Learn how to outsource image editing with PixelPhant


How does PixelPhant work?

At PixelPhant, the trained retouching team works on your photos. Every single photo passes from our 3 levels end quality-control. We believe in high-end results in time.

Will you claim the copyright?

No, at PixelPhant we don't ask for copyright on edited/retouched photo. Customers are always the only copyright owner.

What should I do if I cannot login?

If you are facing an issue during Login, then give this a try:
a) Are you sure you are typing correct Email & Password? Click "Forget password" if you are not sure.
b) If still having issues during login, send us an email on our Customer Support at [email protected], We will resolve your issue in time.

Do you have a free trial period?

Yes, we will edit your first 3 images for free after you first visit us. It will be easy with the decision on buying.

What categories of products do you edit?

Pretty much everything, we cover almost all products from jewelry to shoe and from furniture to electronics that you want to use for business.

Does PixelPhant support RAW files?

Yes, we accept most of the RAW formats like CRW, CR2, NEF, RAW, RW2, TIF, TIFF etc.

How do I receive the files?

As soon as PixelPhant completes your project you will be sent an email notification with a specific link. That link will redirect you to the order page from where you can download your edited files.

In which file formats can I get my files back after editing?

You can receive images in JPEG, PSD, TIFF, PNG, Transparent PNG ect, if any custom files format, please contact us.

What is a reference picture?

The reference picture is the benchmark about how we edit. We provide you with the reference picture. You can mention for any addition or deletion comparing the reference picture in the comment section.

What does the skin retouching service include?

All services for like skin enhancement, wrinkle removal, scar removal, color adjustment services, skin texture adjustment, dodge & burn for depth and more.

What does the product retouching service include?

We provide dust and scretches removal, marks, spots, finger prints, threads, tags, reflations etc.

What does the high-end retouching service include?

We provide a wide range of editing services, including skin retouching, exposure and color correction, contrast and saturation editing, makeup and hair editing and others. You can visit our high-end retouching page to read in detail.

What can I do if I am unhappy with your work?

Pixelphant guarantees 100% satisfaction, but still you are not happy with our service please follow these steps:
1. Firstly, request for free correction. Our Retouchers might misunderstand your given instructions. In case of correction, please provide additional instructions and explanation, which helps our Retoucher to know your requirement more properly.
2. In any case, you are sure that this Retoucher will never deliver your desired output, Please ask to change the Retoucher to work on your photos.

How long do I need to wait for your work?

Here in PixelPhant we got various turnaround time depends upon the service you choose i.e. 24 hours, 48 hours etc. If we are not able to deliver edited image on time, you can ask for full refund. In case your project contains unclear instruction, we will send you email for more clear and specific requirement. During the waiting time for your response, the timing will be paused.

Under what conditions do you reject my order?

We reject your order only when one of our Order Review Team evaluate your photos and spot that you selected wrong complexity or when you uploaded photos to the wrong category. In that case, we will cancel your project, update you via email and ask you to correct the order with the right specifications.

What are the payment options?

You can Pay by Credit and Debit cards using our PayPal payment gateway.

I don't have Debit or Credit Card, can I buy your credits?

No, you don't have to buy our credits. You can pay using PayPal Payment gateway.

Do you have a refund policy?

Yes, we will refund only in case of the late delivery of the first version. But for customer satisfaction, we provide free revision of photos within 30 days.

What are the pricing plans?

We have all sorts of affordable pricing plans featuring your minimal budget. You can visit our pricing page for more details.

Do the prices depend on the order quantity?

We provid customized pricing plans depending on the editing services, you choose with a free trial period. Refer our pricing page for detailed inquiries.

How quickly will you fulfil our orders?

Fastest but you can choose amongst 24hrs/48hrs/72hrs depending upon your order size.

What are the basic order requirements for sending files for editing?

You can send your order by signing-up at our User Dashboard or email in any raw format. But all your images should be ethically correct and not creating any social or ethical harm.

What are the safety measures for my order?

Your order images are disposed of permanently within 30 days from the system. We will not share any of your data with a 3rd party.

When will my order rejected?

We reject your order only when one of our order review teams evaluate your photos, and spot that you selected the wrong complexity or when you upload photos to the wrong category. In that case, we will cancel your project. We will update you via email and will ask you to change the order with the right specifications.

How to order Background Removal or White Background service?

Please follow the instructions on our services page. By default, the background color is white for the background change service, but you can select your preferred color from the background color options.

Will you claim the copyright?

No, at PixelPhant we don't ask for copyright on the edited/retouched photos. Customers are always the owner of their images.

Will my photos (and edited photos) be safe?

Yes, here at PixelPhant we assure you that all your photos, the original as we as edited will remain with us and we will never going to publish, share or distribute it to any other person or organization other than you unless you grant us full permission regarding this in written.

Can I close my account or delete my photos?

Yes, email your concern to customer care and our Accounts Team will delete your photos and account within a week.