18 Best Smartphone Photography Tips to Get the Best Product Photos

August 24, 2019 in Product Photography

18 Best Smartphone Photography Tips to Get the Best Product Photos

If you don’t hold a high-end resolution camera, then you are at your ultimate wrong luck.” – Just A False Myth.

With the enhancement in the cameras in the smartphones that you carry in your pockets, Smartphone Photography is on the rise. If you wish to learn how to use it at its best, we are discussing some of the best Smartphone Photography Tips to help you get started with your product photography career.

It is important that, before you start spending money on expensive lenses for product photography career, you can have thought over using the camera quality of your smartphone phone.

For now, spending on a professional photographer is more of a luxury than a necessity.

The need for good quality eCommerce product photography, can’t be ignored. Customers shopping online, completely rely on the images. Therefore to enhance the conversion and maintain continuous website traffic, creating perfect product photos is a major requirement.

Which are the Best Smartphones for Product Photography?

While most budget smartphones are coming with decent camera, only a few allow you to truly manipulate your camera setting for best result. Call it among the most important smartphone photography tips or so, try to get your hands the smartphones that allows you easily tweak most of your camera settings.

Here are some of the best smartphone for product photography:

  • Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra
  • iPhone 12 & iPhone 12 mini
  • Google Pixel 5
  • OnePlus 8 Pro
  • Samsung Galaxy S21 5G

These are some of the Best smartphones for product photography that you can use, but in case you are not in the acquisition of any of these, no worries. We will be going through some of the best smartphone photography tips that you can use anyway.

Without any further ado, lets get started with the tips.

Best Smartphone Photography Tips

1. Position Your Products Right

smartphone photography and the right product position

One of the very first smartphone photography tips that we would suggest you is to position your product right. Visitors visiting websites expect the product image-focused and high-resolution, which makes them clear about what you are selling. Therefore before start snapping, you have to be sure about your products that they are clean and you prepare the correct setup.

2. Try your Camera Up-Side Down

It is kind of an unusual smartphone photography tip, especially for product photography, but is surely worth giving a shot. Today the length of our smartphones are long and camera placement vary vividly. Give yourself sometime understanding the best way to use your smartphone. If needed give upside-down a shot and see if it works for your product or not.

Later, do remember to rotate your images in the post production.


3. Pay attention to your backgrounds

For the majority of the product shots, a white background is expected as the standard one. This helps the removal of any distractions or spotlights from the product. In photography, it is a fact that the background will work best for your product and target customers as well.

4. Get your lighting done

Natural light is completely natural. For indoor shots, set the background to the white “studio” window to the left or right. Also with some reflector of white on the contrary side. The light should be even without the shadows.

5. Shoot multiple angles and details

Before making any commitment, customers wish to see a good lot of product pictures. Any increase in the price will let the customers their eagerness to knowing more. In order to sell more, you should be sure that you provide multiple best quality images for the specific expensive products. Make sure that you should shoot from all angles, and zoom into specifications.

6. Choose Your Camera Type

Choose the right smartphone for photography

Just before smartphone photography tips, we have shared some of our all-time favorite smartphones for product photography. Still, every phone is not the same in terms of a camera. The fact is that different phones the camera having large distance coverage and big miles. If you can, we surely suggest you invest in a good phone, but if not find out a good lighting source, set your camera to its max resolution, and get started.

7. Basics to be Done

Smartphone photography basics

Once the phone is in hand with the appropriate camera, it is now you can go on thinking to use it in a better way. It doesn’t matter how good your phone is, rather you should know in what way you can use it to fetch the best out of it.

8. Setting the highest quality resolution

The best way to start the work is to set the highest quality resolution and largest file size in your smartphone specifications. Spacing won’t really matter here. This could be altered at the time of future edits. Also, keep the distance between less for clarity. With the advancement in camera’s you can even choose the file format for your product photography. And one of additional smartphone photography tips would be to save your images in RAW format. It would save all information about your image and help you in editing.

9. Disremember to click a selfie

In place of your selfie camera, you should use the rear face camera. Always the selfie camera is having a higher resolution than your front-facing camera. If you will try to click the pictures with the selfie cam, then it will almost always give you a weird angle and it’s not worth it at all.

10. Clear your lens

It is easy for anyone to carry the lenses handy. Therefore one of the most important smartphone photography tips would be to clean up your lens. Before beginning the shoot session, try cleaning clean your lenses particularly. Particles such as dust, dirt, and smudges will be very clear on the lenses.

11. Put off the flashlight

The flash is considered not to be a good choice while clicking the pictures from a phone. Thus, lighting should be done right and let your flash be of no use. Hence, while you are doing your product photography, ensure to turn off your flash first. This is among the all time check smartphone photography tips that you may also remember when you upgrade to an DSLR.

12. Regular your camera

Investing in a small tripod is a good competitive choice. This purchase can make an immense difference in your photos. Elimination of camera shake will be a yes and will help you out in keeping the camera between the shots.

13. Catch Your Photos to the Next Stage

Prodcut Photo edited after smartphone photography

Photography from the phone is not only limited to the phone’s camera quality and default settings. There are yet many more things to go above and beyond to produce the best images.

14. Turn on and around with your settings

Move further in the camera setting, and acknowledge the power to change. The best smartphone photography tips would always encourage you to experiment. Try one set at a time and notice what are the differences in the photos.

15. Use any photo editing app

There is also an option to download and use the third-party app for your photos. You can easily download it from the app store or play store. Over your camera software, it offers high functionality for the processing of your photos. Install some of the best photography apps and see the miracles you can do with it.

Never use your phone to crop or edit images. You will be concluding better results if you edit using Photoshop, GIMP, or Darktable to edit your images. Instead of spending time editing your photos on your own you can easily pick the shots and drop them off with the PixelPhant.

16. Avoid overdoing task

Be careful about the term overediting. It is true that less is more, thus do the required editing in order to get natural-looking pictures. It is fine to crop or remove the background, but it is very flexible to go far in the editing process. This will end up like you used a snapshot filter.

17. Work on bringing the add-on lens for your phone

With the help of additional lenses, you can add a great variety of functionality to your pictures. For the regular product photos, you should be very careful in getting wide-angle or close-up lenses.

18. Go on with Clicking the Pictures

Product photography with smartphone

Product images with great quality are proved to be a very important element to increase online sales. Therefore for good quality images, it is not essential for you to have a professional camera.

If you are in a mindset to get better images for your online store, it’s very easy to have it rather than it had been earlier. Thus the process follows with grabbing your smartphone, set up the ‘studio’, and initiate the clicks with the phone itself.

In case if they do not seem to be perfect in your cell phone, then you can take multiple photos. Just easily capture the shots with these easy smartphone photography tips and outsource your image editing services with us.

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