Share Photos online | Checklist Before You Post Photos Online

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Share Photos online | Checklist Before You Post Photos Online

Just open your Instagram and you’ll be stunned with the quality of the feeds from pages you follow.

Photos on social media, websites and YouTube are just breathtaking. Ever wonder how these people manage to create such captivating and intimidating images to share online?

Though whatever you see on social media is not completely true, it’s not completely fake either. There are a few tricks and techniques to create a balance and capture some enticing work to share photos online.

This blog is a simple guide to help you learn that balance and make you understand that – creating some images that make others envy you,  just isn’t so hard!

So, let’s begin with how to share photos online.

6 Things To Do Before You Share Photos Online

1. Use a Correct Color Scheme

Share Photos Online

The color in your images decides what charm they’ll create. The high warm tones exude cheerfulness, sunny, and jolly vibes. The dark and low color tones look dreamy and peaceful.

Similarly, the black and white color tones are great for ancient themes or dramatic images. Determine what your image wants to convey.

Also, the color contrast in your images is equally important. The brands and influencers that share photos online usually use sRGB color profiles.

Make sure that the reds and yellows and other colors in your images look the way they’re supposed to look. you may also use the Color Correction technique at the time of photo editing.

2. Camera Settings

product photography camera angles

Your primary tool for photography is your camera. It’s a big deal which camera you’re using. Using a good digital camera brand decides a lot about how your images will turn out.

Most people also use their iPhone or a good camera quality smartphone too to click as well as share photos online.

Whichever camera you use for photography, it all first revolves around the camera settings.

Make sure that your shutter speed, ISO, and aperture are all set and balanced. Keep the sharpness correct in your images. You can avoid shaky images by using a tripod for better stability.

3. Use the appropriate Image Size

share photos online

The size of your image file, as well as its proportions, are both vital to determining before you share photos online.

Determining the export size is necessary to maintain the image quality. Every platform you choose will require different proportions of your image. The size of your image for a Facebook post will differ from the size of an Instagram Story.

Cropping and cutting of images is a big no. It only ruins the entire look and feel of the image. Thus, it’s important that you set the proportions at the time of export.

You can use different presets to do this or directly resize the image in photoshop to keep the quality intact despite the change in size.

Use web-optimized images so that they load easily over the internet without lagging.

4. Use Best Quality Images

share photos online

You must be clicking tens and hundreds of images of one subject. And, it won’t be wrong to say that not all the images you capture are internet-worthy.

If you keep on posting a mix of both good quality and unattractive images just to build a portfolio, trust me, your portfolio will end up looking unprofessional and cluttered.

Make that only share photos online that are of good quality, captivating, and don’t ruin any glance.

There’ll be only one or two images that yo9u’ll like out of thousands that you click, and honestly, it’s normal.

5. Protect your Images from getting stolen

share photos online

Google offers a number of images in its results. What might happen is that anyone can download or screenshot your image and name it as their own.

To avoid your images getting labeled under someone else, make sure that you put your unique watermark on it.

Watermarks can not be removed even if a person downloads the image, making sure that your mark remains with it.

6. Never forget to EDIT

Photo Editing Mistakes

Never forget Image Editing before you share photos online. Most photographers simply capture and share the images, which is not ideal.

To stand out from the plethora of images available on the internet, you need to make sure that they are properly edited, looking natural, and are unique.

If you’re not a professional photographer, or even if you are but don’t have a good hand in editing, I’d highly recommend you hire a professional image editing service to do the job for you.

This service will help you get the expertise, save your time by editing thousands of images within a few hours, and save your effort from dealing with the hassle and figuring out whether or not your images look good.


It’s easy to share photos online, but it’s way too hard to catch the eyes of the people through them.

You might be an eCommerce trying to attract more customers, a professional photographer building his/her portfolio, or just a social media geek wanting to increase followers and likes.

No matter who you are, but if you’re trying to attract the audience through images, there’s no way you should share photos online without making sure of the tips mentioned above.

I hope this would help. Do let me know which tip did you like the most. Have any more tips or suggestions as well? Leave them in the comments and I’d love to review them.

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