TOP 21 Upcoming Fashion Trends You Should Watch Out For

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TOP 21 Upcoming Fashion Trends You Should Watch Out For

Past years have been very difficult for the fashion industry and have influenced the fashion trends a lot. However, it hasn’t stopped fashion to be unique and fresh just like all the time. In fact, as this year is got closer to the end, the fashion industry came up with some bold and beautiful designs like oversized pieces, bold yellow bags, and interesting patterns.

What’s trending in the Fashion Weeks has given us a very wide glance into what’s coming next in the upcoming fashion trends. These designs are highly influential and stylish that is going to make up for the styling moments you missed this year and so on. So, let’s get right into it.

21 Top Upcoming Fashion Trends

In this fashion blog, we’ve picked the best and most inspiring 21 top fashion trends.

1. Slits and Cut-outs

fashion trends of 2021

In this fashion trend, we’re talking about those little cuts and slits on pants, coats, T-shirts, and even shoes. Slits are so popular and they are going to be trending in the next years too. These cut-outs give you an edgy look by revealing a small part of your skin – but not too much.

The designers who have come up with some of the beautiful designs using such fashion trends are Burberry, Victoria Beckham, Louis Vuitton, and more. JW Anderson has given these fashion trends their own unique look by using round cut-outs which adds a kind of action to the whole outfit.

2. Wide legs

fashion trends

Wide legs have been around for quite a long time now. But, rather than being behind, they’ve crawled their way up in the fashion industry and have become major. Rokh, Sportmax, Maxmara, Bottega Veneta, and a lot of many designers are obsessed with it.

With long flowy pants that just go down getting wider and wider and create some action in your outfit. These wide-leg, baggy pants can be flattered the most with skin-tight crop tops and large ear loops to add contrast.

3. Utility Trends

fashion trends now

These fashion trends will definitely be seen for men, but it’s for women too. The utility fashion trend is for having pockets, and that too – a lot of pockets. Whether it’s on shirts, coats, pants, or the kind of pants that convert into shorts. This is not surprising as fashion is kind of aiming for that unisex look, the kind which creates an androgynous style.

This one is going to be very handy and comfortable for women as they do not have many items of clothing that have pockets – (which is why they carry a purse!). The designers who are following this trend are Louis Vuitton, JW Anderson, MSGM, Resse Cooper, Off White, etc.

4. Fringe

upcoming fashion trends

Fringe has been a part of a lot of looks and fashion trends that have been created in the recent past, and this fashion trend continues to be trending still. You can find it in jackets, tops, skirts, jeans, and the upcoming – on purses and loose, long T-shirts.

Adding fringe completely transforms the entire outfit and adds a bold look to it. Marina Moscone, Gucci, Gabriella Hearst, and many more designers have experimented with this fashion trend and have created many remarkable styles that you must try in the upcoming year.

5. Masculine and strong shoulders

fashion trends of 2021

The upcoming fashion trends are leaning towards some manly looks that women can pull off beautifully. This fashion trend has recently be seen in the basic White T-shirts, and trust me – it just takes my breath away. Though white tee has been an essential part of everyone’s wardrobe, the masculine shoulders have given it an alternative choice.

However, such masculine and strong shoulder fashion trends are going to be present in long coats, jackets, blouses, shirts, and everything that you can wear with your bottoms. The strong, raised-up shoulders are perfect to add boldness to your outfit that creates a strong personality statement.

Versace, Carolina Herrara, Erdem, MSGM, Balmain have come up with accentuating designs that you can’t say no to in the spring of the upcoming years.

6. Pleats

summer fashion trends

Pleats are one of my most favorite fashion trends and I was very confident that these are going to be a part of the long future too. Everything you like wearing or carrying can be pleated. Skirts, pants, shirts, blouses, scarves, and bags.

Adding pleats to your outfit instantly elevates your look and adds a chic style to it. If you are in the mood to dress up a bit girly and feminine, then pleats can be the perfect pick for you. A pleated skirt is a wardrobe essential, and if you haven’t got one, then take my advice and buy it now.

Emilio Pucci, Sportmax, Sacai, Burberry, Balenciaga, Valentino, Gucci, and most of the other fashion designers are fascinated with it and I am crazy about it too!

7. Volumous trench coats

winter fashion trends

What can be more majestic, bold, and trendy than the large, oversized, voluminous trench coats? Since the ’50s, men have beautifully carried the trend which is now dawning over women’s fashion industry too.

These trench coats are going to be perfect for the spring and winter of the upcoming year and even the years next to it. Burberry, Louis Vuitton, Victoria Beckham have all designed large trench coats that are perfect for work as well as date nights. JW Anderson, however, has come about with its own style that is very unique and different than what we usually see. Having a trench coat is a must. Either buy it a bit oversized for you or buy a classic fit that lasts you forever.

8. Wild dress

flowy dresses

The fashion trends like this are going to be ideal for the spring and summer of the upcoming several years. These flowy, large dresses work perfectly for all shapes and sizes. With wild colors, prints, and designs, such fashion trends are completely an out-of-the-box item, ready to be a part of your closet.

You can wear it on a summer evening as the spaces and flowy structure of the dress can keep the air moving while keeping you covered at the same time. At what time of the day you wear this fashion trend depends on the material you choose.

Rokh, Sacai, La DoubleJ, Emilio Pucci, Valentino are some of the designers who have created beautiful designs for wild dresses.

9. Juxtaposition

fashion trends

Juxtaposition is the fashion trend that is trending with mixing and matching not just the different elements of the outfits, but the one single outfit. This fashion trend is all about mixing fabrics, prints, colors, styles, etc., and coming up with something very unique.

The fashion trend is here to mix pleats with silk, patches of cotton and denim, and many fun colors to make your day sunny and zesty. MSGM, Versace, Off White, Sacai, Etro, and many designers have created their own styles and patterns that are all interesting to dress in.

10. Print mixing

upcoming fashion trends

As Juxtaposition is in high demand, print mixing is another trending entry the fashion industry has invented. Whether it’s stiles with floral or geometry with gradient, it’s all about styling, creative thinking, and coming up with something which is more free, fun, and casual.

Such fashion trends allow you to be carefree and do what you feel like. This reflects that your imagination and life need no restrictions or boundaries to be in. The fashion trends keep you different and help you be as you like.

MSGM, Versace, Gucci are the best examples who have created imperial designs and styles out of this fashion trend.

11. Color Blocking

fashion trends of 2021

Yet another offshoot of juxtaposition, the color blocking trend will be at its top in 2023. From models to celebrities to YouTubers, many are going crazy over this trend. And, as it has been emerging for quite a few times, color blocking is going to flourish, making its way into almost everyone’s closet.

The designers who have been working on these fashion trends are Louis Vuitton, Gucci, MSGM, and more.

12. Ruffles

fashion trends now

Ruffles are going to dominate the upcoming fashion trends as they are different, can work beautifully with any fabric, color, and pattern. This fashion trend, when mixed with any style, adds feminine and chic vibes in a wink. This style can be seen on sleeves, shoulders, bottoms of the pants and shirts, hats, bags, etc.

Ruffles don’t make you look too much of the ‘fashionista’ and neither does it put you behind the stage. It’s perfect for every occasion to make you feel ladylike.

Zimmerman, Balmain, Off White, Chanel, Philosophy are all great designers who are creating marvelous looks using this fashion trend.

13. Bermuda shorts

fashion trends 2021

Who doesn’t love Bermuda short? They are comfortable, stylish, trendy, and way more unique than regular denim shorts. You may find them in different colors and prints to match your personality. The length of Bermuda shorts is longer than the shots we wear now – they extend to the knee.

Chloe, Philosophy, Zimmerman are among the brands that have various styles available of this fashion trend. Chanel on the other hand is the brand that has designed cycling shorts. These shorts are perfect if you face issues with chaffed thighs or want something skin-fitted.

14. Denim

denim outfits

It would be an injustice if we don’t include the evergreen fashion trend – denim among all the other fashion trends. Where denim was just limited to jeans. It grew towards influencing jackets. But now, all-denim outfits will be the new trend these years. Denim skirts, shoes, pants, suits, Bermuda shorts, and bags. The denim is taking over all the elements of the outfits.

I personally am a denim lover, hence, having denim to trend so high is simply bliss. If you’re thinking about what piece of denim you should buy as per the upcoming fashion trends, then I’d suggest – buy all of ‘em!

The designers who are actively working with denim for next year’s trends are Isabel Marant, Sacai, Koche, Gabriela, Philosophy, Raga and Bone, Balmain, Dior, etc.

15. Sequins

glittering clothes

Sequins are eye-catching and are great for adding that oomph to your outfit, or making you the complete oomph! This fashion trend is pretty brand new and I believe that it is going to be a part of many fashion trends blogs in the coming many years.

Perfect for the party or a date night, it’s a premium pick for all kinds of personalities. This glittery, shimmery piece of fashion is coming for summer nights. Designers like Erdem and Bottega Veneta have done a wonderful job creating various styles and designs. Whereas, Gucci has smartly created sequin gloves to elevate any kind of outfit you pick, be it summer or winter, this fashion trend is going to stick with you all year long.

16. Knits

upcoming fashion trends

Knits are one of those upcoming fashion trends that are reserved for winters. However, this time you won’t have to wait for the cold days to wear knits. Some of the see-through, lightweight, and thin knits are going to be in trend for spring and summer.

All thanks to designers like Chanel, Balenciaga, MSGM, Sportmax who have been creating amazing clothing elements using fashion trends like Knits.

Now, let’s begin the 5 fashion trends which will be trending next year that were seen in SS23 Fashion Weeks

17. Yellow bags

fashion trends of 2021

Yes. Bold, sharp, ripened yellow-colored bags are going to be in trend in the upcoming year. It’s perfect to add a different pop of color to your monochromatic outfit or to ameliorate your ‘juxtaposed’ dress.

Match your yellow bad with matching shoes or earrings with a completely white or black dress to match the summer rays of the upcoming years. Matching this fashion trend with other hues of the sun can also put you ahead in experimenting with the fashion trends.

18. Black masks

black masks

The year 2020 will be leaving us with one trend that no designer or outfit can negotiate with, and that is, obviously masks. Pandemic has influenced the upcoming fashion trends a lot and no outfit can be completed to go out until you put on a mask.

However, to make sure that wearing a mask doesn’t become a task where you need to wait to wear something unless you have a matching mask for it, black masks are gonna trend the most.

The solid black masks serve to be the perfect and fashionable choice for every outfit. Instead of looking for prints, patterns, or colors, using a black mask can be a more sophisticated choice. And, it isn’t just the alternative to people like us, but it’s true for movie celebrities, designers, and the whole world.

19. Sorbet Pastel Tones

pastel color clothes

Another fashion trend that’s going to keep growing next year too is the pastels in the color that any sweet tooth can fall for. These sorbet and doughnut icing colors look adoring and super cute when used in fashion outfits.

For jumpsuits, shorts, playsuits, or dresses, these creamy and buttery hues are going to be the chicest fashion trends of upcoming years.

20. High knee white boots

white boots

High knee boots are among the fashion trends that never go out of style. What’s trending even more are the high knee white boots. These are chic, classy, and fashionable. Getting inspired from the Youth Revolution in the mid-century, this Nancy Sinatra-approved look is a sophisticated way to uplift your outfit.

Whether you’re wearing skirts, shorts, dresses, jeans, or a T-Shirt dress, these white high knee boots will help you pull off anything.

21. Capsule wardrobe

basic outfits

Fashion trends come and go, but the impact that this trend has left on the fashion industry is just simply amazing. And, we need this fashion trend more than ever as it’s been influenced by the most major time of this year – pandemic.

One of the consequences of lockdowns is that more people have realized that sophisticated outfits can be achieved with the most basic of items and there is little need to buy so many clothes, encouraging people to create more outfits with less.

Capsule wardrobes are enabling the people to stay close to fashion despite the economic crisis. Until fashion is not on top of the list of priorities when the budget is tight, we can expect more to embrace capsule wardrobes.

Wrapping Up

Fashion trends are close to most people’s hearts and though the pandemic has put a lot of impact on the upcoming fashion trends, the industry has some luscious pieces to keep you in a healthy mood.

The fashion trends mentioned in the sequence above have nothing to do with their ranking – each one has its own standards depending on your taste.

So, which fashion trends out of these are you loving the most? I hope you enjoyed reading this article. If you wish to learn more about fashion trends, fashion eCommerce, Boutique, and more, then subscribe to the PixelPhant newsletter below.

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