related to product images clicked with the mannequin.

  • Mannequin removal: Mannequin removal is generally used for clothing product images. Images are clicked with mannequin to give an idea of actual shape and size of the product and it is removed afterward to get a neat look.
  • 3D Ghost mannequin reshaping: Ghost mannequin reshaping is used to reshape the ghost mannequin which is added to the product. It helps in removing the creases and gives a defined and edgy look.

Image Retouching

Product image editing retouching and clipping path

Retouching is all about making minute changes and making the image attractive. Image retouching can be done on product image, model image, creases etc.

  • Product image Retouching: Product image retouching is used to hide the flaws of the product, remove crease, and highlight the attractive features of the product. Retouching is done specifically on the product to make it look pleasing.
  • Model image retouching: When product images are clicked with models, model images all need retouching. Since they complement the product well, they also need to look presentable. Thus, model image retouching is used.
  • Creases retouching: Creases in the product also needs some retouching as they are an inseparable part of any product image. For this purpose, crease retouching is used.

Shadow Adding

product image editing shadow adding and background removal

Shadows add a realistic feel to the product image and very helpful in attracting the customers. PixelPhant offers various services in relation to shadow which can be classified as:

  • Reflection shadow: Reflection shadow is the one that is formed when the product is placed on a shiny surface. If you want to add a reflection shadow to the product, you can avail our professional shadow adding services.
  • Natural shadow: Natural shadow is the shadow which is formed adjacent to the product. With the help of shadow adding, natural shadow can be added to a product image.
  • Drop shadow: Drop shadow is formed beneath the surface of the product. It is a software generated shadow. By availing professional services by PixelPhant, you can add drop shadow to your product images.

Multiple format Outputs

PixelPhant provides output in multiple formats as required by the customers. We offer our valuable customers convenience to choose a format as per their requirement such as:

  • JPG
  • Transparent PNG
  • PSD

Demand for image editing services is constantly increasing and so is the number of service providers. In the market full of competition, PixelPhant is the right place if you are looking for professional editing services at affordable prices. We specialize in providing best quality image editing services resulting in utmost customer satisfaction.

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