What is the Average Model Salary in 2023?

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What is the Average Model Salary in 2023?

Modeling is the epitome of a glamorous industry. But no matter what people might say, it is not an easy profession to describe.

The job description, duration, outcome, and expectations can vary from one project to another. But what about the salary? The big question here is, What is the average model salary in 2023?

Without taking any more time, let us get started with this pay guide.

Job description of the model

Job description of the model

Before we learn about the average model salary, let us understand the job description of the model. The roles and responsibilities of the model can vary widely based from one project to another.

And when that’s the case, even the average model salary varies. Here are some common responsibilities from the job description of the model

  • Building good relationships with other team members and following the directions of photographers.
  • Perform quick outfit changes without damaging the outfit or accessories.
  • Communicating with the client and the photographers to understand the expectation of work and fulfill it.
  • Following suitable health and fitness regimens per industry standard.
  • Participating in various advertising campaigns, trade shows, runway shows, etc.
  • Collaborate with stylists and makeup artists to create specific looks.

These are some points that you will find in the varicose job description of the model. Most of the time, modeling agencies are the ones that are generally looking for new models. One can submit their portfolio, and whenever there is an opportunity, the agency will contact them.

Factors affecting model salaries

There are various factors affecting the model salaries, and the most common ones are:

  • Size of the brand – Small brands pay less compared to established brands. These are best for models who are just getting started in their careers.
  • Location – Cities that have established themselves as the fashion capital tend to pay higher model salaries.
  • Appearance – A model is hired based on its appearance and the salary will depend on it.
  • Time – How long the project/campaign will be? This will also affect the salary.
  • Gender – Gender also tends to affect the salary of the model. Female models tend to earn higher.
  • Cost Of Work – What all things will the model have to take care of. It is could be traveling expenses, food, stay, accommodation, etc. All this will play a role in deciding the payout.
  • Negotiation skills – Lastly, it all depends on the negotiation skills. How much is the brand willing to pay and how much can the model make the brand pay.

Salaries based on modeling niches

Other than the factors we discussed, the average model salary also varies on the work. Here are something points that you must know about the model in different fields of niche:


runway- average model salary

Here the model presents new designer clothes and showcases them and looks most over the top and maybe unflattering way. The goal is to showcase the product with a strong walk on the runway. The process of preparation is long, but the actual walk may be over within 30 min or less. For this, some models are even paid $20,000 per show depending on the designer and brand.


commercial - average model salary

It includes modeling for eCommerce fashion or advertising. The goal here is to present the clothes, directed by the photographers, and align with what the brand wants. Usually, a model will put on various cloth pieces to showcase different looks. For this work, a model is usually paid around $200 per hour.


editorial - average model salary

These are the models that one sees in the magazines. Everything is planned and the brand is looking for a particular pose. Here the model is usually paid $100 per hour, but for beginners, it can also be around $20 per hour.

There are still various other niches that earn less and more than the following categories. But these are what top modeling categories are, around which salaries are set.

Average model salary

After learning about all this, you know that the average model salary varies a lot. Still, according to ZipRecruiter, the average salary of the model is $125,457 annually, ranging from $11,000 to $401,500.

For models who are just getting started, the pay can have some variations but you shall expect that to get well-paid projects in your portfolio.

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Modeling is a career that has its highs and lows. Just like every other career has. And the model salary will depend on deliverables towards the brand. If you are easy to work with and can fulfill the expectations of the brand easily, you are easily eligible for good work and more pay.

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