Selections: Clipping path and Mask

Reuse elements of any photo with our precise selections of Clipping Path, Layered Masks, or Channel Masks

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The selections that you can use forever

Get a clipping path created for your product images for further editing in the future. Be it a simple or complex design, PixelPhant Clipping path and Masking Service cover it all.

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Hand-drawn by experts

A precise and perfect hand-drawn selection of your product images is saved as a clipping path in your files or a well-layered Masked PSD for further editing in the future.

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Attention to detail

No corner or detail gets missed by PixePhant Clipping path service experts. We create each clipping path with hands to ensure perfection so you can use them forever.

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Precisely named paths

Forget the hassle of finding one path out of the chaos of multiple unnamed paths. We name every individual path specifically to make it easy to find whenever you need it.

More than masking and clipping path service

PixelPhant Clipping Path service experts are trained to offer perfection and quality with every selection they create

Clipping path service

A Clipping Path is a method of precisely selecting a particular area of the image to edit, create a cutout, or remove it from the main image. The idea to create a Clipping path is to use that path in the future for further editing. With PixelPhant, get high-level precision, and bring out the best quality of your product image.

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Photoshop® Layer masking service

We use Photoshop image masking service to help separate or edit subjects of images without distorting a single pixel. To catch the details of every subject and maintain the image quality, PixelPhant tackles complex edges with layer masking services to get better and precise selections for further editing.

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Photoshop® Channel masking service

Channel Masking Service is used to preserve the details like hairs of the models, fabric threads, and to save file space for better storage. We make sure that every channel mask is created with care and detail to save the image for proper editing and retouching.

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