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Altering the image with an object to enhance its quality is called image retouching. It includes the elimination of undesired elements which increases the overall quality of the image. Product Image retouching is also known as makeover process of an image. The simple meaning of the word retouching is to correct or to improve. It makes the image ready for final presentation. Product image Retouching is a part of image editing and includes a variety of techniques. It may be done due to various reasons depending on the customer’s need.

Product image retouching is used in following cases:

  • Scratches: Due to mishandling while clicking images, the product may sometimes get scratches and such images completely ruin the product image. In such a case, Product image retouching is used to remove the scratches and make the product image look clean and free from any defects.
  • Flash: Also, in the case of the product having a shiny surface, it can reflect the flash while the images are being clicked. Shadow of such flash can also be removed by product image retouching technique.
  • Low lighting: Due to unavailability of proper lighting, product images are sometimes clicked in low lighting and then it is balanced with product image retouching.
  • Wrinkles: In the case of clothing apparels and other products which get wrinkled easily, such wrinkles can also be removed with the help of product image retouching.

There are several advantages to product image retouching. The very first being, it reveals the best side of the product. Also, product image editing transforms the image completely. It converts the image from good to best. Product image editing makes the picture appear differently from how it originally looked. It does not only make the product look more attractive but also hide all the flaws and highlight the unique parts of the product. It helps in removing the blemishes and spots from the product. Also, it helps in reshaping the product, changing the color as well as texture which will eventually make the product image appear presentable. Product image retouching can also be used to adjust the proportion of different parts of the product in order to make them look symmetrical. It increases the attention on the product and engages the customers leading to an increase in sale.

Image retouching is not just an image editing technique but is also an art and includes various steps. It requires creativity and precision. Retouching can be done using various image editing software these days, but professional services by experts will yield much better results as compared to any other way of product image editing. PixelPhant is one of the leading online image editing service provider. We understand the importance of presentation of products for e-commerce stores and therefore we are available at your service. PixelPhant will provide pleasing product image retouching which will grab the attention of potential buyers of the e-commerce stores. We also offer various image editing services including photo retouching, photo enhancement, photo cutout, etc.