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fashion photo editing service

Professional Fashion Photo Editing Service for Ecommerce Studios

Consistency, quality, and fast turnaround time are the three main essentials of a professional photo editing service. PixelPhant is a leading fashion photo editing service provider catering to various styles of product photography.

This includes:

Ecommerce studios can create custom editing specifications for each style of fashion photography. Our retouchers and managers will ensure the delivery of quality and customer experience through our workflow and photo editing services.

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Apparel & Fashion Photo Editing Services

To ensure that eCommerce apparel product images are well presented, PixelPhant delivers a wide range of professional photo editing services. These are customized according to the specific style guides and requirements of each eCommerce studio.

Photo Background Service

Background is one of the most essential photography elements. It helps in curating consistency and ensures that the product is in focus. To deliver the same, eCommerce uses various photo background services, such as:

  • Background Removal
  • Background Replacement
  • Background Clean Up
  • Background Extender

Depending on the requirements, eCommerce uses various PixelPhant background services to get a clean and consistent look for their stores.

Apparel Retouching Service

dewrinkling and reshaping product image retouching service

PixelPhant offers a range of apparel retouching services, including product straightening, liquefying, lint removal, wrinkle removal, and more. The style of presentation is different for any eCommerce photo editing requirements.

We ensure your product images look and feel how you want them to be. A crisp, wrinkle-free product or natural and free-flowing apparel presentation with few creases removed.

Our retouchers understand your preferences and integrate them within the workflow to deliver consistent apparel retouching with zero to minimal correction required.

Model Retouching Service

skin retouching-remove blemishes

Model retouching for fashion eCommerce and studios requires attention to detail and consistency in the way the model is presented.

For example, some brands prefer removing acne marks, while some don’t. It is also important that a model’s skin tone matches across images and products.

Ensuring this consistency requires a trained workflow and a team of professional retouchers, and PixelPhant’s fashion photo editing service delivers exactly the same.

Shadow Adding Service

add natural shadow in your images

In apparel photo editing, shadows play an important role. It is the element that describes and how your product is placed. Is it floating, or is it placed on a surface.

Moreover, product shadows also help in creating a contract with the background, helping to apparel to stand out further.

There are various types of shadow-adding services such as Natural shadow, Drop Shadow, Artificial Orignal shadow, and reflection shadow.

Color Adjustment Service

color matching service

Color adjustment refers to various photo editing services related to colors, such as Color correction, color matching, and color changing. These expert fixes require a well-rounded understanding of lighting, preferences, and editing tools like Adobe Photoshop.

Ecommerce Studio uses these services for various purposes, and PixelPhant is their go-to fashion photo editing service company. We fulfill all color adjustment service requirements as per the client’s preferences.

Clipping Path & Masking

layer masking service-clipping path

Clipping Path and masking services are used to create a multi-layer selection of models, products, and accessories.

These are highly precise, hand-drawn selections that can be used to edit sections of images separately.

With Photoshop, these selections can be reused in future image editing endeavors as well.

Ghost Mannequin Services

Ghost Mannequin service

Invisible or Ghost Mannequin photo editing services is an apparel photo editing service where two separate images are joined together to create one image with a hollow effect.

PixelPhant retouchers ensure that the joints are seamless and natural. Even with checks and lines, it is ensured they are matched perfectly to look clean and consistent.

Getting Started With Fashion Photo Editing Service

eCommerce and studio fashion photo editing

With over 15 years of experience in fashion photo editing services, PixelPhant is the leading eCommerce editing service company.

Robust workflow, highly skilled retouchers, quick onboarding, and support are available around the clock.

Get started with the best fashion and apparel photo editing service today with PixelPhant.

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