Your Ultimate Word of Mouth Marketing Strategy Guide For 2023

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Your Ultimate Word of Mouth Marketing Strategy Guide For 2023

People like to share things. Be it an incident that they saw, or a product they bought. They tend to share reviews, opinions, experiences and everything that they like, as well as dislike.

And this is what makes the Word of Mouth Marketing Strategy the best marketing strategy.

The epitome of brands like Apple, Tesla, Coke, etc. is spending a major portion of their marketing to create a buzz within the world. And all this just to make people talk about the brand.

The reason is simple. When people share things, they actually market the brand or the product. This considerably costs less and gives results that even the best marketers can’t achieve.

What is Word of Mouth Marketing?

Word of Mouth Marketing (WOM) is a marketing practice aimed to make the people interested, talk, and share “a word”, that is, information about a product or brand.
It is like a chain reaction where one person shares information to other multiple hosts, who further keep spreading the information to other people.
Word of Mouth Marketing Strategy is among the most effective marketing strategies for brands. A person is more likely to trust a review from a friend rather than marketing by your brand.
Word of Mouth Marketing Strategy works on creating such a buzz that people start talking about their campaign, hence resulting in better conversion.

How effective is Word of Mouth Marketing Strategy?

word of mouth marketing strategy

The tracking of Word of mouth was merely impossible until the digital era. Now if someone likes something, they share it on social platforms. Here are some stats that will tell you how effective word-of-mouth marketing is.

  • Word of mouth marketing strategy is 115% more effective than traditional marketing for millennials. (Talk Triggers)
  • When making a purchase, 61% of the IT buyers agreed that colleagues’ recommendations are the most important factor. (BtoB Magazine)
  • Among the global consumer, 92% trust Word of Mouth and User Generated content more than advertising. (Jay Baer)
  • In the planning of a wedding, Word of Mouth has 331% higher reliability than advertising. (Talk Triggers)

As you can see, different sections of society, work, and events all rely mostly on the recommendation of friends and family. This means your word reaches your potential customer if you make something memorable.

Moreover, this isn’t a long-run process like SEO. It is more like a trend. It has its high and then the dust starts to settle. Nonetheless, the impact is everlasting. Here are some benefits of word of mouth marketing strategy that you must know about.

Benefits of Word of Mouth Marketing

1. Free Marketing

Personalized Marketing for eCommerce

Any Word Of Mouth Marketing Strategy is all about making people talk about you, your brand, or your product. This means you are not looking forward to getting clicks or impressions.

Rather you are looking forward to creating something that people find amusing to share and talk about. Moreover, the reach you get exploding. Surely if you are advertising your WOM campaign, you would have to pay, but the Word of mouth marketing strategy itself is completely free.

2. Better Reach

Create a Brand Story

While with other marketing campaigns, you look forward to making your campaign reach your specific targeted audience. On the other hand, the Word Of Mouth Marketing Strategy ensures that your campaign reaches your targeted audience, without much of your effort.

Surely you will need something that your audience is interested in, but the sharing and reach would be no more of your trouble. Your campaign will flow to your customer, that too with higher potential customers.

3. Higher Conversion

sales funnel strategy to increase your conversion rate

Be it social media marketing or anything else. The goal is to have the highest conversion possible. WOM marketing is surely among the best marketing strategies as it helps you reach your targeted customer and attract new customers, with no or minimal effort.

Moreover, it also reached your potential customer, whom you weren’t aware of, hence helping you get higher and better conversion of your goal.

4. Faster Branding

Create a Brand Story

Lastly, the Word of Mouth Marketing Strategy spread the word about your brand. Conversion is surely one of the primary things to keep the business running, but branding is the key to building relations with your customer and inviting them back whenever they wish to make a purchase from you or choose your service.

Best Word of Mouth Marketing Strategy in 2023

While many techniques are tried over the years, only a few are the most trustworthy when it comes to choosing the best marketing strategy. Here are the Top 9 Word of Mouth marketing strategies in 2023 that you can try to create a buzz about your brand.

1. Integrate Influencer Marketing

Influencer Marketing for eCommerce

Influencers have always been a core of the best Word of Mouth marketing strategy. People like what their favourite influencers have and share. Hence, when it comes to having a controlled word of mouth marketing strategy in 2023, influencers are your getaways.

No matter what niche you are working in, you can find people who influence a percentage of the audience. Surely, you would have to pay to integrate your product in their post, but you can also control the way, time and types it is shared in.

Moreover, with the influencers, you can push start a buzz within their audience, which if done right will surely turn into sales. Learn more about influencer marketing in our recent article – How Influencer Marketing Improves eCommerce Business Growth.

2. Use Visual Triggers

Future of Ecommerce

Our eyes are the primary source of information. Creating a pleasing experience that amazes and attract the customer has always been the best marketing strategy.

Creating a stunning website and Social Media posts that people like to share is surely the best Word of Mouth marketing strategy To Grow Your Business.

Moreover, if you are an eCommerce, the primary aim should be to create something easy to navigate, and easy to checkout. A good customer experience and visuals, both go hand-in-hand.

Hence, creating a stunning website would be the Best Word of Mouth marketing strategy in 2023 for your eCommerce.

3. Follow Up With The Trend

Word of Mouth Marketing Strategy

The aim is to create a positive buzz about your brand. No matter if you started it or got a notice through a trend.

For example, by the end of 2020 people started trolling the year. It was a trend in itself, which got heated up when brands like Twitter, youtube etc become a part of it.

You’ll only catch up with the word of marketing strategy when you know what trends are rising. Hence, we highly recommend you plug in your services and products with the trendy topics that your targeted audience might be interested in.

4. Emotional Provocation

Humans are emotional beings and when they share information about your or your product, they are actually sharing their experience and emotions. Hence, you can even try emotional provocation to get the talk rolling in your favour.

If your brand is helping a section of society or environment, integrating your audience and aware them of your work and effort can help you spread the word for your brand as well as the efforts you are putting forward to have a better world.

5. Take Use of User-Generated Content

word of mouth marketing strategy

Creating Content is a mind wrapping task. Moreover, order to create content that not only people like but also shares is another time-consuming work to do. But what if we make it the other way around.

If you are just a new brand, this might not work for you, but if you have managed to build an audience you surely can make use of them. One of the most popular methods is to share the post of your audience when they tag your products.

Also, asking them to do something and sharing it is another great Word of Mouth Marketing Strategy in 2023.

6. Host Giveaways

Giveaways are some of the great ways that you can get started with your word of mouth marketing strategy.

People like free stuff and people like to win. When they get an opportunity to win a giveaway they take extra measures like tagging 3 friends, following the page, or creating unique content.

The criteria can differ completely, but a giveaway contest can turn out to be the best marketing strategy to grow your business.

7. Referral Marketing

Now let us step up from social media marketing and get started with some of the best marketing strategies. If you have just started eCommerce, referral marketing could be your companion in growing your sales.

While in a regular word of mouth marketing strategy, the process is free of charge. Whereas in referral marketing, a person refers to your product and service in return for something. 

Mainly it is a discount coupon for eCommerce or gift card that they can use on your eCommerce to get the services at a discounted rate.

This isn’t the most organic method of word of a mouth marketing strategy but does the deed of creating a buzz and sharing a word about your brand.

8. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing

Broadly speaking, affiliate marketing is a part of the word of mouth marketing strategy. You pay incentives to the people who are marketing your products on your behalf.

If you have made a name for yourself and are looking to grow your business much further, having an affiliate marketing model for your eCommerce can surely be very helpful.

You can learn more about affiliate marketing in our blog – How to Start an Affiliate Program for your eCommerce Store.

9. Motivate To Review Your Product

Customer Pain Points

While social media marketing, referral marketing, and affiliate marketing are among the best marketing strategies, sadly not everyone will be part of them. But this doesn’t mean they didn’t like your product or aren’t satisfied with it.

On average, a customer reads about 6 to 7, reviews before making a purchase. In addition, 89% of online consumers trust the review as much as a personal recommendation.

Hence, getting a review would act as an anchor for the new customers. Moreover, you can also showcase the reviews in your other word of mouth marketing strategies to build trust just like the user-generated content.

Best Of The Word of Mouth Marketing Examples

Above we have discussed some of the best Word of Mouth marketing strategies for 2023. But let us also have a look in the past and see which brand mastered the best marketing strategy and showed us some of the best Word of Mouth marketing examples.

Coca Cola

Product Branding

Coca-Cola has tasted all sets of ups and downs with their Word of Mouth marketing strategies. But do you remember the time when the brand started the #ShareACoke campaign? They replaced the brand name with the 250 most popular American names and asked the customers to share it with their friends and on Social Media.

The campaign caught the attention like fire and gave a major boost to the brand. 500,000 photos were posted and it soon became one of the most trendy subjects of the globe.


word of mouth marketing strategy

The first step has always been tough, even for a company like Dropbox. But no one can undermine their Word of Mouth marketing strategy to date. At that time when even 100 MB was huge, they asked the customer to ask their friends to use Dropbox through a referral link.

If they accept both sender and the receivers will earn 500 MB extra Dropbox storage. It was huge and surely worth it to share with a friend.

ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

Popularly known as an Ice Bucket Challenge is among the most viral campaigns that anyone can remember. 

It was the awareness regarding motor neuron disease where influencers like Lebron James, Bill Gates, and Barack Obama stood forward and poured a bucket full of ice water on their head.

The campaign raised 5 times the previous year along with an awareness that still gives the chills.

Key takeaway

All the above examples and the Word of mouth marketing strategy showcases how you can make your brand stand out in front of your audience, just by presenting something unique. 

This may or may not happen overnight, but staying with the trend and following the best marketing strategies would surely help you to grow your business.

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