Clipping Path: Ultimate Image Editing Tool You Need

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Clipping Path: Ultimate Image Editing Tool You Need

Clipping Path is an integral part of Photoshop and product image editing. It is used by professionals to ensure precision, accuracy and ability to use the image (or even the part of the image) for future purposes. This guide is here to share everything regarding the following image editing tool and help you leap at this versatile tool.

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What is Clipping Path?

A clipping path is a closed vector path, which is commonly used to cut out any specific part of a 2D image. Everything inside the path will be selected, leaving the outside part of the path as a residue. A precise hand-drawn outline is drawn across the desired subject to isolate it for further use and editing.
There could be a single selection of the whole product/subject or can be the selection of multiple parts of a single subject. We will be discussing more the types of clipping paths further in the article.

How to create a Clipping Path?

How to create clipping path

The most commonly used software to create a selection is to create a clipping path in Adobe Photoshop. It is among the most versatile tool that gives editors various options to create a selection.

  1. Lasso tool
  2. Magnetic Lasso tool
  3. Pen tool

The most common tool that is used to create a selection is the Pen tool. It helps you create a hand-drawn selection of the product easily and give you the ability to edit the selection anytime you want.

Here are some simple steps that can be performed to draw a path and select a specific part.

  1. Open the image in Photoshop on which you want to create a path.
  2. Zoom in at the edge of the image for better visibility with ‘Command + in Mac or Ctrl + in Windows’.
  3. With the help of the Pen Tool, the path is drawn over the edges of the object and merged back to the starting point.
  4. ‘Ctrl-Enter’ is used as a shortcut to create a selection of the path.
  5. To save the path in windows, click on ‘Create new path’ in the Paths panel. The path is then saved temporarily.
  6. You can save it by double-clicking on it and rename
  7. The path can be saved with JPG, PNG, and PSD formats.

Clipping Path Alternatives

While clipping path is among the most common way to draw a selection, there are also other ways you can use. Mainly there are two clipping path alternatives and they are:

Channel Mask

Channel Mask is another Photoshop tool that is used widely by professionals to preserve the details of the product. If you are working around details like stray hairs, it can become nearly impossible to draw the path of every single string of hair.

It is when a channel mask can really come in handy. It allows you to create a different selection of your product image and use them accordingly. Also, if you draw multiple paths in the file, the size increases drastically. While when you work with Channel Mask, the file size remains constant.

Layer Mask

Another great tool that is extremely useful is the Layer Mask. It is a tool that allows you to show or hide the area of the layer through proper selection. Just like the clipping path, the selection is precise. That means every portion of your image is carefully selected and individual selections are drawn out of them.

This allows you to use and edit different sections of your product individually without affecting another part of your image. Most importantly you can always change or editor the layer mask, giving you complete flexibility while editing your images.

Benefits Of Clipping Path

The benefits of using the Clipping path has travelled across the industries to be more than a selection tool. But to make sure we understand the benefits through and through, we will stick with our industry, that is eCommerce product image editing.

Precision seems unreal

Once you try out the following service for your images you won’t have to have to wait around to see results.

The precision of the editing becomes clearly distinctive giving much effective editing of your product images. As the path is hand-drawn by real professional experts, the details are precisely selected for human eyes to like them.

No corner of the curve of the product is left unselected without making it look a natural part of the selection.

Becomes easy when done

Creating a path is not just about editing the images once, but preparing the images for future use as well. There are multiple times when you wish to tweak the image again and might have to start all over again. Only if you had drawn a path, you can easily edit the section of the image without affecting others. Also, you can reuse the path for various editing purposes that you will learn about further in this article.

Indiviual section selection

There are times and requirements when there are multiple products that require specific updates time and again. You might also wish to edit just a particular section of the product to highlight it. This is when using clipping path service really comes handy. You can easily create multiple paths in an image that allows you to edit the particular section of the image

Where is Clipping Path Used?

There are multiple uses of the clipping path but it is impossible to mention all of them in just one article. To keep it short, it’s all about the details and the end result. But as said mentioned in the article, here are a few of the path that. 

Selection of a Particlural Part

The main use of this whole process is to select a specific part of the image and cut it out from the rest. Many times, not all part of the image is required to fulfil the need and hence, only the useful part is selected and used. A vector path is drawn along the desired object and it is then cut out.

Background removal

Other than image cutouts, background removal also comes under one of the primary uses. If you don’t like the background of a certain image and want it to be removed then by using a clipping path, you can do so. Removal of background is preferred in a lot of cases such as un-matching background, dull background, etc. Also, the background can be replaced using this service. The existing background can be replaced with an image of choice.

White background

A lot of people prefer the white background for images instead of the one with which the picture was originally clicked. Clipping mask services help in getting a white background for the images. The White background is generally preferred to enhance the image as this will gain more attention. For sellers of the online marketplace, white background in product images is necessary. The White background makes the image stand out and helps the product to steal the show on its own.

Colour Correction

Colour correction is one of the biggest image editing services and is required by a lot of people. For unsuitable and unreal colours, the need for colour correction arises. A lot of times, a certain part of the image looks improper because of its colour. The colour of the complete image cannot be changed to rectify a small part. The part with unfit colour is cut out using a clipping path, colour correction is done, and then it is fitted back to the original image.

Image retouching

It also helps in image retouching to a great extent. A particular part of the image that needs to be retouched is clipped using the selection method and retouched according to the requirement.

Group photo retouching

There is always a person who by any means is ruining the group photo either by blinking the eye, hand gesture, etc. Everyone else looks picture perfect except one person. To retouch that photograph, the selection is made and used on the person ruining the image and all problems are fixed to make a beautiful and memorable group photo.

Recreating images

It helps in recreating the old images and graphics. The quality of old images can be enhanced to a great extent. By using a hand-drawn path, images can be transformed back to life.

Increased usability:

The clipping path increases the usability of the image. An image can be used several times for different purposes if the selection is created. The use of an image does not remain restricted to only one place and therefore, the usability is increased.

Recoloring product from a single shot

It is also used for adding different colours to a product clicked in a single shot. By using this process, different colours can be applied to a single product.

How PixelPhant can help you?

If you are searching for a clipping path service company? PixelPhant offers one of the best clipping path services and clipping mask services worldwide. These services are generally used by professional photographers. We desire to provide the best possible outcome for all our clients. Also, our team of professionals will make sure that all the work is done precisely as per your specifications and deliver high-quality results.


What is clipping and masking?

Clipping is a process of making a selection, whereas masking deals with the opacity of the selection. So, Clipping and Masking is the process of selecting a portion of an image setting the opacity between are hard or transparent.

What are the types of clipping?

Following are the types of Clipping :
– Basic clipping path
– Compound clipping path
– Multipath
– Complex
– Illustrator Path

What is the purpose of a clipping path?

Following are the purpose of Clipping Path –
– Selection of a particular part or area of the subject.
– Background Removal
– Creating a white or other customer color background background
– Clipping path is also used in Color Correction
– Image retouching and manipulation
– Recoloring product from single shots in different colors

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