Zara Marketing Strategy For Fast Fashion Ecommerce

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Zara Marketing Strategy For Fast Fashion Ecommerce

Zara has created a stage for itself where “no marketing” has resulted in more sales. It is said that Zara only spends 0.3% on marketing, compared to the industry standard of 3.5%.

Now, if that is the case, How did Zara touch the 18 billion US dollars valuation in 2019?

I had the same question and wanted to discover the ultimate Zara marketing strategy, the secret sauce for fast fashion eCommerce.

Turns out, the recipe is simpler than most of us would have guessed.

It’s not about the ads you run or platforms you actively invest in. It’s about what your KPIs are and how you are achieving them.

With that in mind, let’s break down and learn the ultimate Zara marketing strategy for fast fashion eCommerce that you need to grow in 2023.

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Clear Unique Selling Point

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From the beginning, when Zara was just a local store in Galicia (a city in Spain), the USP was pretty straightforward. Not The First, But Fast.

Zara has never presented itself as a brand that comes with original designs and styles. They rather focused on them being the fastest one to catch the trend and deliver it to the customer.

Zara’s marketing strategy has always been to create something fresh and trendy for its customers. It is still controversial how Zara uses designers’ work and sells it at lower pricing.

But the thing to learn from here is the ability to create a unique selling point and build a brand on it.

When people enter a Zara store, they know they’ll find the latest fashion at the best price, before anyone else can get it.

A mindset that Zara marketing strategy has successfully created in the audience.

Customer Experience

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Customer experience is the main ingredient of the secret sauce we were talking about. Zara marketing strategy, both online and offline focuses on delivering an experience rather than just selling fashion products.

More specifically, they focus on making the customer feel luxurious at an affordable price.

The offline store is strategically located at the places where there is a high footfall.

In addition to that, the clothes on the mannequin presented in the front of the store are regularly changed with new products.

More people get to see more types of products, that to updating regularly.

In the case of the online store, Zara’s marketing strategy is hyper-focused on visuals.

They carry the minimalist design from the online store and present the product in a high-end luxurious manner even in their offline store.

The product page is highly driven by product photos and high-quality product photo editing. They use around 6-8 images on average and have one single point of focus – Add to bag.

As you may see that every product photo is presented in the most artistic yet, professional way. Giving customers a full view of what the product looks like and what action should they be taking.

Viral Target Audience

Zara marketing strategy has to be one of the smartest ones, especially in fast fashion eCommerce. While being a fashion store for all, the one group of audience that they specifically target are, younger, fashionista audience.

An audience that is fond of fashion, wants to buy new products regularly at an affordable price and shares what they wear with people through social media or in person.

Simply stating a group of audience that becomes brand advocates much more easily and promotes the brand organically.

One must keep in mind that these are the group of audiences that look out for good customer experience and fashion trends. And we know Zara’s marketing strategy aligns perfectly with their wants, hence more word-of-mouth marketing.

Regriouse Testing

Zara marketing strategy is not just about implementation. Cause that’s what every business do. The one thing that put Zara ahead is tracking and testing what works and what doesn’t.

Zara is one of the leading fast-fashion eCommerce is highly focused on what their customer wants. Through sales and social media interactions, Zara marketing strategy keeps on evolving with its audience.

From the bulb, you see in the store, to the overall placement and presentation of the product, everything is curated by experts at headquarters.

In addition to all this, I am sure the data collected through social media and online store is highly analyzed to deliver what customer is looking for.

Sense Of Scarcity

A sense of scarcity, and the fear of missing out is one of the most powerful emotional triggers in sales. No matter how negligent a customer is towards shopping, Zara marketing strategy builds a sense of urgency among the customers.

How? By showing a minimum number of products in the stock. They consciously ensure that every product available in the store isn’t available in huge quantity.

This also aligns with fast fashion eCommerce, as new products are launched every week. They keep limited stock, people know not many will be able to get their hands on it and hence they buy the product more often than they would normally do.

For your information, according to a Bloomberg report, an average American woman is buying 64 new articles of clothing per year, half of which are worn 3 times or less. And the mass market retailer that is dominating this demand is H&M and Zara.

Building Loyalty

Another effect of Zara marketing strategy that reflects on consumers is the loyalty they are able to gain from their customers.

It is truthfully stated that Zara spends just a dime on marketing. And it is because they invest in creating an experience, understanding the audience, and improving the supply chain.

The customer knows that they will find something fashionable, something new every time they visit the Zara store. This creates a bond and trust that Zara understands and actively works on.

Smart Pricing

Zara marketing strategy heavily relies on what customers are looking for luxury at an affordable price.

And Zara ensures that by keeping the price of products lower compared to another international brands.

Note that their business model allows them to create less number of products (for creating scarcity), cut the middlemen, and have a minimum marketing budget.

All this allows Zara to create trendy fashionable products, and sell them at a price customer will purchase easily.

Bonus Read

Zara marketing strategy is definitely one of the most aggressive and targeted marketing strategies in fast fashion eCommerce. From product presentation to building customer loyalty, there’s a lot to learn from Zara marketing strategy.

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