Top 7 Types Of Models For Every Industry Of Photography

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Top 7 Types Of Models For Every Industry Of Photography

Modeling is a huge industry but people often mistake it by only tieing it with fashion. You should know that models are part of various industries and not just limited to the fashion industry.

There are different types of models for different industries and today I’ll be telling you about 7 types of fashion models. So, let’s begin.

7 Types Of Models In Photography

1. Editorial fashion model

Types of models

Editorial photography or “print” photography is often used for storytelling and has text along the side. The fashion models used for editorial photography are usually very experienced and flaunt the covers of international magazines like Vogue, Elle, or Glamour.

For female editorial fashion models, the height requirement is 5.9 ft to 6 feet. For men, it’s 5 feet 11 inches to 6.3 ft. A lot of other things are considered along with this such as physique, walking style, and more. These models have to follow a strict lifestyle routine.

Some of the most famous editorial fashion models are Gigi Hadid, Kendall Jenner, and Naomi Campbell.

2. Catalog fashion model

Types of models

Catalog fashion models are trendsetters. These types of models are high in demand and they look like normal people who are everyday consumers. The aim of these models is to attract customers and influence them to make a purchase.

Catalog fashion models are often hired by brands and eCommerce stores to present their products. Such types fashion of models do not need to follow any strict routine or need to have any specific physique or look.

It completely depends on the brand and the type of products to decide whether they want a young, old, tall, petite, or a model from a specific culture. However, it is important to possess a few basic qualities like personality, attitude, healthy hair, skin, etc.

3. Commercial model

Types of models

As you can tell by its name, commercial models are used for commercial purposes. You may easily find them in print media, hoardings, pamphlets and flyers from a company, retail, and advertisements.

These models can also be of any shape, size, and age. It depends on what commercial industry they are working for. The industry can be anything like makeup, skincare, sports materials, electronics, plumbing, housewares, and more.

As per the industry standards, the height of a female commercial model should be 5’6” to 5’11” and for males, it’s between 5’9” to 6’2”.

4. Promotional

Types of models
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Promotional models are also known as brand ambassadors. They are part of digital launches, live shows, promotional events, conventions, and trade shows.

Such types of models generally have a bond with the brand they are promoting and are not allowed to work with any other brands, especially their competitors. The aim of promotional models is to spread brand awareness, attract customers, advertise, and market.

They must be highly engaging and interactive with the audience. Brands often look for personalities that are extroverted, intellectual, smart, have good communication skills, and have good explaining skills.

To become a high-paying promotional model, you must gain a lot of experience in promoting and gain in-depth knowledge about different brands or products that you want to work with.

5. Fitness model

Types of models

The fitness model has to have a good physique and flexibility. These models are hired by athletic and sports brands to present their products, yoga, gym, and fitness centers for promotions, brands dealing in supplements, and healthy food.

Fitness models must follow a healthy lifestyle, eat healthily, take care of their bodies, and exercise regularly.

6. Parts model

Types of models

Parts models are specialty models whose only a specific part is used for photography like hands, legs, feet, or facial features. Parts models are the types of models that can work for editorial, catalog, and advertising photography.

Their facial features like lips, eyes, or ears can be used for photographing makeup, eye cream, or other beauty products. Many hand models are used to display products, usually to show the size comparison or product handling.

7. Freelance model

Types of models

Freelance models do not have any specific type. They are available for any modeling project they can get and knows enough about all types of modeling. Such models often prefer to have a fine physique so that they are a good fit for almost all types of modeling.

Their charges are not fixed and depend on the kind of photography the companies or the photographers are looking for. Along with modeling, freelance models can also be involved in some other full or part-time careers. For some, it could be just out of passion or for some extra money.

Brands that have only seasonal or one-time requirements hire them since they are way more cost-friendly than specialized models. Similarly, photographers looking for models also work with freelance models.

Bonus Read

Being a model is tough. It takes discipline, hard work, willingness, patience, and much more apart from just what meets the eyes. Models have to go through a lot to regularly take care of how they look, what they eat, and even how they behave.

You must be dedicated and consistent to become a successful model. The models explained above are the major types of fashion models that are used in every industry. I hope you’ll find which one are you.

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