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Creating Fashion images that your audience wants to see

PixelPhant photo editing and retouching service work with eCommerce and studios to deliver quality. Quality of service, quality of experience, and quality of support.

PixelPhant has created a robust workflow between expert retouchers and AI to deliver consistent quality at the best turnaround time.

We bring to you the best fashion photo editing service for apparel, accessories, and model. Get started with PixelPhant’s photo editing service today.

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Fashion Retouching Partner that keeps up with you

Connect with PixelPhant experts and share your requirements today. We are editing 5000+ images daily and still have space for much more.

On the call, we will learn about your custom requirements. From your style guide to filing optimization and content sharing.

You can trust PixelPhant to be your ultimate retouching partner for fashion photo editing. Contact us today.

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Everything that makes fashion photo editing seamless

PixelPhant ensures that your apparels and accessories look perfect. And here are some services that go behind it to make the magic happen.

Background Removal & clean up

To remove any distortion and noise from the background of the product.

Color Correction, cropping & resize

To ensure that the color of your product matches the one in real life.

Ghost Mannequin

To make your clothing product look flawless and attractive with no distractions.

Product & Skin retouching

Remove any unwanted spots, scratches, wrinkles, or marks from the product image.

Clipping Path

To ensure precise and hand-drawn selection for professional editing.

Shadow adding

Service that makes your product look much more real, and trustworthy to shoppers.

Powerful Features for Powerful Creators

Choose a plan that’s right for you

Less Than 3000 Files

Ideal for small teams and photographers who need quick access to basic features.


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Ideal for teams for advanced tools for collaboration and fast post-production.


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  • 24 Hour delivery
  • Unlimited revisions
  • Email/Chat Support
  • No CC required for signup
  • Order Dashboard
  • Next Morning delivery
  • Team Dashboard
  • Shared orders/ Storage for teams
  • Priority Support
  • Custom Requirements

Frequently Asked Questions

Got a question? We've got answers. If you have some other questions, see our support center.

Fashion photo editing is a professional retouching service category for eCommerce, editorial, and studios. It is used to edit fashion images available in various styles. These styles can also be flat lay, on-model, or ghost mannequin photo editing.

Depending on the requirement, specification, and style guide of the brand—fashion photo editing includes services like background removal/clean up, retouching, natural shadow adding, props removal, wrinkle removal, color correction, cropping, and alignment.

E-commerce uses fashion photo editing services for product presentations, website banners, and social media. Studios use photo editing services for their clients, which includes eCommerce, fashion magazine, lookbooks, and editorials

The time required for fashion photo editing services varies on specifications and the type of images. For eCommerce, this time can be around 15 hours for 1000 to 3000 images. But on the other editorial images requires more time as high-end retouching services are used on each image.

Depending on the services required for fashion photo editing and its turnaround time, the cost of fashion and apparel photo editing can vary. PixelPhant's pricing for professional photo editing starts at just $0.40 per image, with no monthly subscription or hidden charges.

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