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Get impeccable image quality with PixelPhant’s High-End Retouching services. It’s a one-stop solution designed for eCommerce and commercial studios. 

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High-End Retouching Service

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High-End Retouching Service We Provide

Professional High-end retouching services improve the presentation and eliminate visible flaws. PixelPhant’s skilled retouchers have been trained to deliver consistency and the best retouching services for model and product images.

High-End Skin Retouching

Our High-end Skin Retouching service cater to editorials, look-books, and magazines that offers complete retouch solutions for professional photographers, ensuring polished yet natural skin. 

Our experts skilfully balance colour adjustments, giving subtle suntan effects and flawless facial structure, from basic touch-ups to high-end retouch.

This service includes:

  • Removing stray hair
  • Removing pimples, acne, and scar marks
  • Natural skin smoothing
  • Reduce redness, hyperpigmentation, and other tone variations

Price: Starting from $

Professional Hair Retouching

Hair retouching is essential when it comes to commercial model’s well-groomed looks in a photoshoot. Well, get high-quality retouching services from us to achieve the desired look.

High-End Hair Retouching includes:

  • Removing hair strands
  • Enhanced hair volume and texture 
  • Adding natural shine and highlights
  • Perfecting hairstyles

Price: Starting from $

High-End Face Retouching

Whether you click photos under natural light or in a studio, modern cameras catch every detail. Let PixelPhant take care of it by smoothing out wrinkles, enhancing facial features, and perfecting skin tone. 

With the help of our experts, we provide professional service to our clients. 

High-End Face Retouching includes:

  • Enhancing facial features
  • Removing acne, blemishes, wrinkles
  • Retouching eye bags / dark circles
  • Red-Eye removal
  • Toning discolored lips
  • Teeth Whitening
  • Make-up correction
  • Nose & jawline correction
  • Skin tone fixing

Portrait Retouching

Portrait retouching perfects images by addressing minor flaws missed during initial editing, eliminating distractions, and refining models’ natural features. 

It fine-tunes factors like face and body proportions, skin tone, and texture, ultimately enhancing the overall appearance. It’s the crucial last step for adding those final touches to edited images.

Portrait Retouching includes:

  • Image liquifying
  • Feature sharpening
  • Color balancing
  • Layout adjustment
  • Blemist, pimple, acne, birthmark, wrinkle, and spots removal

To dive deeper into it, explore this service page!

High-End Body Retouching

Our retouchers dive into detailed color correction, shadow manipulation, and Photoshop magic to refine the model’s body. 

Body Retouching includes:

  • Skin smoothing
  • Tone Modifying
  • Body shaping
  • Colour brightening
  • Cellulite / fat removal

Glamour Retouching

Glamour retouching aims to enhance a model’s natural beauty, uplifting fashion photography with professional touches. 

Making skin improvement and advanced retouching techniques in Photoshop is challenging. Connect with PixelPhant professionals for fine glamour photo retouching as per your needs.

Glamour Retouching includes:

  • Skin airbrushing
  • Removing stray hair
  • Face dark spot removal
  • Face retouching
  • Makeup Retouching

Why You Should Pick This Service

Revamp your eCommerce with PixelPhant’s Premium High-End Retouching Service for commercial & advertising needs. Elevate your product visuals with photo editing that perfectly matches your creative vision.

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Enhances Presentation

Flawless skin boosts model and product appeal, elevating customer satisfaction and brand value through expert retouching.

professional photo retouching

Looks Professional

Elevate your images with pristine quality and natural edits for a professional touch. Enhance models without removing natural texture or adding heavy makeup.

high-end and advanced skin retouching services

Removes Distractions

Clearing away distractions adds interest. Spots, stray hair, and wrinkles can affect decisions, while clean, flawless images spark engagement.

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High-End Retouching FAQs

Questions? We’ve got the answers! If you have any other doubts, contact our support centre.

What is High-End Retouching?

Professionals perform high-end retouching to enhance images by basically correcting imperfections. It includes modifying body shapes, refining skin, adjusting eyes, playing with colours, and more.  

What do professionals use for High-End Retouching?

High-end retouching involves digitally revising an image to make it more appealing than the original. Pixelphant’s experts provide detailed instructions for high-end retouching. They use software like Photoshop and Lightroom, from simple tools to advanced techniques.

What types of photos benefit most from high-end retouching?

High-end retouching is widely favored and often utilized by portrait photographers in fashion, portraits, skin, hair, and product photography. It caters to both standard and editorial magazine standards.

Why should you choose professional service?

High-end retouching enhances the visuals, drawing in potential buyers. Our professionals deliver comprehensive solutions to photographers and businesses globally, ensuring 100% satisfaction with prompt deliveries whenever you require our services.

How much does high-end retouching cost?

The average hourly rate for hiring a retoucher is $80-$120. Building a mid-size in-house team can cost around $122,000. Whereas PixelPhant’s high-end retouching service starts at $0.80 per image—and you pay just for images you get edited.

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