Photo Manipulation Service

Are you tired of the ordinary photo editing? Trust PixelPhant to give your eCommerce a much-needed facelift. From dull to eye-catching, we’ll ensure your photos leave a lasting impression. 

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Photo Manipulation Service

Getting Started With Our Photo Manipulation Service

Photo Manipulation Service

With our Photo Manipulation Service, we handle a variety of tasks:

  • Improving images by adding or removing objects.
  • Adjusting group compositions by adding or removing people.
  • Swapping out elements or individuals smoothly.
  • Removing the glass glare effect
  • Giving images a fresh coat of colour.
  • Image restoration

Why invest in tools that may not yield the desired outcomes? Outsource your photo editing requirements to professionals like PixelPhant today!

Now, Let’s get into the details.

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Professional Photo Manipulation Service We Provide

Creative Photo Manipulation

We offer various photo manipulation services, from composting, morphing, and blending photos to creating artistic collages. Our goal is to turn ordinary images into captivating visuals. Creative retouching is a high-level photo manipulation method. 

It’s about merging multiple photos to create one single shot, blending the best elements to make it eye-catching. Our skilled editors use this photo manipulation technique to precisely bring our clients’ visions to life, using airbrushing tricks to adjust lighting, backgrounds, and colours for stunning results.

It includes:

  • Overlaying images for unique effects
  • Double exposure and multiple exposure
  • Dodge & Burn effect
  • Customised visual effects
  • Retouching and colour grading
  • Liquifying
  • Use of reflection

Advanced Photo Manipulation

Take your photo editing skills to the next level by blending and changing different elements of an image. Experience quality photo editing with our premium techniques. We offer:

  • Background changes
  • Object removal, replacement, or addition
  • Adding or removing people from images
  • Professional background adjustments
  • Adding special effects
  • Pin-up effect
  • Makeup retouching 
  • Smoke effect

Colour Conversion for Black & White Photos

With our photo colourisation service, we can help you modify the colours of objects and transform black & white photos into colourful ones, giving them a fresh appearance.

Beyond adding hues, we fix the damage, restore faded details, and enhance quality to make them appear as if they were captured yesterday.

We skilfully remove noise and scratches, restore faces, and much more, all with minimal effort while keeping the original quality intact. 

  • Crease, dust, scratches, stain removal
  • Repair damaged edges and fading
  • Discolouration fixing
  • Adding tanning effects
  • Selective desaturation

Colour Correction

From fixing colours and adjusting brightness, saturation, and contrast to smoothing out rough edges, wrinkles, spots, and imperfections, our solutions cater to your needs. Sometimes, your images may have lighting problems that require fixing during post-processing. 

We offer colour correction service to address all colour issues and make your images perfect for any purpose. Many photographers rely on this service to save time and ensure their photos have the right colour balance. 

Whether modelling, glamour, or any other type of photography, colour correction is essential for capturing stunning photographs.

Removing Glass Glare

Editing eyes and glasses in photos can be challenging, taking up much time for even experienced retouchers. It can spoil an otherwise great image, whether it’s glare from glasses, sunlight, flash, or skin. The effectiveness of this solution is proven by its large user base and the fantastic results it produces.

But now, instead of struggling alone or relying on automated tools, contact PixelPhant to remove glare from glasses in your photos. 

  • Low cost
  • Quick and efficient
  • Regain natural look

Stock Photo Manipulation

To get your stock images ready for eCommerce sale, you require specialised resources for retouching. We offer stock photo editing services, ensuring your images have a clean background or a pure white backdrop, consistent colour and exposure, and realistic shadows where necessary. 

Our skilled professionals excel at enhancing colours to make them vibrant yet natural, avoiding oversaturation. It includes:

  • Noise removal
  • Removing dust, spots, and blemishes
  • Eliminating unwanted items
  • Fixing colours
  • Adjusting curves
  • Optimal brightness and contrast 

Image Bracketing

Image bracketing is a service where multiple photos of the same subject are taken with different  settings like exposure, composition, white balance, or flash. We offer a comprehensive image bracketing service to assist our clients with image contrast issues. 

Our skilled professionals utilise cutting-edge techniques and software to adjust layers and improve image quality. They enhance colour consistency and richness to improve overall image quality. 

The goal is to utilise the photo’s bright highlights and dark shadows to create a more visually appealing impact.

  • Reasonably priced
  • No compromise on the quality
  • Deliver within 2 hours.

Why You Should Pick This Service

Are you looking for an extraordinary photo manipulation service to improve your photos and want to enhance your image quality? 

If so, PixelPhant is the right solution to restore your precious memories affordably. 

We offer this service to modify your cherished photographs effectively. Trusting us means accessing top photo manipulation services. Our professionals can solve any image issue you’re encountering. We adhere to a rigorous process to ensure flawless results.

Clients We Serve


eCommerce and Online Retailers

juggling with numerous edits following a recent product’s photoshoot. 


Freelancers, or Studios

with tight deadlines while managing other projects.



aiming to focus on impactful tasks instead of spending time pilled with Photoshop.

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    Rest assured, we’ll carefully review your images to ensure they’re edited ideally before delivery.

Why Choose PixelPhant for Photo Manipulation Service?

Photo Manipulation Service

When you outsource your photo manipulation needs to us, you gain services that contribute to your business objectives and enjoy various benefits. 

Our strict quality assurance procedures guarantee that every image is thoroughly checked for quality before delivery. With clients spanning the UK, US, Canada, and the EU, our team operates across various time zones to ensure the timely delivery of well-manipulated images. 

We prioritise data security, adhering to stringent regulations to safeguard your information from unauthorised access or breaches. Each project is handled manually by a dedicated manager from start to finish. 

We offer customisable photo manipulation solutions to fit your schedule and budget, no matter how tight the deadlines are. Regardless of project size, your satisfaction is our main focus, and we are dedicated to delivering the best service until you are satisfied.  

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Photo Manipulation Service FAQs

Why should you use our photo manipulation service?

Our photo manipulation service can contribute to your business growth in these ways:
• Improve customer recognition
• Support brand building
• Improve market credibility
• Increase presence on social media 
• Diverse portfolio
• Smart customisations
• Effective marketing 

What is the pricing of our photo manipulation service?

For creative photo manipulation, prices typically start at $0.45 per photo at PixelPhant. However, more advanced photo manipulation costs, especially for professional or commercial use, can be much higher depending on the specifications.

How does PixelPhant edit images using Photoshop?

At PixelPhant, our photo manipulation service follows a proven approach while prioritising the integrity of the original image.
Our process includes setting clear goals for the final product, gathering essential requirements, making basic edits, adjusting lighting and colour, refining based on clients’ feedback, thorough quality checks, and securing delivery of the final product.

Which Industries benefit from photo manipulation services?

As an experienced service provider of photo manipulation, we fulfill a wide range of client needs across different industries. These include eCommerce and online retail, fashion and apparel, glamour, product, portrait photography, fashion magazines, studios, and more.

What is the size format for image uploading?

The final edited images can be uploaded and delivered in multiple formats like JPG, PNG, PSD, WebP, TIFF or GIF format. It can also be provided in formats the client prefers for easier project access. 
You can trust PixelPhant to outsource photo manipulation services and receive visually appealing images in editable file formats.