Sell Trending Products On Amazon That Brings Profit in 2022

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Sell Trending Products On Amazon That Brings Profit in 2022

Amazon is the biggest marketplace to buy and sell your products online. Even you can start to make money just by selling your products. But we have a better idea for you today. We are here to tell you how to sell trending products on Amazon with the help of some creative Amazon product photography.

But Why just “Trending Products” and “Amazon product photography” specifically?

Well, it is because the trending products are the ones that people are searching for and buying extensively. It means you have a pre-set audience for you to sell trending products on Amazon of your own. Amazon product photography is emphasized so that your listings can look more professional when you sell trending products on Amazon.

Moreover, to help you find the trending products and sell those trending products with a pro like Amazon product photography, we have listed down the best ways you can use to start your journey today. Now, without wasting any more time, let’s understand how to sell trending products on Amazon and make easy money.

How to find Trending Products on Amazon

It is very important that you find the right trending product on Amazon. Surely not every product listed on Amazon is bought by the masses. You as an online seller need to be very particular about choosing the product as it will determine your success in online selling.

selling products on amazon

Hence to make it easy for you here are the 7 ways through which you can find trending products on Amazon.

Best Seller

Head over to Amazon and you will find the best seller section just below the search bar. Here, you can easily find the products that are the best selling in their particular niche. The images you will see here will be professional and the best examples for Amazon product photography ideas.

Further, you will also find products that are under your niche and have shown a successful run in the past. It is important to note that, not all the products listed here would be new or trending.

The list is updated hourly, but these are the products that have been showing consistent and high sales with good reviews on Amazon for some time.

best seller

Hot New Releases

As you are in the Best Seller section, you will find the Hot New Releases section just close to the bestseller section. And well if you are looking for some of the recently released products that are trending, it is the place for you.

In order to sell trending products on Amazon, you choose your product according to the niche from the same section and attract new customers to purchase from you.

amazon news release

Mover and Shakers

amazon movers and shakers

Just Beside the Hot New Releases section, you would see Mover and Shakers. These are the products that have shown more than 200% of the increase in their ranks. It doesn’t always imply the sale but the rank of the product. 

Moreover, you would see the percentage increment of each product which will help you determine which product is rising up in the trend and which is falling. If you are looking to sell trending products on Amazon, you shall keep an eye on this section as it can give you very important insights into the market.

Most Wished for

If you are familiar with the interface of Amazon, you can add items to your wishlist that you want in the future. In the following section, you can find the product which has been added the most to the wishlist in the last 24 hours.

To sell trending products on Amazon, this list can be really helpful as it shows you the product that people are interested in and haven’t bought yet. Which means you have a potential customer waiting for you.

amazon most wished for

Most Gifted

Amazon in recent years has become more than just a regular eCommerce and Amazon product photography has taken its place as the unchangeable part of the brand. You would know that as a buyer you can give a product directly through amazon. Hence, just beside the Most Wished for section, you will find the most gifted products in the past 24 hours.

This would really help if a festival/occasion is arriving, to sell trending products on amazon.

amazon gift idea

Google Trends

Other than Amazon itself, Google is another great tool to know about what customers are searching for. The best tool by google that you can use is Google Trends. Here you can enter your niche, choose the location/region, and can find out the terms that are being most searched in a particular period of time.

You can vary this time according to you, and Google will show you a graphical representation of the searches and related searches at that time. If you use it right you can grab more customers other than Amazon and get better selling products on your list.

How to sell trending Product on Amazon

Now, after doing all the research it’s time to start selling. And for that there 4 ways through which you can sell trending products on Amazon.

Sell Products with Amazon FBA

The first and the most obvious way to sell trending products on Amazon is through the Amazon FBA service. The FBA stands for, “Fulfillment by Amazon”.

It is a service provided by Amazon where you would require to shift your products to the nearest fulfillment center. Next, when someone’s order your product Amazon will deliver it by itself and you will get your payment.

Here, you will only have to pay the charges according to the product that you keep in the Fulfillment centers. The charges depend on the size and weight of your product and there are no hidden charges other than this.

Steps to start Selling with Amazon FBA

  1. Choose the Product that you would like to sell on Amazon using any way described above.
  1. Now head over to Amazon Services where you will Find “Start Selling Button”
selling with amazon
  1. Click on the following button and it will take you to the sign up page.
sign up page
  1. Sign-in with your Amazon account or create a new one using your mobile number or the email id.
  1. In the next step you would need to list out products and upload them on Amazon. As you have chosen FBA Service you would have to shift your products to the fulfillment service. But you can even use third party delivery where Amazon would charge according to the price of your product and the category.
product category

Sell Homemade goods on Amazon

If your niche has an option of homemade goods, and you are willing to give it a try you can start to sell trending products on Amazon which are homemade. More and more people are now getting attracted to Homemade goods and it can be a golden opportunity for you to grow your sales.

Amazon has started a separate section for all the artisans to sign up themselves start selling the products on Amazon. Moreover, the professional selling monthly fees of $39.99 are also waived off for this category.

Amazon only charges 15% of the referral fees only and only when someone buys your product through Amazon.

To start with, go to Sell on Amazon Homemade and register yourself. Further, you will just need to upload your products and you can start to sell trending products on Amazon.

Amazon Associate Program


Amazon Associate is the easiest way to sell trending products on Amazon that can make easy money to you. It is a program that allows you to earn your commission just by referring products to people.

You will get the commission every time someone purchases the product on Amazon through your link.

In order to sell trending products on Amazon using the Amazon Associate Program, you would need to first get a website of your own. Later, you would need to sign up at Amazon Associate Program.

Retail Arbitrage

It is the most common way to sell trending products online. In this, you buy a discounted but trending product from a retail store around you and list it on amazon. Moreover, you can even consider Online Arbitrage.

Here, you will just have to list out the products on amazon and link them to the website. Moreover, you even get the benefit of free shipping and commission from the website itself.

Final Step

In order to sell trending products on Amazon, you have found out the best ways to search and sell items. But the key ingredient here is to give your complete efforts and keep your product images that match Amazon product photography standards. With Amazon sales growing every day you are getting more and more ways to sell trending products on Amazon. 

As you can see, some of the above shown don’t even need you to purchase, or store the product by yourself. Hence what can be much better for you. It’s the best time to sell trending products on Amazon as more and more people are now shifting online. If you are searching for the best amazon photo editing services provider at an affordable price. Team Pixelphant provides the best eCommerce photo editing services.

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