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The wedding is one of the most important moments of anyone's life. Or we can say the life changing moment for both, groom and the bride and also their families. It consists a number of events, parties, and get-togethers, which creates a lot of beautiful memories which one can never forget. For everyone who loves capturing beautiful times through the camera, wedding is 'The Day'. No wedding is complete without special wedding photography which includes several couple pictures, which will remind you of happy times later in life. Many a time, while clicking images, some of the pictures gets ruined due to movement, the presence of unwanted elements and other reasons. To overcome those issues, we provide wedding photo solutions.

We understand your sentiments associated with the wedding pictures and offer a whole series of wedding photo editing solutions. We provide highly customized editing over those photos with all the effects you want and the alterations you requested, no matter if it is a background changing, entity removal, lighting correction or anything else. A professional photographer knows how to capture the moments beautifully whereas we know, how to edit them and leave the bride and groom awestruck. Our wedding photo solution includes:

Color correction

PixelPhant wedding photo color correction & retouching service
  • White balance improvement: White balance is creating the balance between warmth and coolness of the colors. It helps in removing unrealistic color casts from the images resulting in a clear and a better image overall. Maintaining the white balance properly is a bit difficult but can be done easily by experts at PixelPhant.
  • Removing color cast: Color cast is an unavoidable factor related to professional photography. Color casts are generally created when pictures are clicked indoor in low lighting. PixelPhant helps in removal of color casts from images so as to present it neatly.
  • Exposure and clarity improvement: Blurred images and pictures clicked in low lighting is liked by none. Under color correction, exposure to light can be easily increased and make the image more Clear and well-lit. Also, blurred images can be made clear and sharp with the help of clarity improvement. The existing image becomes more clear. Team PixelPhant is expert in doing so.
  • Brightness and contrast adjustment: While clicking pictures, the source and amount of light can really make a difference in the brightness of the final image. This can be adjusted later on with the help of brightness adjustment. Also, the contrast between different colors can be adjusted easily.

Photo retouching

PixelPhant Wedding photo editing & retouching service
  • Blemishes and wrinkle removal: None of the brides would like blemishes or wrinkles in her wedding photographs. But these natural age spots and wrinkles are hard to get rid of. With the help of photo retouching, it becomes easier for a bride to have a healthy and glowing skin and look beautiful.
  • Skin smoothening: Skin smoothening help in getting an even skin texture. It evens outs the skin tone, removes blemishes, lightens the creases and a lot more. Removing every imperfection from the skin comes under skin smoothening.
  • Group photo retouching: Weddings are perfect family get-togethers. Each person takes out some time from their busy schedules to attend the weddings and such get-together is incomplete without a group photograph. Just like individual photos, group photos also need retouching. PixelPhant provides one of its kind group photo retouching.
  • Red eye and flash removal: Red eyes and flashes completely ruin a perfectly clicked image. Photo retouching helps in removal of red eyes and flash which sometimes gets reflected in the image.

Sky replacement

PixelPhant Wedding photo sky replacement service

Sky replacement is the process in which sky from the original picture is removed and replaced with another. Sky replacement adds a wow element to the wedding pictures. It can be replaced with a dramatic or a subtle one depending on one’s choice.

PixelPhant takes the responsibility to recreate every photo as perfect as your imagination, irrespective of the level of difficulty. All you need to do is brief our team of experts about the requirements and we will provide you an unimaginable output. Recreate the most memorable time of your and soulmate’s life with PixelPhant and cherish it for a lifetime. A bulk of effort is required into it along with professional expertise. We ensure you of best results. PixelPhant will deliver you images as good as possible. PixelPhant provides all kind of image editing solutions, including studio photo editing, wedding photo editing, product image editing and much more.