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How to use High-quality AI Background Removal for Batch Images?

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    Sign up and upload your first image batch on PixelPhant AI.

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    Let PixelPhant AI erase the background automatically from your pictures.

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    Download the complete batch at once or all your images one-by-one.

One-Stop Ecommerce Background AI & Services

Automation With Accuracy

PixelPhant’s background removal AI is trained to accurately identify and remove backgrounds with precision, even on complex product images. The tool ensures that quality is cut out in one upload while ensuring the quality of the images is not lost.

Whether you’re selling clothing, electronics, or home goods, you can trust that PixelPhant will automatically remove the background from your images with unparalleled accuracy.

Trained for E-commerce

Be it a model image, flat lay image, packshot image, or eCommerce image with a busy background, PixelPhant AI is trained to identify the subject precisely and remove the background without sacrificing quality.

The tool is trained to optimize your workflow and get professional image background removal service, even for complex cut out.

Bulk Image Processing

It’s not just one image at a time for thousands in line. Upload all your images simultaneously, and PixelPhant AI background remover will start erasing the background on the go.

It is a tool trained to work with batch processing while delivering high-quality results for every image. Upload and download at once.

One Dashboard for Tool and Services

Get quick background removal AI and all professional eCommerce photo editing services all from one dashboard.

PixelPhant delivers leading services to eCommerce from all niches. Choose to remove background automatically while also getting professional retouching services with custom specifications and robust workflow.

Benefits of AI Background Remover

  • Bulk image processing to save time while ensuring high-quality output.
  • Team dashboard to manage and review batches and invoices in one place.
  • Ecommerce specialized background removal ai that is trained for clothing, fashion, model, product, packaging, furniture, and other images.
  • Advanced AI engine to process product and model images to get transparent and accurate images.

AI Background Removal FAQ’s

What is PixelPhant ai background remover?

PixelPhant ai background remover is a specialized background removal tool for eCommerce and professional images. It erases the background from the image without compressing the image.

Is PixelPhant remove bg tool free?

Yes, the PixelPhant remove BG tool is free for the first 20 images. After that, the cost per image is $0.20 per image. The same credits can also be used for professional photo editing and retouching services that are offered by PixelPhant within same dashboard.

How can I use it for bulk processing in an eCommerce business?

To process bulk eCommerce images to remove background, you can sign up at PixelPhant and Upload all your images on AI Background removal. Within seconds, all the images will be processed and will be ready to download with transparent images.

What makes PixelPhant the best background remover?

PixelPhant background remover is the best BG removal tool because it is trained specifically for eCommerce and photographers to remove product and model images. It includes portraits, headshots, clothing, accessories, products, furniture, and more. This ensures high-quality without compromising on the quality of the image.

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