Snapchat Marketing: Boost Fashion Ecommerce In Genz

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Snapchat Marketing: Boost Fashion Ecommerce In Genz

Snapchat is a young platform. Not in terms of their existence, but in the terms of users. About 65% of US citizens between 18-29 years old say they use Snapchat.

With growing competition on every other platform, Snapchat is still one among the few that has reached the masses, and its potential is untapped.

In this guide, I’ll be sharing a guide on Snapchat marketing for fashion eCommerce. But even if have another industry, this guide will help you take at least two steps ahead in the process.

So without taking any more time, let us jump into the worlds of AR and Genz.

Why use Snapchat marketing?

Snapchat is among the top 15 social media platforms in the world. With daily active users touching almost 319 million, it is a platform that you must not ignore.

But in saying that, unlike Facebook or Instagram, Snapchat marketing is not for every business.

Here are some points that will help you know if you should use Snapchat marketing for your eCommerce.

  • You are targeting younger demographics.
  • Your brand is looking for an interactive platform
  • Your brand is built around being playful

Snapchat reaches 75% of millennials and Gen-Z of American adults. The demographic on this platform is built around interacting with friends and brands in an authentic manner.

That is why, if your brand is looking to target the age group of around 18-24, Snapchat marketing will be a great fit.

How Does Snapchat Marketing Works?

How Does Snapchat Marketing Works?

Before we dive into the step of setting up your Snapchat business account, it is important here that we see how people will be interacting with your brand.

Currently, there are three ways through which your customers will be interacting with your brand.

  1. Discovery
  2. Spotlight
  3. Ads

When you open Snapchat, on the bottom you will see two tabs. The first one the extreme right is the spotlight section. A short video formate section like TikTok.

Close to that is the discovery section of Snapchat. An area where the stories of users’ friends are visible, as well as the branded content below.

Finally, the Ads are paid ways through which you can put your brand in front of your customers. Users see ads when:

  1. Going through the stories of their friends.
  2. Going through other branded content.
  3. And in the upcoming months, Snapchat is planning to introduce them in the spotlight section as well.

With this baseline idea let us set up the Snapchat marketing ad account and then learn about the strategies that you can use.

Setting Up Snapchat Ad Account

Setting Up Snapchat Ad Account

Snapchat marketing ad account is a way through which brands can manage their content (this account is not just for ads). No matter if you are a big or small brand, in order to use Snapchat to its optimal capacity, you must create an ad account.

  1. Download the app and create your brand account with all relevant detail. Remember to keep the user name relevant to your brand.
  2. Now head over to > Click on Create An Account > Log In using the username and passwords you just created in the first step.
  3. You’ll get into your account manager.
  4. In order to run ads and continue the setup, add your preferred online payment method and you are all set.

Features of Snapchat Business Manager

Features of Snapchat Business Manager

Snapchat business managers allow you to run ads, upload new content, keep track, and share insight to manage your Snapchat marketing.

Current features of Snapchat business manager are:

  • Event manager: With the help of Snap Pixel, you can easily track the visitors who visited your eCommerce.
  • Audience Insight: You can easily keep track of how well your content performed and what did your audience like and what they looking for with advanced data points.
  • Add Your Products: In Snapchat, you can create a frictionless buying experience in-app by the app itself.
  • Create lenses: You can create your own brand-specific lenses for people to use use. Edit the pre-made template or start from scratch, the choice is yours.
  • Creator Marketplace: Using this, you can collaborate with creators to put your brand in front of their followers.

There are many more features, but these are the ones that you must know about.

Tips on getting started with Snapchat marketing for fashion eCommerce

Till now, we have discussed the benefits, tools, and features of Snapchat for your fashion eCommerce. And now that the setup is ready we are all set to learn about how to get started with Snapchat marketing for fashion eCommerce.

Attract Your Audience

Attract Your Audience

We know that Snapchat as a platform is a very “friends” driven platform. So while you are trying to bring more visitors and sales, you must start with your current customers and visitors to join you on this new platform.

When they start engaging with you, you’ll see that their friends also start connecting with your account. This is an organic way to get started, but this instantly builds trust among the new followers and they are more likely to buy.

You can use other marketing channels like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest Marketing as well as your website to let people connect with you.

Start Snapchat Exclusive Giveaways

Start Snapchat Exclusive Giveaways

It’s not easy to attract followers on any platform, let alone on Snapchat. That is why, running a Snapchat-exclusive contest – like a giveaway can really be effective.

To get started with that, first, let all your visitors and followers know about the contest that you are running. Keep the participation easy.

For example, you can ask your followers to send you a photo of them, reply with a text, send a video, etc. If you have already sold your products, you can ask your customers/followers to send in their videos or photos wearing your products.

While this might just be participation from your customers, it will help you also create user-generated content. Something that you can re-use for further marketing by resharing it.

Use Your Insights

Use Your Insights

Know that you have attracted your followers, it’s time to learn about them. Use the audience insights to use Snapchat marketing very effectively.

You’ll be able to see the post that is performing well. Also, the time when your followers are most active and every other detail that can help you know about your followers.

Based on these insights, create content that has proven itself in past and keep engaging your followers

Upload Your Products


While we learned about it in the feature section, it is important to share it again with you in-depth.

When you start a Snapchat business account, your profile looks different and has a section of shops. A place where your customers can go to, look at your products and even buy them.

This is a great opportunity that you should not miss out on. Even if not for sales, this will allow your customers to engage with your brand.

Put out your own lens

Put out your own lens

Snapchat lenses go viral pretty soon. Even if it’s as basic as the change in image color along with your brand logo, chances are, you may see a lot of interaction.

More importantly, when your customer uses this filter and shares it, you get exposure to their network as well.

One way to really get the most result out of it is using other creators to help you build brand awareness. From your business account, you can use the creator marketplace.

Invest in Snapchat Ads

While going organic will save you capital, investing in ads will not let you down. Snapchat allows you to get started with as low as $5 and the results you get out of this platform are outstanding.

Max fashion saw an 8x return on ad spending for the app purchase campaign. VogaCloset shared they achieved a 71% lowers cost per purchase.

There are many more success stories if of Snapchat marketing, all pointing toward the efficiency of the platform.

Bonus Read

Snapchat marketing is surely one of the most overseen categories when it comes to building a fashion brand. The platform is continuously delivering results and is all set to be the most efficient channel of sales for eCommerce.

So if you are having any second thoughts, move ahead and test out the platform now. Snapchat marketing is all about connecting with your audience. If you believe in it, you’ll see some great results.

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