Sky Replacement for Wedding Photos

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Clicking wedding or pre-wedding images are fun. The photographer puts all his efforts in clicking one of the best pictures. While clicking outdoors, the sky becomes an inevitable part. Sky being larger than any other object in the image has a very overpowering impact. And dull sky may sometimes not match the feel and mood with which the pictures are being clicked. It is the plain part which contributes nothing towards making the image look pretty. This is one of the reasons why a lot of people wish for sky replacement. This is commonly known as sky swapping.

Instead of a dull and boring sky, you get a lot of options to replace it with. Sky replacement service by PixelPhant offers you a variety of choices available to add colorful and beautiful skies to your pictures. Now you need not worry about the pale blue sky peeping out of the picture, ruining it completely. However, it is not necessary that each picture may have sky, but for the one which has either small or large sky, with sky replacement we can add a lot of fantastic effects by editing over the sky region. The great thing about sky replacement is that you can swap the sky with any other image, adding a wow element to it.

For instance, let us say you need to create a thunderstorm on a bright sunny day in a picture you clicked and voila it’s done. On the other hand, you need to put some clouds or remove some, just tell us and we will get you back with an image where sky itself has no limits. PixelPhant is available at your service to add a magical touch to your wedding and pre-wedding images with the help of sky replacement. We offer all kind of wedding solutions and image editing services. PixelPhant is a trusted and one of the best photo editing websites providing its services to the clients worldwide.