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Clothing is the major part of the portrait as a person, most of the time adding to the personality, and color. De-wrinkling of clothes for an e-commerce company selling clothes and even for the other images play a major role and decides the sale. 

We at Pixelphant work on the detailing and wrinkle removal to provide a customized image as per our client’s demand and desire. It is often seen that overlooked parts of the picture spoil the whole image. Importantly it is focussed on the appearance of the model. 

The team of professionals here scrutinizes the image, clears out the imperfections which need to be rectified such as wrinkles and folds from the clothes. Without the removal of wrinkles from the image you probably will not be satisfied and get up to the mark image. It is mostly impossible to make the clothes perfect during the photo session and that is the reason the rest work is done by the photo retoucher. Removing the wrinkles from the clothes should be taken the most of care and thus all the visible defects can be fixed. 

Pixelphant provides the best-customized images to make the images more alive. We work to get the best of the picture and it turns out to be the real beauty. To remove the wrinkles from the face is a basic thing for retouchers but not everyone recognizes that wrinkle removing is no less significant to a flawless image. 

We work on the fabric and clothing to minimize the distractions and help the clothes to be the very natural add on to the subject. To a viewer, the clothes in the image look more attractive when the distracting elements are all rectified. Image enhancement is the major point of editing at Pixelphant. 

There is no need to wonder if you are stuck about the wrinkling of clothes, we are here to help you out by creating the overall perfect picture. Just keep a simple thing in mind that everything starts with the texture of clothes and ends up with the lightning,  should be kept in harmony. Professionals at PixelPhant spend less time on the de-wrinkling of clothes and offer you the perfectly edited image. Totally unnatural and too smooth clothes of a model can never lead to a perfectly edited image. 

It’s always a better idea to get a professional rather than being an amateur without knowing about the wrinkling of clothes and get a distorted texture of the fabric. The image becomes unacceptable when it lacks the naturalness so we work on maintaining the naturalness of your photo without overdoing and over smoothing it. 

Why choose Pixelphant? 

In a nutshell, a picture should be professionally edited in such a way that there should not remain any flaws from the view of perfection. Removing wrinkles from the clothes is a key element for online selling of garments. Our company has been working for many years now to help numerous clients with their various clothing image editing needs. 

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