Modern photography is incomplete without editing. Good editing makes a picture more memorable. In order to achieve a perfect picture, there are several efforts behind it. But that oomph factor still remains missing. To add that charisma to images, image editing is required. As a studio photographer, one is bound to fulfill the customer’s requirement and make the image stand out from others. At PixelPhant, we offer complete image editing solution to studio photographers. Our studio photo solution services include:

Photo Retouching

Studio photo retouching and color correction

Photo retouching means editing the image to remove the unwanted elements and enhance the quality of the image. It includes different aspects such as group photo retouching, teeth whitening and much more. The basic retouching covers flash removal, lighting balance, etc. Group photo retouching is done in order to make the picture attractive in such a way that each person is complementing one another. Teeth whitening can be done in case of both solos as well as group photos.

Make-up and Beauty

Make-up is an imperative factor if you are clicking pictures for professional use. But makeup artists charge a lot. For those who do not want to hire make-up artists, they can go for image editing

Studio photo editing retouching and color correction
  • Glamor Glow effects: Glamor Glow effect helps in adding the natural sheen and glow to the skin, which eventually makes it look beautiful.
  • Lipstick and eye make-up: Lipstick and eye makeup can be added even after the picture is clicked. They will add a dramatic feel to the image, makes the image look polished.

Body Shape

Body shape plays an important role in making an image look presentable. But due to busy lifestyles, health issues, and other problems, most of us are not able to attain that picture perfect physique. But guess what, body shaping is here to the rescue.

studio photo editing body shape improvement retouching
  • Shape improvement: Everyone wishes for a well-toned and shaped body. Shape improvement helps in getting toned body parts. It gives the desired shape to your hands, legs, stomach and other parts without a lot of efforts.
  • Reduce fat: Burning fat in the gym may be a difficult task, but reducing it with the help of image editing is easier. PixelPhant helps in reducing the unwanted fat from the picture and make it look appealing.
  • Improve body curves: Body curves give the structure to an image which is a crucial element. Excessive curves may sometimes ruin the look, however, lesser curves may not look flattering in the images. To resolve the above matters, body curves are improvised with the help of professional image editing services.

Color correction

studio photo editing color correction
  • White balance improvement: White balance is the adjustment of intensities of different colors in a particular image. By using image editing, white balance of the image can be improved.
  • Skin tone adjustments: From fair to wheatish, wheatish to dark or vice-versa, skin tones can be changed easily by skin tone adjustments.
  • Brightness and contrast: Brightness and contrast is a major part of color correction. Brightness in an image can be controlled by editing and a balance between the contrast of various colors can be maintained.
  • Remove color casts: Color casts is generally created by lights and filters which are one of the unavoidable issues of product photography. We also offer services in relation to removal of color casts from the images.

Background change

  • Replace background: Replacing the background is one of the most common image editing practices opted by studios and professional photographers. In this, process, the existing background is replaced with another one as preferred by the customers. This is helpful in case the pictures are clicked indoor and we want the background of outdoor location.
  • Background color adjustment: In the case when we do not want to change the complete background, but only the color, background color adjustment is used. The background color is changed from original to what is specified by the client. The color of the background can be adjusted according to the purpose for which the image is to be used.

We also offer solutions in the required format by the customers. Working with multiple formats makes it easy for photographers to studios. We provide images in formats such as

  • JPG
  • TIFF (if provided)

We, at PixelPhant, provide studio photo solutions with exceptional quality. All the editing is done by our team of professionals who keeps a full check on quality. We feel privileged to serve our clients by putting in best efforts. In minimum price band, we offer maximum possible services satisfying the customers. We create extraordinary images and make the existing ones look stunning. So what are you waiting for? Avail the finest image editing services from PixelPhant and enjoy the benefits at lowest prices. PixelPhant provides all type of post-production editing and error correction like skin retouching, color correction, and bulk image processing. With a perfect blend of professional image editing software’s, a graphic designing team with years of experience and your specifications. PixelPhant ensures you of delivering great results over every single image while keeping the authenticity of the picture.

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