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Encountering unwanted background interference? Allow our Image Masking service to be your muse!

PixelPhant offers an affordable Image Masking service for professional photo editing requirements. We deliver the fastest turnaround time, superior quality, and zero additional charges for a monthly subscription.

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Image Masking Service

Getting Started With Our Image Masking Service

Have photos with tricky editing of hair, fur, or sharp edges? PixelPhant’s image masking service has you covered!

Outsource your everyday image masking service tasks to PixelPhant’s pro retouchers starting at $0.60 per image. With fast turnaround times, we can easily edit large batches of pictures in 2 hours.

It will save you time, cut costs, and elevate your business. Faster and more accurate post-production is guaranteed!

Price Starts from $ 0.60

2-Hour Turnaround Time

Unlimited revisions

Complex Photo Editing

Professional Image Masking Service We Provide

PixelPhant offers image masking service of different types. Based on your products and requirements, these services fit perfectly for professional photo editing and presentation.

Let’s understand image masking service better.

Alpha Channel Masking

Alpha channel masking is essential for images with sharp edges, such as fur-covered coats. It’s a method for isolating the subject from its background. 

When you submit an image needing alpha channel masking, we start by applying an alpha mask. It creates an inverted selection, highlighting dark areas with a glowing haze. Any part of the composition not covered by the mask remains hidden. 

The glowing sections indicate transparent elements without affecting coloured channels beneath the mask. The gradient is concentrated within the masked regions, ranging from 0 to 1, while remaining invisible elsewhere.

Plus, the edited file is comparatively lightweight, making it convenient for uploads and downloads in image masking service.

  • Sustain original data
  • Customised for industry needs
  • Essential for sharp-edge images

Multilayer Masking

This service refers to a technique where multiple masks are used in conjunction to isolate and manipulate different elements within an image. It goes beyond the basic principle of simply masking out the background and offers more nuanced control over specific areas.

It employs multiple masks stacked on each other, each targeting a specific element within the image. It is popular in eCommerce product photography, portrait editing, and advertising agencies.

  • Greater control over intricate details
  • Non-destructive editing
  • Complex edits like composite images with objects seamlessly blended on different layers

Translucent & Transparency Masking

Discovering transparent or translucent products within an image can be challenging at first glance. Our professionals tackle this by removing backgrounds, isolating objects, and placing them on suitable backgrounds to enhance focus.

It’s a sophisticated photo editing technique for images featuring see-through elements. Various online stores, eCommerce platforms, and advertising agencies highly seek out for this service.

Expect our top-notch quality, creative solutions, and meticulous manual processing every step of the way.

  • Quality guaranteed
  • Innovative approach
  • Manual process from start to finish

Advanced Layer Masking

Advanced layer masking specialises in handling images with furs or hair. This masking service is known for its softness, thinness, and delicate points. Given their intricacy, these materials demand thorough masking techniques.

Our experts carefully examine every tiny detail in this complex/advanced layering process. It ensures seamless extraction of the object while maintaining its natural look.

  • Resolve complex effects effortlessly.
  • Precision guaranteed
  • Quick, reliable, and impactful

Collage Masking

Our collage masking service involves merging multiple elements. Initially, we extract objects from their backgrounds and blend them into a cohesive composition on a uniform backdrop, resulting in impactful images conveying a message.

Our experts fine-tune essential aspects such as colour, exposure, contrast, and retouching throughout the process. This service is ideal for commercial applications like leaflets, brochures, catalogues, and online portals. 

  • High-resolution images to attract potential clients
  • Fusing multiple masked elements
  • Customised adjustments for retouching

Image Cut-Out

Image Cut-Out involves selecting specific parts of photos for removal and placement on a new background. This service enhances images by adding extra items and effects to a collage. 

The merging of image processing has significantly advanced the e-commerce and photography industries. Our image masking service is fast, easy to use, and budget-friendly. We provide precise image clippings with enhanced detail.

  • Increases image versatility
  • Sharpens focal points
  • Eliminates unwanted objects
  • Right representation

Our team uses the latest software updates for background removal and other detailing. The entire process is conducted manually.

Clipping Mask

Using clipping masks, we manage layer visibility based on two layers, merging them to form the desired shape. The base layer sets the overall boundaries for the entire group. 

To know more about Clipping Path Service, visit our service page

NOTE: While a layer mask plays with black and white to conceal parts of a layer, a clipping mask uses the content and transparency of one layer to dictate the visibility of another.

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Is Outsourcing Image Masking Service Right for You?

Don't shoulder the burden alone. Entrust your image masking service needs to the pros if you're-

A Professional Photographer 

juggling with numerous edits
following a recent product's

An eCommerce Retailer 

aim to focus on impactful tasks
instead of spending time
pilled with photoshoot edits.

A Freelancer, or a Studio 

with close client deadlines
while managing other

Why Choose PixelPhant for Image Masking Service?

Image Masking Service

At our photo editing company, there’s no reliance on automated software. Each project is manually done from start to finish. We customise your image masking service order to suit your timeline and budget, no matter how demanding. 

Your talent and creative energy should be invested in what you love, not wasted on tedious Photoshop edits for hours. With our skilled team for given projects, we prioritise precision and efficiency.

Serving clients across the UK, US, Canada, and the EU, we stay abreast of the latest trends and software advancements in photo editing, delivering industry-standard results using Photoshop.

Regardless of project size, your satisfaction is our priority, and we’re committed to providing the best services until you’re fully content.

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Image Masking Service FAQs

Questions? We’ve got the answers! If you have any other doubts, contact our support centre.

What are the different levels & types of Alpha Masking?

Alongside four levels, our alpha masking service has two distinct types:
Level 0: A manual path is drawn around the image elements and saved as an alpha channel/mask. 
Level 1: Extra alpha channels enable fast cutting of fine details with softer, more intricate outlines.
Level 2: Multiple alpha channels are drawn, incorporating detailed adjustments such as the “Dodge and Burn” tool, resulting in a more refined outcome than Level 1.
Level 3: Objects with minute details like flying hair on busy backgrounds necessitate extensive manual post-processing, with levels 3 and 4 differing primarily in this regard, dependent on the original material.

Type A: Background adjustment
Type B: Recolouring and colour correction

These levels and types are linked, exemplified by “Alpha masking level 3, Type B”.

What is an image segmentation mask?

It’s a defined section of an image separated from the rest, useful for precisely copying labelled areas identified by a computer vision model.

Why opt for a masking layer over the eraser tool?

Layer masks offer a non-destructive approach, preserving all pixel data. You can effortlessly restore erased pixels with a simple brush stroke, maintaining the layer’s integrity while altering its appearance.

How is a layer mask different from a channel mask?

Layer masks and channel masks serve distinct purposes in image editing.
A layer mask is a grayscale image applied to a specific layer, allowing selective hiding or revealing of parts of that layer using black, white, or grey.
Meanwhile, a channel mask is derived from colour channels like red, green, or blue, enabling precise selections or cut-outs by leveraging contrast and brightness disparities between channels.

How do you guide clients towards your services?

We strive for transparency in effort and pricing, ensuring clarity regarding expected outcomes from the outset. By doing so, we can recommend the most suitable service as per clients’ needs.