Top Trends Of Spring/Summer 2024 Collection

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Top Trends Of Spring/Summer 2024 Collection

This season has brought a whirlwind of fashion rage, starting in New York, moving to London, and now to Milan bringing the top trends of Spring/Summer 2024 bold colors to chic collection throwback.

These top Trends of Spring/Summer 2024 combine fancy couture with everyday essentials. They include oversized blazers, micro skirts, and pants with cool, uneven waistlines, making them the talk of the town. 

So what’s on the horizon? 

As we’re already in the third month of the year, and with so many shows on the calendar, we have handpicked a few of the best runway looks. We’ll give you the scoop on the top trends of Spring/Summer 2024 and key color trends, so look no further. 

Let’s get started.

Effortless Chic or Bold Statement: 8 Top Trends of Spring/Summer 2024

From see-through to skorts, floral and fringed patterns, denim outfits, and leather jackets, these are the pieces that will be seen in your wardrobes in the coming months.

No Pants

No Pants- Top Trends of Spring/Summer 2024
Source: Who What Wear

One step down, the ‘No Pants’ trend is rocking this summer. Kendall Jenner sparked this trend by wearing a Bottega Veneta jumper and tights, showing off her panties in November 2022. 

Since then it become the top trends of Spring/Summer 2024 on fashion runways. 

From Bottega Veneta’s pairing of black panties with a jewel-collared top to Luar and Schiaparelli’s decadent workwear style and Ferragamo’s minimalist take, designers are embracing the pantless look. 

Marni adds a matching camisole, Miu Miu pairs it with swim trunks, and Vaillant goes out with jewel panties. 

So get ready to ditch the pants and embrace this daring trend!

Elevated Sportswear

Elevated Sportswear- Top Trends of Spring/Summer 2024
Source: Hypebeast, Miu Miu

Gone are the days when sportswear was just for workouts. Sporty staples are now making a big statement in everyday fashion, counted as top trends of Spring/Summer 2024. 

Oversized hoodies have replaced casual day dresses, zip-up track tops in black and white are the perfect match for your favorite jeans, and cropped leggings are back in style. 

When paired with heels, they give off a retro vibe similar to 60s pedal pushers. Comfortable dressing is the name of the game, and we’re all for it!


Metallics- Top Trends of Spring/Summer 2024
Source: L’Officiel

Even though the holiday season and parties are over, it’s not time to stash away your sparkly outfits just yet. 

Metallics, particularly golds and silvers, are expected to be one of the top trends of Spring/Summer 2024 colors. 

While metallics are often associated with eveningwear, designers like Miu Miu and Rabanne show casual, dressed-down versions with layering, making it easy to rock this trend even in the spring.

 So, don’t miss out on adding an extra sparkle to your wardrobe!

White-Not-Winter White

White- Top Trends of Spring/Summer 2024
Source: Vogue

Valentino is known for setting trends with bold colors, but this year, they’re all about ‘White.’ But not just any white – we’re talking about pure, bright white that’s impossible to miss. 

Other designers are also jumping on the white trend, showcasing flowy gowns and blouses, sharp blazers, and even denim in this crisp shade. Maisie Wilen and LaPointe are even incorporating white into their footwear designs. 

So get ready to embrace the Meghan Markle-approved, can’t-go-wrong-with white!

Bermudas with Blazer Suits

Bermudas with Blazer Suits- Top Trends of Spring/Summer 2024
Source: Vogue

Another top trends of Spring/Summer 2024 is the ‘Short-Suit.’ Designers like Chanel, Maison Margiela, Givenchy, Coperni, and Staud are all on board with blazers and matching tailored shorts. 

This semi-professional look is getting a thumbs-up for 2024. 

The short suit’s blend of authority and playfulness set the tone for those who mean business but still want to have fun with style. 

Shorts with blazers are predicted to be a big trend in office attire, though likely in a longer Bermuda style.

Mega Maxi Skirt Trend

Mega Maxi Skirts- Top Trends of Spring/Summer 2024
Source: Vogue

The mega maxi skirt from 2023 is back again! 

While longer skirts are still popular, there’s a new idea: volume below the knee

Instead of slim or Y2K-style denim, designers like Bottega Veneta and Staud are embracing fuller skirts and ball gown shapes inspired by Molly Goddard’s signature style. 

Batsheva even used an old-school hoop technique to enhance its ‘cheerleader full-circle skirt’ look. 

So prepare to make a statement with bold, voluminous skirts as top trends of Spring/Summer 2024.

Shirt Dress

Shirt Dress- Top Trends of Spring/Summer 2024
Source: Hypebeast, Vogue

Shirts are making a stylish comeback as top trends of Spring/Summer 2024. 

Classic striped shirts were worn as dresses at Louis Vuitton, while long white shirts were showcased at Miu Miu, Valentino, Helmut Lang, and more. 

Fendi revisited white workwear shirts, while Prada and Coperni offered hybrid shirts with oversized sleeves. 

Y/project went for a casual, crumpled design paired with a large black crumpled petticoat. 

So, Get ready to rock the shirt trend in various chic styles!

All Denim Look

All Denim- Top Trends of Spring/Summer 2024
Source: Harper’s Bazaar

As Levi’s marks the 150th anniversary of its famous 501 jeans, denim marks into top trends of Spring/Summer 2024. . 

Chanel and Valentino kept it classy with subtle, casual cuts adding elegance. The Attico went for a sought-after, glamorous style with a faded finish, while Schiaparelli rocked white denim with gold accents for a chic jet-set vibe.

Balenciaga mixed things up with a light denim jacket and wide-leg pants paired with a tulle top, while Diesel played with different denim washes on a sleeveless zip-up top and belted pentaboots. 

British labels David Koma and Alexander McQueen have reinvented denim classics like biker jackets and corsets. Newcomer Alain Paul has turned the black denim jacket into a tone-on-tone skirt for a fresh look. 

Well, it can be said that Denim is having their moment this summer!

What’s New in the SS24?


Ferrari Store- SS24 Collection
Source: Ferrari Store

One of the top trends of Spring/Summer 2024 collection is from ‘Ferrari,’ an epitome of desire and luxury

The brand’s fifth collection showed that it understands what customers want, focusing on high-quality items perfect for racing. For the Spring/Summer 2024 season, Ferrari made clothes that can easily transition from city life to the fast-paced race track. 

The designer Rocco Lannone took inspiration from Ferrari’s rich luxury history, ensuring that the collection appealed to people who love the finer things in life. 

Of course, they remembered the iconic Ferrari red, using it in shiny patent leather outfits that captured the brand’s essence.

Giorgio Armani

Giorgio Armani- SS24 Collection
Source: Giorgio Armani

Another top trends of Spring/Summer 2024 collection brings ‘Giorgio Armani’ to the table. Think of spring/summer not as a season but more of a feeling with lush greens and vibrant purples

During Milan Fashion Week for Spring/Summer 2024, the brand continued its tradition of elegance, but this time with a twist.

While the colors stole the spotlight, what really shined was the diverse range of styles. From sharp blazers to trendy two-piece sets and elegant dresses, they had it all. 

The brand cleverly mixed fabrics like silk, cotton, and rayon with eye-catching details to create stylish and versatile pieces.

Bottega Veneta

Bottega Veneta- SS24 Collection
Source: Bottega Veneta

For the top trends of Spring/Summer 2024, ‘Bottega Veneta’ is shaking things up with its new collection. 

Under Matthieu Blazy‘s creative direction, they’re reinventing everyday classic wardrobe with elegant and luxurious fabrics

The collection is all about wearability, featuring tweed coats paired with crisp white basics and chic clutch bags. Patchwork-style knitwear adds a cozy charm, perfect for those relaxing getaways.

Traditional trench coats get a modern cut, transforming into stylish scarves with unique button detailing, while pleated trousers and tasseled coordinates come in sophisticated black, white, and wine hues. 

Abstract paintings add an artistic flair to single-shoulder dresses, while light blue groups with zigzag edges and striking red outfits.

To finish off, a stunning floor-length dress is graced with yarn threads, adding a hint of whimsy.

Helmut Lang

Helmut Lang- SS24 Collection
Source: Helmut Lang

Who better to lead the iconic ‘Helmut Lang’ in New York City than Peter Do? Helmut Lang brings the top trends of Spring/Summer 2024 collection where Old meets New

Known for his contemporary designs, Do is now at the helm of a label synonymous with ’90s minimalism. 

His debut Spring/Summer 2024 collection, ‘Born to Go,’ calls to the brand’s legacy. Inspired by New York’s yellow cabs for advertising, the collection features a signature yellow print and seat belt-inspired straps on tailored trousers.

The color palette is mostly neutral, with vibrant pink pops adding excitement to the suiting. Do’s collection focuses on a ‘system of dress,’ offering versatile sets and separates that seamlessly blend. 

Black dominates the collection, with an emphasis on elegance and self-assurance. Do’s Helmut Lang clothes are sleek, understated, and versatile, allowing the wearer to express themselves freely. 

With modular designs and multi-purpose pieces, the possibilities are endless.


Gucci- SS24 Collection
Source: SHOWstudio

‘Gucci’s new creative director, Sabato De Sarno, started a fresh chapter for the brand in Milan. He had hit the reset button on Kering’s most significant label. 

De Sarno’s debut introduced a new color scheme, ‘Rosso Ancora,’ a deep red shade that replaced the ornate green patterns of the previous designer, Alessandro Michele.

Under De Sarno’s direction, the top trends of Spring/Summer 2024 collection are stripped down to sleek. The focus is on simple silhouettes and monochrome palettes, with a few exceptions, like a striped blue and red outfit and some sequined pieces. 

Despite the clean slate, De Sarno carefully maintains Gucci’s identity and essence. It’s not a complete makeover but more of a thoughtful reconsideration. 

Now, the question is how De Sarno will build upon this foundation to put his stamp on Gucci’s future!

Tom Ford

Tom Ford- SS24 Collection
Source: SHOWstudio

How would the brand look like without Tom Ford himself? 

Well, don’t worry. Peter Hawkings is bringing back the top trends of Spring/Summer 2024 Ready-to-Wear collection while keeping the brand’s essence intact.

Hawkings calls to the brand’s roots with nods to the Tom Ford-era Gucci, seen through belts and a striking combination of black and gold.

The women’s clothing collection is both understated and elegant. Sharp blazers are paired with short shorts and flowing gowns with minimal embellishments. 

It’s a blend of timeless style and modern flair that captures the essence of Tom Ford’s signature sophistication.

Spring/Summer 2024 Colour Trends

Apart from the outfits and fabric choices, the runways showcased eye-catching colors.

Summer calls for bold, vibrant hues, and that’s precisely what the fashion shows delivered.

Let’s look at the top trends of Spring/Summer 2024 options!

Color Trends SS24


Fashion’s love affair with vibrant red is seen both on the runway and on the red carpet. In the spring/summer 2024 season, there’s been a noticeable shift towards more luxurious shades of red. 

As discussed, Sabato De Sarno’s debut collection for Gucci featured a deep cherry red color, ‘Gucci Rosso,’ used in pencil skirts, blazers, and eye-catching accessories. 

On the other hand, Rick Owens, known for his love of black, surprised everyone by showcasing flared trousers, bralettes, and statement boots, all in vibrant red.


Pastels have become the top trends of Spring/Summer 2024 collection, but one shade stood out the most: lilac.

Michael Kors Collection showcased violet knitted sweaters and trench coats, while Masha Popova presented pale purple denim outfits with unique tire mark prints. 

Even Tom Ford turned heads with sleek satin suits in soft lilac, also spotted at Maison Margiela, Supriya Lele, and Issey Miyake.


Choosing to wear white during the summer is always a classic option. 

This year it is making into the top trends of Spring/Summer 2024 as Saint Laurent put a new spin on its iconic 1967 Saharienne jacket by transforming it into perfectly tailored shirts and trousers. 

Valentino showcased intricate cut-out party dresses, while Standing Ground unveiled evening gowns with a celestial flair featuring beads embedded in layers of jersey fabric. 

Sky Blue

What better way to feel good than by wearing the calming sky blue? 

Alaïa and JW Anderson used this color in snug-fitting designs, with JW Anderson adding cut-outs for a modern twist. Hodakova played with unique elements by reimagining everyday wardrobe staples.

But Bottega Veneta stole the show with a stunning strapless fringe dress paired with a range of sky-blue accessories, which added an extra happy touch.

Metallic Gold

Gold appeared with a smoother and more flowing look on the runway. 

From gracefully draped gowns highlighting the body’s shape at Ralph Lauren and Roksanda to festive outfits from Tove, the top trends of spring/summer 2024 runways offered countless ways to add a touch of gold to your wardrobe, making you feel like royalty.

Wrapping Up

This season was buzzing with energy and anticipation, credits to the amazing minds that explored modern takes on innovative approaches to workwear.

From sparkling metallics to vibrant colors, oversized suits, and micro shorts, the top trends of Spring/Summer 2024 runways were bursting with freshness in every style, shape, and color. 

So, are you excited about the coming autumn/winter season already? 

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