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Beautify Fashion Model Photos with our Advanced Makeup Techniques

Makeup plays an important role, both in real life as well as images. Makeup does not only hide your flaws and beautifies you, but also, it helps in making you look presentable and neat. A lot of people hire professional makeup artists for a photo shoot but it is out of the budget sometimes. Thus, adding advanced makeup effects through image editing process has become very common. To enhance the charm of pictures, photo makeup editor comes into existence.

Advance makeup effects have a wide aspect and covers

  • Flawless base: A flawless base is the foundation of good makeup. Making the skin tone even, removal of blemishes and high-end skin retouching is one of the major requirements of a flawless base. Setting a base correctly is important as all the other makeup will go in vain without a right base.
  • Eye makeup: Eye makeup can be added with the help of portrait photo editing service understanding the requirements of the client and matching to the theme of the overall photo. It helps in making the eyes look bigger and brighter.
  • Eyebrows: Eyebrows are termed as the game changers. They may not look important but they have a great impact on overall face structure. Well-shaped and groomed eyebrows define the shape of the face.
  • Lips: Shaping the lips, making the lips plump is also a part of advance makeup. Also, pale lips can be transformed into a bright pink color.
  • Lipstick: Lipstick helps in creating a million dollar smile. A smile looks incomplete without lipstick and thus glamour glow effects are helpful in fulfilling all such requirements.
  • Glow effect: Glow is one of the essentials while talking about makeup effects. Adding a shine to the face and a natural blush can be easily done with the help of various glowing effects.

Often, what we see through naked eyes does not look same on camera. Adding best color corrector by the way of photo editing is a quick fix to this problem.

At PixelPhant, we express our skills and creativity within the framework of guidelines provided by the clients and make the photos worth praising. We execute our knowledge and experience to satisfy the clients and yield the results desired by them.