What Is Photography Golden Ratio? 3 Best Tips You Should Know

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What Is Photography Golden Ratio? 3 Best Tips You Should Know

Professional photographers use various photography composition techniques to capture stunning photos. And, one of them you should know is the photography golden ratio.

What is it and how can you master it? Keep reading.

What is photography golden ratio?

The photography golden ratio or the Fibonacci Spiral is a composition technique in photography. It says that when you divide a line into two unequal parts, the longer part (x) divided by the smaller part (y) must be the sum of both the lines (x+y) divided by the longer part (x), and the final number you get should be 1.618.

You can call it an advanced version of the rule of thirds it helps you understand where to place your subject in the frame.

When you’ll apply the photography golden rule, you’ll be able to see that a spiral is formed. Your subject should be placed at the closing arm of the spiral. The position where the subject is placed is considered to be the most interesting place in the image that gets the most attention at a glance.

The photography golden ratio can be used for any type of photography and can be formed in any direction. It just focuses on the subject and the rest of the frame can be left as it is.

Why is 1.618 the golden ratio?

The number of the golden ratio is denoted as “φ” in Greek and is considered the most beautiful number in the Universe. It is so exceptional that you can find it everywhere in nature, human biology, the laws of physics, calculations, art, geometry, architecture, and more.

The formula itself explains how it helps for the better functioning and alignment of things. When it comes to photography, it helps you place the subject in the best possible area of the frame to make your complete image more meaningful and eye-catching.

3 Tips to apply photography golden ratio

1. Apply the Phi Grid

Phi Grid is very much similar to the Rule of Thirds in photography. Start with dividing your frame according to this rule. This will make it easier for you to find an ideal grid for measuring and applying your photography golden ratio and reduce the chances of going wrong.

2. Look for organic lines and curves

Look for guiding lines and natural curves in an image. They could be seen in buildings, roundabouts, waves in the ocean, boats, furniture arrangements in a room, or more.

Determine if the image has any linearity, like in roads or the horizons. These natural curves and lines will help you easily form the golden ratio.

3. Edit for the perfect golden ratio

The things that can be fixed physically can be taken care of digitally. You can always edit your images during post-production to get the perfect golden ratio.

Editing software like Photoshop enables you to edit the images as you desire. You can directly apply the settings in Photoshop, like photography golden ratio or phi grid, and adjust the subject according to that. 

Bonus Read

Applying the photography golden ratio is one of the best ways to give direction and composition to your images. It helps you attract the eyes of the viewers and stand out.

Professional photographers who work for magazines and journals often use such composition techniques in photography.

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