Invisible/Ghost Mannequin Service

Highlight your fashion products without letting the model or the mannequin cause any distraction. PixelPhant's Invisible/Ghost Mannequin Service ensures makeover at the fastest pace.

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3d invisible ghost mannequin service

Taking fashion to a new scale with invisible/ghost mannequin service

With the best ghost mannequin editing service by your side, stand out and scale your eCommerce.

Ghost mannequin service benefits

Improve presentation

Make your store stand out with high-quality ghost mannequin product photos. Bring all the attention to your products. No fuss or distractions for your customers.

Enhance Relatability with invisible mannequin service

Enhance relatability

Can you engage your customer with images? With an invisible mannequin yes. Allow your customer to envision wearing your products and make a purchase quicker.

Ghost Mannequin Service for eCommerce

Bring consistency

Ghost mannequin gives a seamless & professional feel to your products. Bring consistency among all your products with no change in white space, size, positioning, margins, and alignment.

Ghost mannequin service that fits all size

Delivering exceptional quality to every size of eCommerce around the world with the fastest turnaround time.

Adding neck, sleeve joint and reshape

Send in your mannequin images - no need for neck and sleeves if you don't have them. PixelPhant will make sure to merge them as one and make it seem a natural piece of cloth, the way it should always be.

Our experts verify every merge to ensure the alignment, shape, and formation of the joint respective to the angle of the shoot.

Worrying about the tape, pins, and clips that you used during the shoot? PixelPhant will make sure there are no traces of the adjustments left behind with our exceptional product photo editing service.

Invisible Mannequin Editing Service

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