YouTube For Ecommerce: Drive Traffic & Sales Using Videos

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YouTube For Ecommerce: Drive Traffic & Sales Using Videos

What is the role of Youtube in your customer’s buying journey?

If they are anything like me, Youtube will either help your customers discover a new product, watch the reviews, or will simply show you how the product has made a change in other customers’ life.

That is what Youtube for eCommerce is all about. If we avoid the ads, Youtube as the content platform has the potential to showcase your product in an authentic and trustworthy manner.

In this guide, I am sharing steps, ideas, and tips to help eCommerce sell on Youtube as well as drive high-value traffic that builds authority and trust.

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Why YouTube for eCommerce is so important?

Youtube is not just any other website. It’s a video search engine. It has its own format of content, its own guidelines, and its very own SEO optimization process.

Using YouTube for eCommerce to sell products, means expanding your reach from one search engine to another.

And just to put it in perspective, Youtube is the second largest search engine after Google, with 14.3 billion monthly visits.

Here are a few more reasons why you must be focusing on Youtube for eCommerce:

  • Recurring ROI: When you create content on any social media platform today, its reach starts to tumble. Rarely will you be able to create a piece of content that will reach a new audience after a week of being published. But on the other hand, Youtube is both a search engine and a community platform. People can subscribe to your content or can find them through search results. If done right, it is highly possible that you will rank high on your target keywords, even after years. SEO and quality of content do matter here, and if you have created good content, return on investment is highly organic, consistent, and reoccurring for years.
  • Building Community: When people subscribe to your channel, they become a part of your community. They look forward to watching more of your content and keeping up with new updates. When more people engage with you, YouTube organically pushes it to a more similar audience. Hence, Youtube becomes a great place to build a community for your eCommerce brand.
  • Content Repurposing: When you create eCommerce YouTube content, it’s not just for YouTube. You can easily use it to create multiple reels, Pinterest, and other short video content. You can use the same video for Facebook, Instagram, Reddit, etc. You can embed content on your product page, blogs, and other network sites to improve page SEO and customer experience.
  • Brand Collaboration: As mentioned, Youtube is also a community platform. That means some brands and influencers are already working in your niche. You can collaborate with them, reach a new audience, and even start an affiliate marketing campaign. The best part is creators are always happy to collaborate with other creators. So if you are active within your community, you will find it easier to collaborate with other influencers to join you in creating content together.

How can eCommerce use Youtube for sales and traffic?

Start a channel

Starting a channel on YouTube for eCommerce is easy. You’ll sign up on YouTube, click on your profile, create your channel and fill in all the information you need.

But that is just the first step. The second is about creating a brand on YouTube. It includes the profile image, the banner image, the thumbnail, the title of your videos, tags, description, and more.

You’ll learn along the way and update your process, but even when getting started, you must know your goals and a path to go ahead with the whole YouTube for eCommerce thing.

Here are a few things that to keep in mind when getting started:

  • Click baits work, but the goal is to balance them with the value you add to the viewers.
  • Differentiate your content between long-term content and short-trendy content. With that in mind, you’ll be able to decide what you want to include in your video.
  • Titles, descriptions, and thumbnails can be updated. Test the combination that works for your audience.

Set Up Distribution

Like any other form of content, distribution is essential to YouTube content. Once you hit publish button, share it across your social channel and make sure that your content reaches the audience who are aware of your brand and who are connected with you on other channels.

Your audience’s initial reaction and engagement impact how your content will perform going ahead. So make sure you promote your video as soon as you publish it.

Community posts on Youtube are also a great way to reach your audience, engage with them and also repromote your content.

Besides this, YouTube SEO will play a massive role in it, so make sure you are using right keywords, hooks, and descriptions to tell your audience (and Youtube) about what your video is about.

Collaborate with influencers

Considering the competition, collaboration is one of the most powerful techniques that you can use on Youtube for eCommerce.

You can work with small but growing influencers long-term if the budget is constrained. If not, you can work with established content creators on a per-video basis.

In any case, it is highly recommended that have a face in your video. This helps in improving engagement and building trust among your audience.

YouTube Video Content Ideas for eCommerce

Now that we have discussed the three main pillars of growing your Youtube for eCommerce traffic and sales, let’s look at some Youtube video content ideas and the type of content you can create.


Vlogs are a great way to introduce your products. When collaborating with influencers, you can create vlogs where your products integrate into the lifestyle and make an impact/difference.

These are the type of video content that is essentially low, unfiltered, and aimed to make the viewer see the real side of the product.

For example, if you are a fashion eCommerce, your youtube video can show the dresses and a day spent wearing and roaming around the city.

If you are a furniture eCommerce, the vlog can be about how the furniture is created, meeting with the person making the furniture, and the end product.


Performing a challenge is another great way to keep your content engaging and trendy. These are the video that also has the potential to start a trend, thus reaching a large group audience and growing the reach of your brand.

Also, the challenges can be around your products or simply a section of the video can be around the product.

Remember, the goal is to create engaging content. You are not selling products here, but rather making people aware of their use and benefit.

For example, if your eCommerce sells Yoga mates, you can create a yoga challenge where the mate is used in the whole video and talked about in one section.

Also, you don’t always have to come up with the challenge. You can even participate in the ongoing trendy social media challenges in your niche.

Product Review

In the funnel of marketing, product reviews content falls very low. That means it is the type of content that people who are most interested in buying your products look at.

Here, we also have to note that you are creating content on YouTube. That means it will reach your subscribers either way.

This puts your content at an advantage of creating evergreen content as well as content that has the highest possibility to convert audience into customers.

Crowd Reaction

People’s testimony is the most powerful green flag. They share the opinion of the people who have used the product prior and what was their reaction.

You can create content with influencers for that, but can also work with normal people and get their reactions as well.

If the product is used and reviewed by normal people (who are also your target audience), it instantly increases the trust value around your brand and the product.

Top Five’s

Top five, top three, top 10, and the number mostly depend on you. If you have a range of products, you can create the following types of videos for Youtube for eCommerce.

You can even combine the crowd reaction and ask them to rank the product.

These are simple videos that help you present a variety of products and present them without making any product look inferior to others.

Bonus Read

Youtube for eCommerce can be a long-term process, but it shouldn’t have to be if you are just starting. Focus on creating content just for one group of audience, even if the title is like – 5 Yoga accessories for teenage girls in 2023.

The first step is to start small but dominate that niche. With time, you can keep track of your reaction and grow accordingly.

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