12 Amazing Tips To Sell Makeup Online Successfully

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12 Amazing Tips To Sell Makeup Online Successfully

The makeup industry is one of the most dynamic industries. And, there is no wonder that most people want to be a part of it and sell makeup online or offline.

The trends here come and go like the waves in the ocean, and you can never figure out for how long the wave will stay or if it will ever come back. Apart from being so dynamic, it’s also very vulnerable to any mishaps or fluctuations in the economy.

What I mean here is that, when the average income of the buyers falls, they are likely to cut off any expenses for luxuries like clothing or makeup, especially if they are not available easily or at reasonable prices.

This century’s pandemic has also proven that the need for online stores can actually surpass the need for physical stores.

Thus, making sure that you’re available to your customers 24/7 is the biggest boost you can give to your customers. And you know it or not, online shops have made it possible. This means that if you’re looking to sell makeup products faster and profitably, I’d say – sell makeup online.

The beauty industry has been valued at $483 billion in 2020 and is estimated to reach $716 billion by 2025.

In this growth, more than 40% of the customers have bought makeup online.

Therefore, it won’t be wrong to say that when you sell makeup online, you build a customer base that’ll be loyal to you, no matter what the situation may arise in the world.

However, there are a few things that you must check to become a successful seller and profitable sale makeup online. What are they? I’ll be discussing those further in this article. So, let’s get started.

How To Sell Makeup Online Profitably?

If you’re looking to sell makeup online, don’t start your business until you’re ready to swear by these points:

1. Determine your customers

Before you start to sell makeup online, it is necessary to determine who your customers would be.

Look for the demographics like:

  • Age
  • Income
  • Job profile
  • Job designation, and
  • Gender

Yes, you must include gender as well! Mostly, when people talk about makeup, they subconsciously consider only women as the buyers.

There are many makeup brands that are selling lip balms, compacts, and other makeup products. Thus, considering men to sell makeup online too would only add to your audience market.

It is necessary to determine these demographics so that you can narrow down whom to target.

For example, if your makeup product is a little expensive, you might want to consider the income or job designation of your buyers.

Similarly, it is not necessary that all women be your target audience. The women who prefer no makeup or minimal makeup might not be up for your bright red lipstick when you sell makeup online.

Also, older women may not invest in makeup too. However, the teenage girls, young women, or women with job profiles like flight attendants or hoteliers might be your first pick. Once you have your target audience determined, you can more confidently shape your online makeup selling business.

2. Keep up with the trend in your niche

Sell Makeup Online

As I said earlier, the makeup industry is one of the most dynamic industries when it comes to trends. Knowing what’s in demand in your niche can really help you sell makeup online profitably.

Earlier, people were crazy about waterproof makeup products that lasted long, then came the different makeup products suitable for different skin types. If you look at the past few years, people are now running after eco-friendly consumerism.

The buyers want the products that are least harmful to the environment and to themselves. There are many makeup brands like Juice Beauty, Cocokind, and Plum that are offering 100% natural makeup products that are free from any harmful elements like parabens, SLS, and more.

Hence, leveraging this trend and executing it in your makeup products can put you ahead in the competition and help you sell makeup online.

There might be many undiscovered trends that are yet to come, and anticipating and being ready for those is the only way to sell makeup online that makes you successful and popular for the shoppers.

3. Be ready with your unique marketing strategies

No business can grow successfully without some good marketing strategies. Be it makeup, technology, or the fashion industry, all industries need powerful marketing strategies to level up their game.

In today’s world, social media is the largest and most powerful marketing platform. It helps you expand your reach, spread brand awareness, engage customers, and convert potential buyers.

When you start to sell makeup online use platforms like Instagram and Facebook to engage with your target audience. Stay in touch with them to remind them that you exist.

I mean, let’s face it. There must be millions of makeup selling websites, out of those how many websites do you really know? The online shops that stay engaged with their shoppers are more likely to make their buyers aware of who they are, what they do, and why people should choose them

You can post Stories about your products, create Instagram reels, post regularly, and even go Live! Pinterest is another great platform to show off your products and how they look on models.  Unlike Google, Pinterest marketing is a way to directly showcase your products as soon as the shoppers search your keyword.

Email marketing is also very necessary to keep your shopper updated about the offers, new launches, and more through newsletters when you sell makeup online. With all the shoutouts and social media drama, you must not forget the basic marketing techniques like SEO.

Optimize your web content, social posts, and every other kind of content on the internet to rank at a better place in the search results and beat the heat. Content well-equipped with SEO can take you a long way in your online makeup selling business.

4. Swear by Customer Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is that one thing that decides whether you will fly or fall if you sell makeup online.

Take care of these things on a priority basis:

  • Make sure that your makeup products are completely safe for the skin
  • Your website is not annoying your customers by taking too much time to load
  • Your customer support is prompt, helpful, and humble
  • Your delivery is on time
  • Your policies are in favor of your customers and not against them
  • You are offering personalization wherever possible
  • The buying journey of your customers is seamless

It’s very important that your customers are happy with your company and your products – NEVER EVER LET YOUR CUSTOMERS DOWN. This not only keeps them coming back but also increases your goodwill, makes you more authentic, and attracts more new and loyal customers as you sell makeup online.

5. Nail your product as well as makeup photography

When you buy products online, what’s the first thing that attracts you the most? That’s the same thing you need to keep in mind when you sell makeup online.

A study shows that more than 80% of consumers first look at the images of the products when shopping online.

Your product images give an idea to your shoppers how your product will look like. But as long as you want to sell makeup online, people are more interested in knowing what it looks like after its application rather than what it looks like in the bottle. 

So, what you’ll want to do is click exceptional makeup photos of the models. For example, along with posting an image of a lipstick product, also post the image of the model’s lips wearing it to show how it will look. 

Your consumers want to relate to what your makeup product will look like in real life. And, makeup photography on models is the perfect way to convince them. Invest in makeup photography and I bet you’ll see a surge in conversions.

6. Take extra care of product image editing

When you search for a product online, Google pulls up millions of results to help you choose. you will want to be at the top of those results if you want to sell makeup online successfully.

Your customers will be loaded with options and you’ll want to play business. You’ll want them to pick you. So, posting raw, un-edited, bad-quality images is a big NO.

To make sure that the shoppers pick you, your product and model images must be of high quality, eye-catching, alluring, and professionally edited. It’s crucial that you edit your images up to the market standards to survive the online competition.

Look at your product and model images and think ‘Will this image make me stop scrolling and catch my attention?’  If not, then probably you’re on the wrong track.

If you want to sell makeup online successfully and for the long term, I’d suggest that you professionally get your images edited. I suggest eCommerce Business owners hire product image editing professionals. These experts know what kind of editing works, they can save your time by editing hundreds and even thousands of images within a few hours, and they are actually a pretty useful investment.

7. Write convincing product descriptions

Your product descriptions must include every necessary detail you want your customers to know.  Mention what skin types your product is suitable for, what are the directions to use it, and what ingredients the product has.

Your buyers must feel completely comfortable before buying. This ensures that you’re transparent and trustable. To sell makeup online, your product description must be – Captivating, convincing, short, and catchy.  Don’t include words and phrases that are hard to understand. Keep it simple and authentic.

Approach To Start Online Makeup Business

Now that you’re well-equipped with the knowledge of all things you should be prepared for before you sell makeup online, let’s start with the literal approach.

1. Set the budget

The first thing that you must consider as you sell makeup online is the cost. How much are you willing to spend in each area of your business? The highest amount must be spent on your inventory, i.e. the makeup products.

Once you have enough initial stock with you to sell makeup online, start setting a budget for your website, marketing, product photography, and product photo-editing. With this, you secure your business for what it needs to catch the eyes of your customers and get the orders coming. 

Next, set the budget for logistics – delivery as well as pickup. To handle all such queries, complaints, and feedback, customer support must be prepared. While you do all this, human resources needed for each area must be considered to sell makeup online. 

However, there could be a few areas that you might handle yourself like email and customer support. But the areas like logistics and editing should be separate departments. To save cost and time, it’s much better to outsource these two. 

There are many services that help you with product delivery like FedEx and services like PixelPhant can help you with product photo editing. You may also want to determine different ways to fund your business.

2. Collect resources

Collecting physical product materials and hiring human resources is the next step when you sell makeup online. Your makeup products and your website are the 2 most primary resources that are required to generate money.

3. Get your website running and orders rolling

Once you have all the resources at your disposal to sell makeup online, you may start to welcome orders and generate profit by selling makeup online.

4. Build connections with suppliers

While your website is running, you must keep looking for better and less expensive places from where you can get your raw materials or products. 

Research the market and make a list of good suppliers that can help you without costing much. After all, every business motto is – minimum investment, maximum profit.

5. Analyse your competitors

You must always keep an eye on what your competitors are doing when you sell makeup online. Such thorough research helps you survive the eCommerce competition, reveal the areas of improvement, and keep the flame burning.


Let’s end this article with the most important element you’ll need throughout your journey as you sell makeup online – Consistency. Being consistent with whatever you do, be it your support, website optimization, or service quality, is the fuel to keep your business running.

Your consistent efforts to improve your products and service and to perform marketing will help you achieve higher profits and loyal customers with each sale.

So, all you may need to start to sell makeup online is given in this article. I hope this was helpful to you. If you are an eCommerce business owner, then start making your product images more engaging to convert more sales. Take your free trial with PixelPhant now👇

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