How To Craft Ecommerce About Page? Element, Tips, & Examples

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How To Craft Ecommerce About Page? Element, Tips, & Examples

Ecommerce has one of the most versatile kinds of pages, all attributing to building trust and connection with the customers. That’s how we make customers feel comfortable.

The eCommerce about page is one very important page that needs to be crafted in style. It is the page where people interested in your brand would land to learn more about you.

They will not be coming again and again like a blog post. So, you have to make sure you create a memorable experience and share a story even they would like to share.

In this article, I am sharing a complete guide to help you craft your eCommerce about page. 

Without any further ado let’s get started.

What Is About Page?

About page is a dedicated page on the website that tells the visitors more about the brand, the founders, the story of the founders, or more.

It is a page that shows your connection towards the brand and products and tells customers more about how it started and how is it growing.

People visiting the page are the ones looking forward to learning the human side, the story of the brand. It is very important that we engage them and give them exactly what they are looking for.

Importance Of Ecommerce About Page

Ever wondered why every popular, and growing website has an about page? It’s not like it brings sales, or ranks on our target keyword.

Then what is the importance of eCommerce about page?

Let’s have a look at it now:

  • About page is a way for customers to learn about how it started, what are the vision and mission of the brand.
  • It is a page that humanizes eCommerce and helps the brand build a connection with the customer.
  • The page is also a great stage for telling about other social causes eCommerce is supported.
  • The about page also creates a connection with the founders, team members, and more.

Elements Of An Ecommerce About Us Page

The eCommerce about page is important as we learned about it in the previous section. And in order to ensure that you are creating the best eCommerce about us page, here are a few elements that you must include in it.

About the products

About the products - Allbirds
About the products – Allbirds

One thing that customers are most interested in is the product itself. Hence, it would be fair to tell them a little about your product and its connection with your brand.

If you selling something unique, it would be even better to tell them how your product is different. This could be the type of fabric your clothes are created, the inspiration for your designs, the ingredients used in products, etc.

Because this is not the product page, you don’t have to describe everything. Your visitors are looking for something unique, some story behind how your product is different than others.

About the team

About the team - yellow leaf
About the team – YellowLeaf

The next thing on the minds of customers is your eCommerce brand. Who is behind all the products? Visitors would be curious and it would be a great idea to showcase your team.

Not only does seeing real humans running a great product reinsure them of your brand, but it will also boost the confidence of your customers as well.

About the core values

About core values - Chubbies shorts
About core values – Chubbies shorts

Lastly, the visitors are interested in learning about the core values of your eCommerce. The reason why you are selling your products, what causes your brand support, your concern towards the environment, people, animals, etc.

What you, your team, or your brand are doing towards a cause, would be a great place to showcase.

Tips To Write An Outstanding Ecommerce About Page

The eCommerce about page can be a little intimidating to create. And while we know the elements of eCommerce about page, let us look at the tips that will help your further create the best about page for eCommerce.

Tell A Story

Tell A Story - Mavi
Tell A Story – Mavi

Your eCommerce about page is a place where the customer wants to know. And storytelling by its nature is one of the most impactful ways to tell people something.

Integrating a form of story on how it all started, how is it going and what the future holds would be a great way to engage the audience.

Build Connection With The Reader

Build Connection With The Reader - bossy beauty
Build Connection With The Reader – bossy beauty

It’s not just about telling them, right? It’s about trying to engage them and make learning about you memorable. One great way to do so is actually featuring the testimony of your customers.

Tell them about how other similar people engaged with your brand, what were their experiences, and what would they like to tell the readers.

It’s like introducing a new member of your group to the people who know you. It builds social trust and makes it much easier.

Keep Things Short

Keep Things Short - wild one
Keep Things Short – wild one

The eCommerce about page is not the most exciting page that a visitor would like to indulge in and read thoroughly. They are looking for something quick, something that gives an overview of eCommerce and more.

So, it would be a great idea to keep everything concise. Tell them the highlights and something that they would be interested in hearing. And as we discussed, it is short.

Add-In Your Element

Add-In Your Element - lunya
Add-In Your Element – Lunya

The eCommerce about page elements we discussed are the basics. You need more than that. And the more is what your eCommerce is about. The style you follow, your brand image, the graphics, and everything that aligns with how you want people to perceive your brand.

You shall also remember the emotion your brand represents. Humorous, luxurious, friendly, etc. Align your eCommerce about page with your them with the help of elements you use across your website and social media.

Include Contact method

Include Contact method - death wish coffee
Include Contact method – death wish coffee

About page is also a page where customers looking forward to contacting you may land. And making them wait is not a good idea. 

Here, giving them a way to connect would drive them towards what they want. You can add your social profiles, email, support service, etc. Giving them a way to contact you is a great addition to your eCommerce about page.

Give A CTA

Give A CTA - Wild One
Give A CTA – Wild One

No one likes to walk to a dead end. If they land on a page, you must guide them toward taking an action. That is why you must end your eCommerce about page with a CTA.

The most common CTAs for the eCommerce about page would be the email newsletter signup button, referral program, etc.

Bonus Read

And with that, I wrap this guide on crafting the best eCommerce about page. And I am sure, you would have many ideas by now on what you can add and write to enhance your presentation.

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