Image Editing for Product Photographers & Studios

Photo editing is undervalued in the case of pictures clicked by product photographers in studios or elsewhere. But as a matter of fact, photo editing is required in all cases, regardless of how beautifully a product is captured. The outcome may be different from when the product was captured. This is one of the main reason why product photographers and studios are opting for photo editing services. Product photography is a huge aspect and photo editing even larger. Every product photographer and studio want to serve their customers with best images. PixelPhant helps the photographers in their objective.

Pixelphant provides image editing services to product photographers and studios so that the image can be used as an advantage. A presentable photo not only gains attention but also retains the interest of viewers.

Photo editing for product photographers and studios includes a lot of services such as

  • Background removal: Removing the background from the product photo is a primary service which is required by product photographers because the product photos are preferred without any background.
  • Product retouching: Retouching is also opted by product photographers and studios in order to remove any defects, creases & spots from the product and to make it acceptable.
  • Shadow removal and adding: Depending on client’s need, product photographer choose different alternatives for shadows. Some may want to add a shadow to add a natural feel, however, some may want to remove the shadow created by low lighting to make the product appear neat.
  • The balance of colors: Sometimes, the photo clicked by photographer exhibits a different color than that of the actual product. To maintain a balance between the colors, photographers require photo editing services.

Other than the above-mentioned areas, product photographers and studio may also require other editing services such as mannequin removal, reshaping, etc. We deliver all kinds of photo editing services to product photographers and studios as per the specifications are given by them.

We provide professional photo editing services at affordable prices. Since product photographers and studios have bulk orders and require quick processing, we serve our editing services on daily basis at nominal rates for big orders. Product photographers and studios can enjoy quality photo editing along with the security of payment and real-time customer support and handling. PixelPhant is the best option for all your photo editing problems and is also pocket-friendly.