Top 10 Unbeatable Reasons To Choose Magento For Ecommerce

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Top 10 Unbeatable Reasons To Choose Magento For Ecommerce

Magento has been in the game for more than fourteen years now. There was a time when people used either Magento for eCommerce or WordPress.

The competition in the eCommerce website builder world was less. But now you can choose from a number of options to build your eCommerce website like Squarespace, Weebly, Shopify, BigCommerce, and more.

However, Magento still remains unbeatable. Why? Well, there are a number of reasons for it. In this article, I’ll be telling you about the top 10 reasons why you should use Magento for eCommerce.

But before we get started, let’s learn a little about what is Magento.

What is Magento?

Magento For Ecommerce

Magento was founded by Yoav Kutner and Roy Rubin. Shortly after its launch in 2008, Magento CMS became a huge success. In May 2018 Magento was acquired by Adobe and became Adobe Commerce. However, it’s still popularly known as Magento

Today, over 25,000 websites are powered by Magento, that is 29.8% of all eCommerce stores. This reflects that Magento has maintained its lead among all the competitors for eCommerce website builders. 

So, if you’re an eCommerce website owner you must get ready to use Magento for eCommerce and be a part of a continuous growth-driven journey.

Top 10 reasons to choose Magento for eCommerce

1. Open-source platform

Magento For Ecommerce

One of the biggest reasons why developers and eCommerce store owners love Magento for eCommerce is because it’s completely open-source.

This means that the software’s original code is openly available for free. So, you or anyone can use Magento’s code and customize it in whatever way you want.

You are free to modify your website with Magento open source and build an eCommerce store of your dreams rather than sticking to a fixed template.

If you’re good with Magento commerce, you can harness its features and functionalities to boost your performance by installing or developing the Magento modules. You can find a huge library with these modules at the Magento Marketplace.

2. High-scope for scalability

Magento For Ecommerce

Another big reason to choose Magento for eCommerce is its scalability. Magento grows as you grow.

In simple words, as you grow from a small business to a fully-fledged eCommerce enterprise, Magento CMS accommodates you seamlessly.

This means, Magento will always be able to cater to your needs and you will not have to jump from one platform to the others as you grow.

It is one of the most important factors to consider when choosing an eCommerce website builder for your online store. This saves your time, effort, and hustle of learning the new platform features and arranging everything again from scratch, and leaving behind the good features of your old platform.

3. Magento takes care of the SEO for you

Magento For Ecommerce

Search Engine Optimization is one of the most important factors to make your website rank higher in the search results. If you’re to grow successfully, your SEO has to be on-point, and thankfully, Magento takes care of that.

Magento for eCommerce comes with a number of amazing tools to help you optimize your website. Features like SEO-friendly sitemaps, URL structure, URL rewrites, tags, positioning layers, description, etc. are some of the best things why businesses just love it.

Magento comes with tools to boost conversions and helps to drive potential traffic to your site. Since it fulfills these two most important goals of every online business, it makes perfect sense to choose Magento for eCommerce over any other platform.

4. Incredible Magento community

Magento For Ecommerce

Magento community is one of a kind and their selfless devotion to Magneto is what makes the platform better than any of its competitors. You can always find a network of dedicated Magento programmers, bloggers, developers, product managers, CEOs, and fans to help you with your questions and problems.

There are even meet-ups where you can meet your fellow Magento fans face to face. There are also active forums where you can discuss issues, share ideas, and support each other. If software can have a cult following, then Magento is definitely one of them.

5. Excellent support

Magento For Ecommerce

When you’re working with software, you really need a good team to back you up whenever there is a problem. Poor support is intolerable, especially when you need it urgently. And, that is one of the reasons why you need Magento for eCommerce.

Magento keeps getting valuable additions in terms of support, security, and stability throughout the year. The developers and the helpful community improve the platform standards by enhancing the user experience.

This makes Magento CMS faster, easier, and seamless as an eCommerce platform that always got your back.

6. Flexible

Magento For Ecommerce

Nobody like constraints and Magento understands that. Magento for eCommerce gives your developers complete control over all the functions of your eCommerce website.

You can always develop an exceptional and unique user experience by customizing the front end based on different device access. Magento also gives you the opportunity to modify the back end of the Magento web store to meet specific needs.

Magneto for eCommerce is so flexible and amazing that you can even take control of the processing abilities of the core solutions and interfaces of your website.

7. Favorite of many huge brands

Magento For Ecommerce

Magento is a real deal. It is a well-established brand and many renowned brands use it to power their operations. Top brands using Magento are:

  • The Coca-Cola Company
  • The Ford Motor Company
  • The Procter and Gamble Company
  • Jaguar Land Rover
  • Olympus Corporation
  • Fox
  • Canon
  • HP
  • Tommy Hilfiger
  • AsusTek Computer
  • The Wilson Sporting Good Company
  • Harvey Norman Holdings

Thus, if you’re choosing Magento for eCommerce, you’re leaving your website operations in good hands. Magento for eCommerce is highly credible, reliable, and perfect for businesses of all types and sizes.

8. User-friendly

Magento For Ecommerce

User experience is one of the most crucial factors for the success of an eCommerce store and you must take care of that as you begin your eCommerce journey.

Magento CMS offers an excellent user experience that does the job for you. Customers have tons of user-friendly tools at their fingertips.

And to top this all off, Magento is mobile-friendly which makes it a real deal-breaker since every online business is now drastically becoming mobile-focused.

Magento stores offer a seamless and wonderful user experience. It’s one of the other huge reasons to choose Magento for eCommerce.

9. Offers easy integration

Magento For Ecommerce

When you’re building an eCommerce store, you have to use many third-party services like transportation, order tracking, payment gateways, automation tools, etc.

Magento makes it a breeze to get integrated with these. It’s quick and easy. Along with this, Magento also offers you some amazing built-in Google tools like Google Base, Google Analytics, and Google Checkout to help you track your website’s performance while informing you about the latest Magento commerce trends.

10. Multitasking abilities

Magento For Ecommerce

The best thing about Magento is that it allows you to perform multiple tasks simultaneously while keeping an eye on your Magento’s website performance. With this, you can save a lot of time and fulfill important tasks without any restrictions.

Developers and merchants can easily manage all of the items like billing and customer information within a one-stop user-friendly admin dashboard that Magento CMS offers.

Bonus Read

Magento is genuinely magical. With so many benefits that Magento for eCommerce has to offer, it strongly makes it the best place to build and launch your eCommerce store.

There’s so much you get from Magento for eCommerce – from awesome dedicated community and support, outstanding features, and complete control to high credibility with the trust of many more popular brands.

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